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Hi there, undoubtedly-strange person! Welcome to my profile! You should probably turn back now! I hold no responsibility for any lost or acquired sanity due to reading this.

So! Disclaimer out of the way, let’s begin!

Let’s play Golden Sun 2: The Lost Age! (14 updates so far)

First Name: Cody
Last Name: I dunno, underwear’s too brown for me to read it.
Age: Currently 19. Changes once every year.
Birthday: August 11th, 1995.
Gender: Mail. wait i think i misspelled that
Kongday: April 1st, 2010. (Maybe this is why I’m such a fool. :P)
Interests: Video games, occasionally anime, spreadsheets, roleplaying, turtle!
Education level: Graduated high school, sophomore in college.

Hooray, lists! wait it’s over boo

You can usually find me in the chatroom Your Pants, home of the great walruses. Shoutouts to some of my friends in there include Blizzard2000, LethalMutiny, TheLinkToThePast (who isn’t actually in Pants, but the room owner of Kakariko Village), and MyNameIsNothing. (If your name isn’t here, don’t feel bad. Just remember that Textile has a link limit.)

I am a Pokénerd. Spheal with it. If, for some strange reason, this pleases you, I’ve got Platinum, White, White 2, and Y if you want to trade/battle. Feel free to PM and/or whisper me about that.

My favorite video game has got to be The World Ends With You (abbreviated TWEWY). No matter who you are, you should play it. Don’t get the crummy iOS port, either.

As for anime, that one’s easy. My favorite is Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. A shame I don’t have any triangular shades. :(

More favorites, yaaaaay! Now we’re on music. Favorite band is definitely Florence + the Machine. And my favorite song of those (at the current moment) would probably be Drumming Song.

Any further questions may be directed to my shoutbox, a PM, or a whisper.

why are you still reading this go away

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