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  1. Play Modern Tactics 2
    273,861 plays

    Modern Tactics 2 by lautan

    Apr. 10, 2008

    Custimize your squad and then command them to victory. Using modern technology and tactics. If you enjoyed this game please check out my website.

  2. Play Modern Tactics 3
    295,338 plays

    Modern Tactics 3 by lautan

    Jul. 04, 2008

    Build a squad and command them to victory using modern technology.

  3. Play Modern Tactics
    31,999 plays

    Modern Tactics by Archbob

    Feb. 19, 2008

    Build a company of soldiers and fight other soldiers in story mode or online. PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL SINGLE PLAYER OPTIONS ARE LOCKED AT THE START AND REQUIRE YOU TO PLAY STORY MODE TO UNLOCK. ...

  4. Play Modern Tactics 4
    125,451 plays

    Modern Tactics 4 by lautan

    Mar. 07, 2011

    Control a squad of 5 soldiers and save the world in the turn based game. Customize your squad by equipping new guns and grenades.

  5. Play Modern Warfare 2 - Madness Interactive Mod
    277,284 plays

    Modern Warfare 2 - Madness Interactive Mod by rayne_hellawack

    Nov. 23, 2009

    For ALL of the REAL madness cheats that work, download this - It supports your developer and gets you the cheats that you want. And don't worry its not a virus. ...

  6. Play Tactics Core DEMO
    3,108 plays

    Tactics Core DEMO by DigitalSeedEnt

    Nov. 03, 2012

    Tactics Core - The Demo Version. Bring back some of that old skool feeling!

  7. Play Monstro: Battle Tactics (Demo)
    1,755 plays

    Monstro: Battle Tactics (Demo) by skellus

    Sep. 23, 2014

    Monstro is a logic game which plays like tactical titles such as Fire Emblem or Final Fantasy Tactics. The demo version features 21 levels out of 96 available in the full version (over 20%!) ...

  8. Play Memo Tactics - Copa America
    516 plays

    Memo Tactics - Copa America by KnowInGames

    Jun. 26, 2011

    Get on the field and test your memory by reconstructing a series of various soccer tactics. As you'll progress through the levels, the tactics will get more complicated and tricky.

  9. Play Hex Tactics : Warrior Demo
    1,814 plays

    Hex Tactics : Warrior Demo by CoCollect

    Apr. 30, 2012

    An hexagonal T-RPG, based on an original combo-based battle system ! Perform great combos and finish off your enemies with magic ! Well, this is just a demo level. This is just my first Flash...

  10. Play Heroes Tactics
    1,074,289 plays

    Heroes Tactics by heroestactics

    Feb. 23, 2017

    The world’s most addictive tactical strategy & defense game – welcome to Heroes Tactics! You'll need some brains and tactics to lead your unique team of knights, archers, magicians, riders...

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