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I am currently working on a game, here are the details:

Title – Metal Faction

Backstory: You have been abandoned by your captain for mutanty, but your crew had known the injustice in the abandonment. They had not been able to simply stop you from being abandoned, but they could lend a small ship to you (which was mainly used for killing space walruses) and was relatively weak. Luckily, they had not abandoned you far from stations that had parts for sale, and some junk yards which you could get a lot of stuff for a cheap price, that is, if there were no space gangs hanging around – then that would be a buy or die (or kick the others’ arse) situation. And the people near your start would be probably cheaper because of hearing rumors of what happened, and be quite hospitable.

(Post suggestions for the back story)

Visitable Structures/Stations:

General Station: A place where you purchase general items for you ship, such as speed upgrades, shield upgrades, gas tank enlargements and what not. Will Be Available After EVERY Round

Battle Barracks: Purchase damage buffs and new weapons, more ammunition if needed, upgrade ammunition efficiency (defendant on type of ammunition), weapon upgrades, offensive defenses (Don’t think of this as an oxymoron, meaning like electrified missile deflectors )

Gas Department: Called a “Department” because it is meant to fill gas with much bigger crafts than cars… lol…; But as you might able to guess, this is to Refill health and Gas! You lose more gas for using various skills, but from just flying you are quite efficient with gas, but then again, you start out with a pitifully sized gas tank…
Will Be Available After EVERY Round

Junk Yard: The desolate remains of crashed ships…. Or the ships that people did not want, sadly, you can’t use any of the ships, but you can steal stuff from them! But usually, you have to go through a space gang, or even worse…. Space Pirates. I wouldn’t advise going here unless you are in an awesome sauce ship and know you can handle these bad boys.

Gameplay Outline: You are going to start at a planet which will probably have only a station, and a gas department. Since they were close enough to see the incident themselves, they feel hospitable enough to offer you a free refill and one free upgrade/part. After you are done there, you will have to make it through random waves of rouges (I don’t know why they act in unison if they are rouges, but you never can tell, who knows? They might even be pedobears O: O.o) But yeah, after a few waves you come into contact with a new planet/ or break/rest/station area, or whatever the heck you want to call it. And then there will probably be a Battle Barrack and whatnot, so you can upgrade your weapons if you performed well enough to acquire enough money from the “rouges”. So you refill, get your weapons, and maybe an upgrade or what not, you go on a trek again, but notice these dudes are harder than the last one, and you repeat the process and might even try to take on a junk yard level, and I am not giving secrets away about junk yards because I want them to be a surprise to everyone. (Heck, I don’t even know what goes into a junkyard yet lol)

Possible Upgrades:

Speed Upgrades: there will be speed upgrades for your ship, ranging from making it 125% it’s original speed to about a mind blowing 400%! Whoa that gives me a headache thinking how fast that will go. I am planning to range it into 7 Upgrades, the price slowly increasing as do the benefits of each upgrade such as: 25 Currency to increase 25%, 30 for 25%, then 35 for 25%, 40 for 25%; then jumps to 150 for a 50% upgrade, then to 200 for another 50% upgrade, then 500 for a 100% upgrade, making a total of 400%! I like how that works, don’t you? (prices/inflation not final yet)

Shield Upgrades: I plan to make you start out with like 100 health, and you can increase your health to 1000! In a span of 20 upgrades, and I will make this table a little more neat:

Initial Health Level: 100
25 Increase | 25 Cost |
25 Increase | 35 Cost |
25 Increase | 50 Cost |
25 Increase | 65 Cost |
50 Increase | 100 Cost |
50 Increase | 140 Cost |
50 Increase | 180 Cost |
50 Increase | 220 Cost |
75 Increase | 300 Cost |
75 Increase | 375 Cost |
75 Increase | 450 Cost |
75 Increase | 550 Cost |
100 Increase | 800 Cost |
200 Increase | 1650 Cost |
Max Health Level: 1000 (Big change eh?)

(The cost for stuff is up for debate, I am just giving examples.)

Gas Tank Upgrade!: Well, now, who want’s a crappy gas tank? (Go ahead and say it, I know you all do!) The gas tank upgrades won’t be limited to just size, but functionality as well! You start out with a 50 Gallon Tank (Which is extremely pitiful for a space ship!) but you will be able to upgrade to a 500 gallon tank, which isn’t all that great, but your ship isn’t immaculately huge and can do very well with 200 Gallons, so you will be set, and you will be able increase your gas efficiency!
(So the table will be easier for me, I will make the efficiency and tank upgrades share prices, no that does not mean they are a bundle deal, it means the cost the same price.)

25 Gallon Increase | 100 Cost | 3% Less gas usage
30 Gallon Increase | 125 Cost | 7% Less gas usage
45 Gallon Increase | 200 Cost | 10% Less gas usage
50 Gallon Increase | 250 Cost | 15% Less gas usage
100 Gallon Increase | 600 Cost | 18% Less gas usage
200 Gallon Increase | 1500 Cost | 22% Less gas usage
500 Gallons Total | 2775 Total Cost| 80% Less gas usage (May never need gas again seriously lol, I might delete the last upgrade and make it a max of 60% and 300/400 gallon max, but maybe not)


Double Cannon: You shoot 2 shots at a time out of your side cannons!

TriCannon: You shoot 3 shots at a time, one out of your ship nose magically and 2 out of your side cannons!

Quad Cannon: You get the idea.

Missles: Shoots slightly more powerful rounds, but limits to a TriCannon if used.

Gauss Ray: Shoots ray of powerful energy so dense it pwns the ship it is aimed at, be sure to avoid shooting stations with a gun so powerful! but oh yeah, I forgot to tell you, it siphons gas from your gas tank so use it wisely! Or else you will find yourself stranded and will have to go back to the last checkpoint!

Side Blades: Yup, you are now a scorpion, either the real thing or one of those vehicles from UT2k4! But yeah, you can move up to the ships and slice em! More of an offensive defense :D

Drones: Send out drones to do your dirty work, have fun being a carrier from starcraft!

Enemies: These little buggers need a bullet in their side!

Simple Idiot: Not much but likes to ram into you, has no guns, but yeah, they are really stupid.

Armed Idiot: Very stupid, they have to fly to the side of you to hit you because they mounted the gun on the SIDE OF THEIR SHIP.

Idiot Boss: Now, this dude is like a boss, an idiot boss. He blades mounted to the front and back of his ship, so he will be spazing and trying to get close to you, shouldn’t be to hard to get rid of an idiot right? RIGHT?

Rouge: Now it starts to get tough, because you got rookies who have somewhat idea of what they are doing. They have a cannon stuck on the front of their ship, and they know when to fire.

Rouge Bombers: These Guys fire missiles, and they hurt when you touch them. Best to kill these guys early, or else you will be wishing you hadn’t touched that missile.

Rouge Boss: This guy has Double cannon, but one cannon shoots missiles and one shoots well, whatever comes out of cannons! Has more health than a normal Rouge.

(Please leave enemy suggestions, too lazy right now to think up anymore, leave opinions and suggestions, and if you would like to contribute to the game more than just suggestions, please tell me, I am not too hard on people and since I am doing all the programming, those who are artists would be nice.)

I hope it’s readable, and if you would like to see ship images, just contact me!

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