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    Somewhere in your fucked up brain.
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Stop hitting on me and stalking my profile

  • Ailyx: Lol bb im gonna make some noodz*
    sheri321: Jim loves dem underage bewbs.GeneralRomMohc: ^
    EgotisticalIdiot: Nah, tits not to talk to me
    Rolby: what does kinky mean?
    Dim_x_Eon_2014_: Now that you’ve showed pics on the internet at any point and aren’t a landwhale

Dim_x_Eon_2014_: When do we ****

Min_Farshaw: Never.

aquahamzah: You don’t.
porkerpants: i jerk off 2 – 3 times a day
porkerpants: usually
aquahamzah: Same.
Sl1pkn0t: Same.
Stovaa: same here.
Berldy: Same
porkerpants: same
CitrusParty: I bet aqua pays for prostitutes and just lays there talking to them about his regrets, crying as he falls asleep in their lap, pretending not to wake up as they attempt to slip away.
CitrusParty: I bet aqua has superpowers but doesn’t use them because the thought of the responsibility that would come with being invincible and as strong as 100 men makes him break down with catatonic sobs.
CitrusParty: I bet aqua buys loaves of bread then lets them go moldy.
Foie_Gras: I need some le sexy time
DazzleMaria24: you know that cock commercial
DazzleMaria24: ****Coke.
So yeah. I bring all the girls in.
DazzleMaria24: aqua
DazzleMaria24: will you be my boyfriend
Ashliehearts: hamzie you were eather sleep deprived or totally careless about my hidden love for u.

Sirtoinou: wow thats like aqua….so hot like.. like.. ArnieS1: BOILING Sirtoinou: Oh my. Sirtoinou: So very hot? ArnieS1: indeed ArnieS1: he turns them lobsters nice and red Sirtoinou: Aqua can turn my lobster nice and red.
A promise..is a promise. ;):

Quaxk: you can even be my new dildo
aquahamzah: o-o
Quaxk: as i token of my love to you
aquahamzah: Oh
aquahamzah: Well.
aquahamzah: That’s going on the profile.
If you want me to hit on your mom i will
I’ve come to conclusion that life sucks, the only benefit is putting my dick in nice butts~
What to say..hmm. If you’re on this list you’re slightly of relevance and just ask me to add you and i will. Maybe. No wait. Yeah. No:
Sherlockian is some Indian cute girl who i waste too much time talking to and i love.
AshlieHearts Is some female who seems to be in love with me, Strangely enough.
Johanna_T is on here to make me look like i’m more of a chick magnet than i actually am.
Digi’s Mom‘s on here because she’s Digi’s Mom
Some Cool Link Cos’ I Can:

Ashlie is sexy That never happened, okay?

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