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  1. Play Tetris
    49,233 plays

    Tetris by Volrathx

    Apr. 10, 2009

    Tetris is a classic game that consists on moving bricks filling gaps in order to get the biggest amount of points possible.

  2. Play Tetris
    12,455 plays

    Tetris by brphoenix

    May. 15, 2008

    My first game - and I chose the addicting tetris! Basic as usual, and, well, that's it. xD

  3. Play Tetris
    3,735 plays

    Tetris by BlackWaterTepes

    Jun. 25, 2008

    Tetris, as made by Tyler J. Kuhn I wanted to play Tetris. No wierd animations, and decent piece movement. So, I made my own version.

  4. Play Tetris
    8,700 plays

    Tetris by SnakeDesigns

    Oct. 30, 2008

    Tribute to the classic game

  5. Play Tetris 1d
    27,124 plays

    Tetris 1d by tetris1d

    Apr. 01, 2012

    The one dimensional tetris.

  6. Play Tetris<45
    20,536 plays

    Tetris<45 by meltymap

    Jan. 13, 2011

    what would happen if we rotate TETRIS 45 degrees?

  7. Play Tetris
    1,924 plays

    Tetris by front

    May. 20, 2009

    Tetris is a classic skill game. This game is very great and it is a two players game. We all played and loved the Tetris game, now you can find this famous classic game with t...

  8. Play Tetris Beta
    6,494 plays

    Tetris Beta by DaFruitcake

    May. 13, 2009


  9. Play Tetris Achievements
    119,946 plays

    Tetris Achievements by Masteganenas

    Mar. 14, 2009

    Ok, we have all played Tetris, and we are all good at it. Sure? Can you complete level 9-5? Can you win using only single-line clears? Can you make more than one Tetris in a row? The famous c...

  10. Play Tetris
    1,029 plays

    Tetris by Spivsy

    Feb. 23, 2009

    1. make lines 2. get points 3. ??? 4. PROFIT!

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