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A picross game made for a school project. Not a lot of levels right now but I'll gladly add levels made with the editor into the game. Features: - Level editor - Random levels - Accepts all s...
Johnny93 3.5
Poster image of Everybody's Picross - Prelude game
Everybody's Picross - Prelude
The famous japanese logic game as a video game! Prelude version with 30 puzzles! Picross is a logic game which involves drawing a secret picture thanks to numeric clues. All on a grid of eithe...
gamezhero 2.9
Poster image of Picross Fever 3D game
Picross Fever 3D
A quick minigame of picross in 3D! Use your mind and careful planning to solve various 3D picross puzzle and uncover many interesting shapes that hidden within!
turnA 2.8
Poster image of Judit's picross game
Judit's picross
Another version of the 'Picross' game, where the puzzles are randomly generated.
snorrwe 2.7
Poster image of Simple Picross game
Simple Picross
The puzzle game for your left and right brain! Simple Picross combines the mind-bending addictive qualities of sudoku with an artistic twist.
ludoko 2.3
PicRoad - Pixel art puzzle
PicRoad is a pixel art puzzle game. Your goal is to rotate the pieces to create the road, and discover a nice pixel art with a lovely message :) This is my first game, and it's also available...
Piefal 3.6
Poster image of Crossbow Defend game
Crossbow Defend
Oh no! Your castle is being attacked by all kinds of creatures. Kill all enemies with your crossbow.
fsubmitservice 3.1
Epic Skills Motocross
If you love motorcycle challenges we got the perfect game for you. Try and see how good you are in this new game called Epic Skills Motocross. Experience riding your moto at highest levels. D...
vitalitygames 2.0
Across the Barrier
It is April 15th, 2345. The aliens are slowly winning the battle for the Earth. Half of Jacob’s town is already occupied by the alien forces. His father lives on the other part of the town. Ja...
SandraKim 2.7
Poster image of Luigi Motorcross game
Luigi Motorcross
Luigi Motor Cross is a bike game with Luigi on a motor. Play with the keyboard,
Shieldarcade 2.6
3D Cross Fire
oops,you are surrounded by terrorist,take your machine gun and open fire .man take care of yourself ,there are 20 levels waitting for you!
ptfgame 2.5
CrossBlocks BETA
Casual and addicting word game that can be enjoyed by yourself or with a friend. Form words using the letter blocks using similar rules as Scrabble™. ► Both English and Dutch gameplay is suppo...
BlackDragonBE 2.4
Poster image of Chicken Cross The Road game
Chicken Cross The Road
Guide the chicken across the roads and rivers with your arrow keys to get all the worms. The more levels you reach the more worms you will need to find in order to get to the next level. Have ...
YouGame 2.4
Poster image of Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis game
This game is based on the human immunse system. You play as a leukocyte fighting various pathogens. The title alone should make you wanna play this!
motherboard 2.3
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