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I’m a Kitty.

You know how it goes, just shoot everything that comes into sight…..as well as everything that doesn’t. If it moves, shoot it, if it doesn’t, kick it till it moves then shoot it.
~ Self Note~ Don’t forget to play chess with LeaRui.
Battle Without End
spent 2 weeks making mah character epic legendary etc.
Finished Sword Art Online recently, definitely worth adding to my Favorite Anime of All Time list. It has 25 Episodes and splits into 2 seperate although related stories. The first part of the series is about Sword Art, while the second half of the series is about a new game called Alfheim. I did not want to watch the show at first thinking it another ‘Dot-Hack’ type show {Story makes no sence with no action} but i was proved wrong, while the main characters are stuck in a virtual world where when your HP reaches 0 you die in the game as well in the real world, so too is everyone else stuck in the game.
Vorp The last update was December 2012. Game Devs ceased to respond to players on their website and no updates had since developed. My guess is the game was abandoned.

I first played it during Beta and was not overly pleased with it, but after an extended absence (and 10 more ships produced later), started playing again and earned three ships that i loved… the Craw, the Turbo Hawk, and the Jabberwocky. Each of these ships is Overpowered in their own right against other players. I’m in love with PvP ships and love nothing more than rushing to other players and slicing them to pieces!!!!

I was one of the top 15 players but only have my top 30 position on imgur.
Check the bottom of the picture. http://i.imgur.com/sEtzH.jpg

Quit RotMG and Fantasy Online Final and last Time 9/13/2013

My mouse and its stats. 1/18/2013
I bought another Anime Boxset this weekend (just before newyears) and it is Blood+! This 50 episode story carries you through the life of Saya Otonashi, a seemingly normal school girl…. untill she is attacked by a monster known as a Chiropteran.

Also, if you love anime and have not heard about ‘Youtube’ then check out my “Website Link” at the top of the profile, it links to the Funimation Channel which hosts a ton of complete anime series (enough to sate the appetite of any Anime fan for months).
I consider myself a casual Retro-Gamer, although i will sometimes Grind on games like Contra: Hard Corps (Japanese and English Releases) untill i discover all endings and can breeze though the game in under 30 minutes. My favorite gaming system of all-time is the Sega Genesis, check out some of the game titles and you’ll understand why.
In 2nd place is the PS2, while many would not consider this “Retro” it was released 10 years ago and still earns a spot in my book, wonderful games such as Shadow of the Collossus and Final Fantasy give this system ultimate replay value.
Finally, my third pick would be Xbox 360. The latest and far from greatest system still packs quite a punch with its astounding graphics and massive multiplayer games. If my xbox wouldn’t Red Ring every 2 years then it might be my 2nd choice, but alas my PS2 has never seen a mechanic at 8 years old and just holds my love all the more.

If your interested in talking with me, some keywords to get my attention are: Anime – Games – Movies – Hiking – Shooting – TV Series (such as Big Bang Theory and Community)


Realm of the Madgod (RotMG)
At my prime i had
8/8 Rogue
8/8 Wizard
7/8 Huntress
4/8 Knight
unfortunately they have all died and been immortalized on my profile (except the wizard and the knight who died in solo dungeons). This was definetly one of my favorite games for quite a while, i gained access to one of the top 30 guilds, i solo’d every boss and dungeon in the game, i always had the best equipment as soon as it was released and i made alot of friends.

I have started to play Realm again despite these difficult losses, i’m a solo player who helps my guild mates occasionally. My favorite class is Rogue and with it i can Solo any boss or dungeon in the game.
Highest fame on death for a character was 4,300.
Most stats maxed 8/8.
Highest Quest stars earned 45.
~~~Screen shots of Graves and my Luck~~~~~

http://imgur.com/Jo0F5FH ~ Best white bag drop.
http://imgur.com/wOwxw ~
One Awesome Tomb.
http://imgur.com/sdvEx .
http://imgur.com/NrNHu ~ My Awesome Mystic Farming

Platform Racing 2.
Player ign Onysablet.
Level: 16.
Number of hats owned: 4.

Call of Gods.
IGN is Onysablet.
Server: 3.
Level: 50.
Quotes from various games:
n317: FO needs people like you who spends real money to buy gems… it keeps the game going… so buying gems with real money makes you a hero…
Fantasy Online
- I have official quit FO and have given away all of my in game items for a total of over 20mil. 12/22/2012
http://i.imgur.com/7N0p3.png (lol 2 boxes)
http://imgur.com/llWgc (12 shaman boxes)
http://imgur.com/AThAE( 2 Dark Orbs) XD
http://imgur.com/KSCqa (10 fron boxes)
http://imgur.com/uxTPo (10 open boxes) WOOO! Fron bike!!!!
http://imgur.com/NRtkM (got another bamboo stick)
http://imgur.com/zoxNq (Lightning Wings, im keepin these awesome things)
http://imgur.com/0J9tD ( More of the Awesome Lightning Wings that makes my third pair)
http://imgur.com/djVrP (that luck)
http://imgur.com/1ai9a (on a roll)

Games we should never forget
No Time To Explain
I am a HUUGGEEE Anime fan, i have many DVD boxsets (each is now rated (by me) on a scale of 1-10),(1-6 is just bad, 6-7 has some elements that i disliked, 7-8 was mostly enjoyable but still lacked re-watching appeal, 8-9 are great anime that i thoroughly enjoyed, and the ever wonderful 10 rating is given to anime that move beyond words and speak to your heart).
Elfen Lied 8.5
Code Geass: Lelouche of the Rebellion (R1 and R2) Season 1: 10, Season 2: 10
Blue Gender 7.3
Durarara 9.0
Neon Genesis Evangellion 9.2
Highschool of the Dead 8.5
Angel Beats 10
Eden of the East 7.8
Ga-Rei Zero 9.5
Shoujo Sect 6.5
Moon Phase 7.2
Gunslinger Girls 8.0
Kashimashi: Girl Meets Girl 8.8
Trinity Blood 7.7
Kiddy Grade 7.5
S-Cry-Ed 8.3
Excel Saga 7.5
Negima 8.2
Claymore 9.5
Blood+ 10
Fruits Basket 10
I also like to read mythical-romance stories and any books that deal with wizards, mages, warlocks, witches, magi, magus, etc…

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