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  1. Play SHIFT
    1,081,701 plays

    SHIFT by ArmorGames

    Mar. 10, 2008

    Guide your mystery man through a plethora of mazes which will take your sense of perception to the limit in this smash hit game.

  2. Play Shift
    119,846 plays

    Shift by GuardAngelGames

    Nov. 15, 2017

    An abstract-minimalist 2D puzzle-platformer game about shapes and shifting "Facebook": "Twitter":

  3. Play SHIFT 2
    1,463,699 plays

    SHIFT 2 by ArmorGames

    Apr. 12, 2008

    SHIFT 2 hits Kongregate with all the fun of the original SHIFT with lots of added goodies such as medals to earn and great new game dynamics. Also added is the Kongregate API, so here's hoping...

  4. Play SHIFT 3
    1,646,162 plays

    SHIFT 3 by ArmorGames

    Oct. 27, 2008

    Time to get your hands dirty with the biggest SHIFT adventure yet! Take on a huge complex filled with extras to collect/alternative ending and a super dooper fancy secret character! Plus tonne...

  5. Play SHIFT 4
    762,947 plays

    SHIFT 4 by ArmorGames

    May. 22, 2009

    Time to Shift once more. Play through spectacular episodes and new levels that tease the mind and tickle the senses. Who is the game, that'd risk it's rep on sequel shame? SHIFT! You damn right.

  6. Play Shift: Freedom!
    91,236 plays

    Shift: Freedom! by ArmorGames

    Jan. 08, 2011

    SHIFT: Freedom is a re-release of the previously pricetagged AltShift, a new take on the Shift series now free in celebration of the Release of Shift 2 for the iPhone ( get it here http://armo...

  7. Play Hue Shift
    109,287 plays

    Hue Shift by ddrei

    Apr. 29, 2010

    The game is now available on iOS and on Android! ...

  8. Play Shifting Gears
    23,337 plays

    Shifting Gears by allpremiumgames

    Jan. 16, 2012

    Check out this cool drag racing game. It has 10 levels and 11 super super cars.You haven't played a good car racing game in a long while? Well in that case, take a deep breath and try the ates...

  9. Play Soul Shift
    60,389 plays

    Soul Shift by Vogd

    Jan. 28, 2013

    Transfer souls from one body to another to knock all reds off the screen.

  10. Play Dino Shift 2
    17,517 plays

    Dino Shift 2 by JWolfGames

    Mar. 05, 2014

    Jump and shift your way to victory in this charming sequel to Dino Shift. Collect blocks of the same color to unlock the level's exit. Casual enough for the every day flash gamer with just eno...

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