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    Jan. 07, 2009

In memoriam: Waldo “Wally” the Walrus (? – 2014)

Current avatar: A Duck Is An Avatar

Current forum game(s):
Canyon Crossfire (part of WΛRP)

If you are interested to helping me create the best puzzle hunt ever seen on FGF, PM me about it.

Thanks to:
- SS_Seedlings for help on Sacred Seasons 1
- Bob10110 for help on Time World
- j643 and sddsdd for help on Dinowaurs
- Kadleon and Behemoth542 for help on ShellShock Live 1 and 2
- LethalMutiny’s walkthrough for Fold hard and imp
- adv0catus for a ton of games on Steam and getting me there in the first place
- MaistlinRajere for a Humble Bundle on Steam + some other games

If you have previously helped me get a (multiplayer) badge or gifted me with something on Steam and your name is not on the thanks list, pop me a shout/PM.

I hit level 65 on May 11, 2013 with Bible Fight’s second hard (Devil’s in the Details).
I hit 2,000 badges on November 30, 2013 with Fold’s impossible (Black Hole Escape Artist).

I’ve hosted over 40 forum games and won over 25 of them, as well.

Cheerful quotes from the chat:

[09:45:07 PM] occooa: PIZZA NOT THE POLICE
[09:45:51 PM] Bluji: So in case of emergency, call the pizza, not the police?
[09:46:12 PM] occooa: yes :D

[03:05:30 PM] Pigjr1: (Bluji reminds me of a depressed Mr. Burns.)


[01:30:04 PM] archadia123: everybody in this lobby are officially 3 year old
[01:30:24 PM] archadia123: exept me
[01:30:39 PM] Bluji: Don’t see any lobby here
[01:30:48 PM] archadia123: Room: YOUR PANTS
[01:31:02 PM] Bluji: Don’t see any LOBBY here.
[01:31:28 PM] archadia123: Then your adopted

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