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just because i posted a rickroll they silenced me 1 day, and i have no real anger for that. but what i do have for it is that they would call it a “browser hijacker” to get the 1 day silence. im mad at them for being so overprotective, cuz everyone who uses that does it in fun. and those who do get it warn others about it. so why did the mods hate me for posting it in fun? i guess they dont ask b4 silencing.
my rp character is never repeated as i never remember it unless the rp is one i really remember.
TDS stands for Temporal Dislocation Sphere, and i have its patent, so dont bother copying. it shifts the area inside it thru time, removing it from the time it was in, and negating all attacks.

& # 13 (some other symbol) was the code for a chat bomb until the new chat nerfed it.

random quotes of lol:

Lucario123: laniacal evil laugh

Lucario123: i laniacalled laughed
Lucario123: sweatsweatswaet
Lucario123: I can’t belive it’s not butter!

Aliarcy: *He’s pwnage. x3
Aliarcy: ‘No, but it does bring up that amusing story of the time I killed my father’ x3
Aliarcy: Amazing~

katana12: katana12: (K=me, M=Manager) K: You have been beaten!!! M: Have not! K:But you’re arm’s off!! M: Is not! K: What’s that then? points at severed arm M: Tis nothing but a flesh wound! (Teehees Katana tis uber pwnage~!);;

Subject154: Everyone dies… STOP COMPLAINING ABOUT IT DAMNIT!!!! >_> mutters to himself I hate it when… the rest is inaudible (:o Poor everyone! >:3);;

evildog_33: bell rings
Lucias_DA: that’ll be your mom at my door evil. tell her not today (Omg! x3)

eeeeeee: eeeeeee is ready
eeeeeee: eeeeeee said to you

SiLeNT0nE: HOI!!!!! tingin sa chat box!!!
SiLeNT0nE: ????????

bennyhana97: HI!!!

Bokken: [i didn’t, i swung at it and it blocked the swing then smiled.
Bokken: smiling, i spit in the things face and frown a moment then the beast disapperas with a loud bamf./
Bokken: [ok, i confused but i gtg. Byes :(

jon999: aaahahahahahaaaaahahahahahahaa you dont want 2 fight me you are scared!!!


Angelic_guide: one would have to have brain cells to lose them.

Jacke199: dives at ucario*

katana12: Jumps in with a heroic pose and smoke Holy spontaneous combustion Batman!! Ohh…wait..these aren’t the Robin tryouts? o.o Uh…to the Batcave! heroically leaps off I still don’t like these tights...×3
katana12: (Rofl-waffle. :3)
katana12: …BARNEY SINGING!!!* DDDD8[lol]

TankmanS5150: (Cya all, either later or tomorrow! Tank Man…VANISH!)

arceus_morphlvl0: bye lc
arceus_morphlvl0: LOOK WHERE YOU THROW THOSE THINGS!! throws the apple directly at kataba12

rachiface: might as well call him statueface. (that was to azieru)

Destroyah162: Rachi have you tried Road of the dead yet?

clayman54162: whose rachi

Destroyah162: The moderator in the room.

Icegoddess: He hasnt done a thing, its all ym doing.(typo lol!!! XD)

RanpuTenshi: uses telekenesis onslef moving back to fiyah(lol typo!!!)

firefox12: 422,000+ points from one shot, Arcues. xD(says it all in one sentence for how lol it is)

“arceus_morphlvl0: ace, did you really have to nom my head?

Acegravefiller: it tastes like lasagna!

Acegravefiller: of course!

Delta9er02: give him a teething ring

Delta9er02: acreus"

from TLTTP:
“Person2559: Religion is like a penis, you have one, you’re proud to have it, but please don’t bring it out and start wiggling it around.”

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