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  1. Play Reincarnation: ADDO
    1,769,567 plays

    Reincarnation: ADDO by BgroupProduction

    Oct. 30, 2008

    This is the beginning of the Reincarnation series. It's a little bit shorter than the following games will be, but I really wanted to rush and release it for Halloween. So here ya go.

  2. Play Reincarnation:  A Hillbilly Holiday
    871,036 plays

    Reincarnation: A Hillbilly Holiday by BgroupProduction

    May. 03, 2010

    Reincarnation: A Hillbilly Holiday or AHH is the second mini in the reincarnation series. It's a small time killer while you wait for "Let the Evil Times Roll."

  3. Play Reincarnation:  LEET
    71,054 plays

    Reincarnation: LEET by BgroupProduction

    May. 22, 2014

    In this Reincarnation game, you must find the neglect gamer's evil deed and send him back to hell any way possible.

  4. Play Reincarnation:  All Hallow's Evil
    872,421 plays

    Reincarnation: All Hallow's Evil by BgroupProduction

    Oct. 27, 2010

    It has been 2 years (released the first one on 10/29/2008) since I have started making the Reincarnation series, and I wanted to share with everyone a special Halloween episode in honor of the...

  5. Play Reincarnation:  The Clergy Of Unholy
    996,040 plays

    Reincarnation: The Clergy Of Unholy by BgroupProduction

    Aug. 09, 2010

    This new Reincarnation is concerned a mini but is actually a decent size (it has one more scene than ADDO.) It takes place in a church where another escaped soul Reincarny is dwelling. Pick u...

  6. Play Reincarnation:  Bloody Bayou
    94,381 plays

    Reincarnation: Bloody Bayou by BgroupProduction

    May. 15, 2012

    Join everyone's favorite demon on yet another mission to find and kill a Reincarny deep in the swamps. Everyone, feel free to help fund/spread the word on my campaign: http://...

  7. Play Reincarnation:  The Evil Next Door
    456,316 plays

    Reincarnation: The Evil Next Door by BgroupProduction

    Jul. 22, 2011

    This should give you a small dose of EVIL! Here is a mini Reincarnation to hold you over till the next larger one comes out. Sorry for such a long wait on the next one.

  8. Play Reincarnation:  Riley's Out Again
    1,676,297 plays

    Reincarnation: Riley's Out Again by BgroupProduction

    Apr. 20, 2009

    Guide the demon on his path to locating the reincarny Riley and taking him back to hell with you. Be sure to play the first game to know what is going on. However, it can still be fun withou...

  9. Play Reincarnation:  The Backfire Of Hell
    766,637 plays

    Reincarnation: The Backfire Of Hell by BgroupProduction

    Sep. 27, 2010

    Take a road trip with our demon friend and find if the Reincarny is back to his evil ways. Thanks for all the support so far!

  10. Play Reincarnation:  A Taste Of Evil
    501,279 plays

    Reincarnation: A Taste Of Evil by BgroupProduction

    Mar. 15, 2011

    *Update* This game was made to thank everyone who donated to the dolls. The ads in the game don't hurt anyone. None of the ads actually affect the game play, but they have to be there so I ...

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