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Current avatar: V6

Current forum game(s):
SURVIVOR: Redemption Island (my 50th forum game + second season in the SURVIVOR series)
Mother’s Day Mafia (next game in the Desperately Seeking Shrapnel story arc in WΛRP)

Upcoming forum games:
Bodyspace: Viral Vanquish (more action-based fourth game in the SPACE series)

If you are interested to helping me create the best puzzle hunt ever seen on FGF, PM me about it.

Thanks to:
- SS_Seedlings for help on Sacred Seasons 1
- Bob10110 for help on Time World
- j64e and sddsdd for help on Dinowaurs
- Kadleon and Behemoth542 for help on ShellShock Live 1 and 2
- LethalMutiny’s walkthrough for Fold hard and imp
- adv0catus for a ton of games on Steam and getting me there in the first place
- MaistlinRajere for a Humble Bundle on Steam + some other games
- AdeebNafees for you-know-what and being a friend. A real online friend when I needed one on a weak moment.

If you have previously helped me get a (multiplayer) badge or gifted me with something on Steam and your name is not on the thanks list, pop me a shout/PM.

I hit level 65 on May 11, 2013 with Bible Fight’s second hard (Devil’s in the Details).
I hit 2,000 badges on November 30, 2013 with Fold’s impossible (Black Hole Escape Artist).
I hit 44,444 points on June 19, 2014 by rating Woon1957’s “Press button. destroy world.” Worth it!

I’ve hosted 50 forum games on the Forum Games Forum. I’ve also won 30 forum games hosted by other people. Here is a link to my FGF history spreadsheet which contains links to all my forum games as well as a list of games I’ve won.

Cheerful quotes from the chat:

[09:45:07 PM] occooa: PIZZA NOT THE POLICE
[09:45:51 PM] Bluji: So in case of emergency, call the pizza, not the police?
[09:46:12 PM] occooa: yes :D

[03:05:30 PM] Pigjr1: (Bluji reminds me of a depressed Mr. Burns.)

[01:34:26 PM] occooa: also im a 4 year old girl in RP and you’re dad
[01:34:50 PM] AdeebNafees: Sigh. Do I have to change your diapers? Is that what this RP is about?
[01:34:58 PM] Bluji: Yes.
[01:35:18 PM] Bluji: Now you just need someone to be the diaper.

(related to the first Kongregate Live event)
[08:49:53 PM] MaistlinRajere: Did Kong send out a memo to the staff or something?
[08:49:59 PM] MaistlinRajere: Be in Your Pants or be fired

(sorry, hammy’s sister)
[11:05:59 PM] hamuka: A life-saving ****ing operation costs 25k dollars
[11:07:54 PM] Bluji: A life-saving ****ing operation. If you consider the last two words as a compound, it sounds like nonsense.
[11:09:20 PM] hamuka: Oh dear lord just noticed the other meaning of that phrase
[11:09:31 PM] hamuka: And now I have a grin I can’t erase off my mouth


[01:30:04 PM] archadia123: everybody in this lobby are officially 3 year old
[01:30:24 PM] archadia123: exept me
[01:30:39 PM] Bluji: Don’t see any lobby here
[01:30:48 PM] archadia123: Room: YOUR PANTS
[01:31:02 PM] Bluji: Don’t see any LOBBY here.
[01:31:28 PM] archadia123: Then your adopted

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