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Hi. I like rice. It’s where i get my tag from. Not much to say about me. I like playing football, or soccer and I like playing badminton, basketball and tennis, even though I’m not very good, and i hate spammers. I have two black moor goldfish, called Sooty and Sweep – they are awesome! Favourite music? Rap. I like Eminim and Jay-Z a lot. Favourite food – don’t even ask. Incase ayone is wondering, my Platform Racing 2 names are Frog1 and 123rice123, my RuneScape names are 123rice123 and FrogAvenger and Stick Arena: Ballistick name is 123rice123.

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Important Stuff

The cake is not a lie!

Amazing Lyrics
No, your not hardcore,
Unless you live hardcore,
But the legend of the rent,
Was way hardcore!!!

2010 World Cup Funniest moment

My name is Pavlos, and I’m looking for the toilet.

Je M’appelle Pavlos, et je regarde a la salle du bain.

Quote for the week

Oh my cosh(=D)!

Watch Out!

I’ve got a brand new combine harvester and if you don’t watch out, I’ll power slide it straight through yer livin’ room!

Funny stuff written on packaging

Bag of peanuts – Warning, may contain nuts [Would never have guessed]

Horlicks jar – May cause drowsiness [Duh!!!]

Superman Outfit – This outfit does not enable your child to fly [Awwww…]

Bottom of Tirimasu tub – Do not turn upside down [oops…]

American Airlines Peanuts – Instructions for use ~ open packet, eat nuts [Glad we got that cleared up…]

Chainsaw instruction manual – In case of emergency, do not attempt to stop with hands or other bodily parts [Good to know…]

Bottle of milk – Warning! Dairy product [……..]

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