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Hey all, about me, I like to go outside, play games, and do lots of other things. Above all, I love putting effort into things. It's like a goal to me. Won't feel good about whatever I do if I dont put effort in it. At the moment my current goal right now is to pass 8th grade. After that I am going to go to highschool. When i get to highschool I am going to get customed to it, figure out my pace. Then i am going to figure out what I am going to do in life (job, friends, money, etc...) But putting in effort is a rule and goal that i live by. Now you ask, "Why are you talking about your life? Nobody cares about it." It says "About me" so I am talking about me. So, for online buisness, I am usualy on Transformice.com, obviously playing transformice. I am usualy in room fight1,2,3. Yep, that's basicaly all you need to know. Back to life, so heres a quistion people are always assuming the answer. "Am i popular in life?" This quistion people always assume that most people are nerds and have no social life. Yes, I have a social life. Now you ask, "How popular are you?" Well in life, I am pretty weird if I get excited. But, I also have ADHD, yet I can controll it so, I also have a calm personality, that makes me seem like a calm person, that is just like anyone else. Usually I dont show this personallity often, so people assume my regular personality is this weird, annoying guy. But despite this annyoing personallity I still make friends and am popular. Though when I show the calm personality, its as if im a new person. Making people wonder if im like sad or something. No, its more like this personality is who I really am but, I usualy get in this personality if, there is nothing exciting going on, meaning, if I have nothing to do for a long time, this personality comes out. But, this personality when it comes out like this, its not meant to be mean or anything. There are other ways for me to get into this but, here is one that when it comes it has a bit of pissed off in it. Okay, so when someone is annoying me, my excitement goes away and goes into this personality, but, when I go into the personality, like this, it has a bit of pissed off in it and is usualy makes me want to punch him in the face, but, I dont have enough guts to do this despite the fact I feel like doing it. So, if he continues to piss me off in this personallity, I will eventually reach the peak, sadly even at the peak, I still dont have enough guts. Then, at the peak all his little things won't affect me. At this point, if he does the thing that outclasses everything else, it will set me off, then i get so pissed off that it makes my excitement and calm personality look like not even me. At this point, I have enough guts, so most likely im going to be coming at you, soon as I got you, I am going to punch you somewhere on ur face and keep doing it untill someone stops me or I run out of fuel and figure out what i just did, then I will be gone. After this personality is gone, I will probably be in my calm, pissed off personality for the rest of the day. Next day, if I see the person, I will just autimaticly, go into calm personality as if there presence is makes me lose my excitement and all I want them to do is go away, or I want them to start something so I can punch them some more. But, there are other times when i get the calm, pissed off personality yet, some people never can set me off. So basicaly, if I ever see someone who failed to set me off, there presence still makes me pissed off and calm. But, for this one, if they try to start something, I just say something like "F--- you", or depending on who they are, like if there a big person, I probably will avoid talking to them, because I feel a slight fear of them in my current state, because, if they try to start a fight, most likely, I will not fight back, because of no guts, or if I feel like, I dont have a good chance at winning. But, if I am calm and pissed off but have no guts, I may fight back, it just is that my punches, they will not hurt that bad because, it is not because i am not strong. It is because I hate fighting so maybe when i get close to hitting them i reduce power and it ends up not hurting that much. Either that or I will just not use that much power to begin with, thus making it not hurt too badly. I only fight if they start one. If it is just name calling I may either, depending on the person, fight back with name calling, or I will just stand there and take it. If its just some guy who I know I can beat up, again, will not fight him, just will say "f--- you or shut up." But, I won't start something with them like a name-calling fight. I would walk right by them unless, they say something ignorant to make me mad. Like "Oh, look its brandon" in some ignorant voice that annoys me. If he says that I just say "shut up" or if I dont like him at all, "f--- you." Basicaly, thats all you need to know about my personality. Oh wait, my weirdness is basicaly acting dumb, when I am really smart, but making it look serious. Like saying something like "WHY IS THE GREEN SHARPERNERR IN THE RED CONTAINER?" Making them laugh, making them think im dumb or weird. But, doing this people devolop a liking to me, thus making me there friends and such. Your probably thinking, "there not your friends there just making fun of you." There not they accepted me for who I am, trust me I know when someone is messing with me. I wont mistake messing with me for friends. Only a few that I know actually are messing with me.Yea, I would keep adding onto this, but, nahhh, would take up to much space. But, if you want to know anything just ask, whether it be internet or real life, dosen't matter to me. Bye. