We aim to support developers and their games, while growing a rich and connected player community.

About Us

First: Jim and Emily at Lake Amatitlán. Second: Team lunch in 2014

Jim and Emily Greer started Kongregate 10 years ago with the vision of creating an open platform for indie games with a strong focus on community engagement. Since inception, Kongregate has always prioritized treating developer partners fairly and honestly. This means great games for our players and an engaged audience for our developers.

Now, a decade after its introduction, Kongregate is a leading mobile & PC game developer, publisher, web gaming portal, and creator of Kartridge, a new downloadable PC gaming platform. Through our publishing program, we work closely with game developers to provide a multitude of services to help great games become even better. Kongregate’s mobile games have been downloaded hundreds of millions of times and have billions of gameplays. Together, Kartridge, a downloadable PC gaming platform, and Kongregate.com feature thousands of games played by millions of gamers each month. Through all of this change and growth, our goal is to maintain our values of integrity, collaboration, and most of all, fun!

Whether you’re a player or a developer (or both!) we have you covered.

Exec Team

  • Markus Lipp Interim CEO, CFO

    Markus brings more than 20 years of media finance experience to Kongregate including his previous experience at InnoGames and ProSiebenSat1 Media Group. Bringing his wealth of expertise to the team, Markus is building Kongregate’s accounting department and processes from the ground up.

  • Tammy Levy Vice President of Games

    With a background in engineering, Tammy's 10+ years of experience in free-to-play games span production, product management, user acquisition, and analytics. At Zynga, Tammy worked on key franchises including CityVille where she saw the game through its full lifecycle.

  • Matt Read Vice President of Operations

    With a background in production and design, Matt brings over 10 years of experience launching hit console and free-to-play games as well as operating world class games studios at Electronic Arts & Zynga.

    Now he brings his experience to Kongregate, building out an operations team that sets each development studio up for success.

  • Michelle Shaw Vice President of Marketing

    Michelle brings 10+ years of marketing experience to the team including working on over 70 mobile titles throughout her career.

    She currently leads Kongregate’s Marketing and Ad Monetization teams & in 2019 grew Kong’s UA spend by 50% YoY while maintaining strong return on ad spend.

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