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    Laqueus Escape - Chapter I. by smartcode

    What a strange place ... is there a way out?

  2. Play Picross Fever 3D
    19,703 plays

    Picross Fever 3D by turnA

    Jul. 19, 2012

    A quick minigame of picross in 3D! Use your mind and careful planning to solve various 3D picross puzzle and uncover many interesting shapes that hidden within!

  3. Play Judit's picross
    2,077 plays

    Judit's picross by snorrwe

    Jul. 10, 2016

    Another version of the 'Picross' game, where the puzzles are randomly generated.

  4. Play Jason Picross
    475 plays

    Jason Picross by JasonNumberXIII

    May. 06, 2019

    "Jason Picross" is the Jason's first logic game consisting of painting correct tiles to solve an image. Plan carefully where put the tiles looking at numeric hints, gain points from levels com...

  5. Play Simple Picross
    54,007 plays

    Simple Picross by ludoko

    Nov. 19, 2007

    The puzzle game for your left and right brain! Simple Picross combines the mind-bending addictive qualities of sudoku with an artistic twist.

  6. Play Everybody's Picross - Prelude
    16,853 plays

    Everybody's Picross - Prelude by gamezhero

    Dec. 24, 2009

    The famous japanese logic game as a video game! Prelude version with 30 puzzles! Picross is a logic game which involves drawing a secret picture thanks to numeric clues. All on a grid of eithe...

  7. Play Picrossy
    4,619 plays

    Picrossy by Johnny93

    Oct. 20, 2014

    A picross game made for a school project. Not a lot of levels right now but I'll gladly add levels made with the editor into the game. Features: - Level editor - Random levels - Accepts all s...

  8. Play Epic Skills Motocross
    303 plays

    Epic Skills Motocross by vitalitygames

    Oct. 02, 2015

    If you love motorcycle challenges we got the perfect game for you. Try and see how good you are in this new game called Epic Skills Motocross. Experience riding your moto at highest levels. D...

  9. Play PicRoad - Pixel art puzzle
    89,857 plays

    PicRoad - Pixel art puzzle by Piefal

    Mar. 08, 2018

    PicRoad is a pixel art puzzle game. Your goal is to rotate the pieces to create the road, and discover a nice pixel art with a lovely message :) This is my first game, and it's also available...

  10. Play Desafio de motocross - Por Rogério Pintan
    4,101 plays

    Desafio de motocross - Por Rogério Pintan by rogerwcp

    Mar. 24, 2007

    road in the city no broken your moto and win a cup. Atravesse uma cidade até chegar a praia sem quebrar a moto e ganhe a taça.

  11. Play Halloween Escape Game - Crossing Pier Glass
    152 plays

    Halloween Escape Game - Crossing Pier Glass by Enagamess

    Oct. 30, 2016

    CROSSING PIER GLASS-ENIGMA TREE is an horrible point and click type new escape game developed by ENA Game Studio for free. In the previous level you have rescued cat.Now you have to cross the ...

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