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Hi! Welcome to the profile of adv0catus. In my About Me, you’ll find some information about me on Kongregate. Take a look at my website: advocat.us


I’ve been thinking about writing this for quite a while and procrastinating writing this for almost as long. Some may say that this is related to events that have occurred in the immediate past, but everything I have to say I’ve wanted to say for a while.

The aforementioned some that read this will disagree, or have things to say about it. I don’t care, I’m telling the truth, always have and always will. I’m not here to convince you of what I have to say or care what you choose to think or believe. If you choose to not believe me, then nothing I say or do will convince you otherwise, anyways.

Anyways, to my point, before I digress further.

Due to circumstances in real life, I’ve been forced to be away from the internet for fairly lengthy periods of time. During those times, I thought about my presence online and how I spend my time. I’ve come to realize that I do not enjoy being on Kongregate. I do not enjoy the petty drama that surrounds this place and the people in it. I come here to relax and enjoy myself, not be in high school, knee deep in angst fueled drama.

I’ve met some lovely and wonderful people and am very grateful to call them my friends. But there’s also a lot of unpleasant people that I’ve unfortunately crossed paths with, and because of them the negatives outweigh the positives.

Some have noticed how I periodically remove all the shouts from my profile and delete my comments on other shouts. It’s been speculated that I do this to “hide” from conversations I’ve “lost” or something absurd like that. I do it to cleanse myself of the poisonous mentality of this site, for the aforementioned reasons.

I’m intentionally avoiding making a post in the Departure Thread or making any sort of ‘thing’ out of this. I’m not leaving in the sense that I’m never coming back, ever. I know myself well enough to know that’s not going to happen. To say so is setting myself up for failure later. I’ve been here over three years now, and I’m not going to completely disappear (at least yet).

But, I am going to be actively reducing my participation on the site, as much as possible. I’ve reached a point in my life where I’m not happy with being here and the negativity that this site has. It’s affected me for too long and held me back. I’m not going to allow that to happen any longer.

- adv0catus

P.S. Even though there was certain things I wanted to say, I wrote this as a stream of conscience. I apologize if it reads awkwardly or otherwise doesn’t (entirely) make sense.

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