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Hey, you may have noticed I’ve started uploading games again. Well, don’t get excited. A while ago I deleted this folder that apparently had all of my old game projects in it. I have been unable to recover it. All I have left are some SWF files I saved on my website. So, I decided I’d just upload some of them. Unfortunately they aren’t even the latest version of the unfinished games, but they’ll have to do. My original plan was to create a game containing all of these little games. I would have had 50 or more, but that’s no longer possible. So I hope you enjoy what I do have.
Plans for the future? I’d still like to at least complete one more game, or two. I still have my Jump project and my Xero project. For the time being, I will work on school and band. Adios.

If you don’t already know, my website is:


And here you can see my music that’s not on Kong:

SoundCloud: http://soundcloud.com/austix


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