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14 matches for “nonogram”
Nonogram FRVR
Have a few minutes to exercise your brain while you relax to a meditative soundtrack? Nonogram has what you’re looking for. The nonogram-style picture cross gameplay is easy to learn but takes...
FRVRGames 3.7
Poster image of Japanese Nonograms game
Japanese Nonograms
Japanesse classic puzzle game. Painting by numbers. Griddlers. Nonograms. For YOU! =)
airflash 3.5
Poster image of Nonogram Puzzlers game
Nonogram Puzzlers
Enjoy classic nonogram puzzles (aka as Griddlers, Paint By Numbers, and Tsunamis) on an easy to use interface. Also, create your own ans share them with others. This was made for a 10 day, ...
BobTheCoolGuy 3.1
Poster image of Nonogram Madness game
Nonogram Madness
Complete a fun selection of 'nonogram' puzzles. Nonograms are logic puzzles that are kind of a cross between sudoku and crosswords (Nintendo calls them 'picross'). Completing a puzzle shows a ...
butr0s 2.6
Japanese Paint by Numbers game. Solve the puzzle and reveal an image. The numbers on top of columns or on the left of the rows indicate how many seried cells of the indicated color there are
zygomaticgames 2.4
A Nonogram a Day
Everyday a new Japanese Paint by Numbers (griddlers) puzzle. Solve it by using logic.
zygomaticgames 2.2
Poster image of Moonogram game
You controll the Moon hologram and have to keep the people from knowing the truth!
diniscraft_25 1.9
Poster image of Idle Programmer game
Idle Programmer
Start your programming career as you work your way from batch to C++, from unemployed to a software developer and further in this fun idle game!
CjElliott 3.3
Programmer 9-5 Day Job
You are a low level programmer stuck in a 9-5 day job, you have to work your way up in the corporate ladder until level 10 the CEO, then you can purchased the company stock and become the owne...
fundurian 3.3
Poster image of NoGray Prototype game
NoGray Prototype
Don't play this game. Unless you're somebody I told to play this game. Could this even be called a game?
JustPrototype 2.1
Greetings, Program
A rather short experimental shooter game with alternative endings. Shoot the red things, level up, shoot more red things. Constructed in the 2014 global game jam.
CuriousGaming 2.8
Poster image of poorly programmed squid game
poorly programmed squid
I found my old swf file was still on my old computer. I don't have stupid button game anywhere, sorry. The scary thing is that I asked them to ban my old account myself (sorry). Stupid Button ...
the_arbitrary 2.5
Poster image of Programmer's Computer Sim game
Programmer's Computer Sim
This is a game simming a cool computer filled with easter eggs and programming languages. I wanted to know if you guys liked it and I'm out of ideas so suggestions APPRECIATED!!
alexkolozsy 2.2
Mononoke no Kage
Esse é um projeto da faculdade de Game Design. Jogue como um Tengu que tem que derrotar 3 chéfões neste bullet hell para salvar uma vila!
GameRacer 2.1
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