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hey everyone, July 4th 2012 here, so I decided to add a few things on here. Was watching fireworks today, was pretty sweet. I just wanted to tell you guys about a dream of when I become older (career.) So, maybe after one week after my school ended and summer start, I started feeling "fat," or "chubby," I won't lie, I am chubby, have some muscle, but, am chubby, kinda. Then, I started thinking that "oh well, it's not like I'm going to get fat." With that attitude it was around June 23rd and the fateful thing happened. What happened was, I was sitting at the comp and I kinda "looked down" and thought, "Wow I am so fat!" The thing was the next time I went to the bathroom, I stood there and decided to feel my belly like, lift it up in a way to see if i could get both on my hands on it. Then, I was like, "Oh man." The thing was I could basically feel the fat. Afterwards, I just knew I had to do something about this. So every couple of days, I would try to do push ups or sit ups. The sad thing was, maybe around June 27th or so, I realized, I was out of shape.... Every time I attempted to do push ups, I could only do like 5? Before I broke down or didn't want to do anymore. Eventually, sure, I got better, started to push myself, and then like 15? It was better than nothing, but anyway, the real problem is, I'm kind of a shy guy when working out in front of people unless they wan't me to. So now, I find myself doing push ups or sit ups way late at night or push ups in my kitchen? Lol, I'm so dumb. But, most times, I'm either too tired, or just don't want to do it. Usually what I do at night, is like, say, I'm making something in the microwave for say, 2mins and 30 seconds, I decide to maybe push myself for that time and do as many push ups as possible or I just jog in place. Though I don't think that does much. Oh yeah, if your still reading, and you probably wan't to know why I am doing this, I honestly just wanted to be in shape, for something that I'll tell you later. (Just a background detail. but around June 27-29th, I made a pledge, that stated I had to work out every single day. But, just a reminder that, people need brakes sometimes so, I decided to cheat a bit and say if I did something worthwhile, I would be able to go say, 2-3days without working out. But, back on tract, I have been following this pledge somewhat for about a week or so. I know it's not that much but I will make it a lifestyle goal) The thing is, around maybe, June 31st, I stopped eating and started eating like 1 meal a day. I swear I lost a good couple of calories. So eventually, maybe around June 3rd, I did something amazing late at night or for me it was amazing. So, at like say midnight to 5am. I was about to go to sleep because the sun was about to come up. But the thing is, I thought about how if I didn't start working out, I would never get fit. Went in the kitchen. (I do this because my grandpa sleeps in the living room right next to the kitchen and he might wake up if I'm right next to him.) Got on the floor, and did a push up. Did another and another, kept going, stopped after every set of 10 got my breathe and started again. Lol, I did about 30 push ups. Then I thought, "This won't be enough." Flipped over, and did sit ups. Did 3 sets of 10 sit ups, and ended with 30 sit ups.After that, my muscles ached yet I felt great.Then, went to sleep.... Next day.. Fourth of July. Dad came down from a different state. We wen't down to watch fireworks, came home, and had a barbecue. Was sitting outside with family.(kinda) But, my dad started talking about how I'm going to become "what I am striving for in the future." The thing was my family is divorced and such so he found another woman and had another baby. It's all cool though, were still family, no doubt. So, back on track, I was looking forward to this conversation all day but was scared because he might of reconsidered about something. Here comes the last few sentences that tells you about what I'm trying to become. So he says, "How old are you going to be next year."(CONFESSION: I am really 13 years old, 14 in about 10 days:P.) So I say, "15." He says, "Damn, that was fast or something like that." Then he starts saying what I have been waiting for all day. "I still am going to help you train next summer." So, next summer he is going to help me get seriously fit. probably. Though sadly, for all you followers/ stalkers, when I come back, I probably will not be like myself anymore and will avoid the computer at all costs. "Becoming a man and getting off the computer." So he says. Sorry. Now, if I end up not completing my fitness over the next summer, I will probably do it myself at home in my own way. Now, the goal I am striving for. I am going to become....dun dun dun... a LAWYER!......No just kidding. I'm going to become a boxer. But I'm serious about this and will try my best. Besides I love pushing myself anyway. XD. Going to work out again July 5th at 5:12am. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Another background detail, I got interested in boxing because, I was hanging with some friends outside. They are kinda the rumble group who love fighting. I love fighting but I get scared or do not have enough courage to do a thing called "slap boxing" or regular fighting here. If I get hit though, that's when my courage builds up and I fight though. Then, was outside and this guy suggested we did boxing. Went to his house, and he got out some boxing gloves. Two pairs. So first, some people demonstrated. I was scared for a bit, then they convinced me to do it. So on my first round, I vrsed another inexperienced guy but he was pretty big compared to me, but I know he's scared of me. So, before we fought we both got a guy who would show us a few moves. After that, we fought. The thing was, we hit each other but in the end, the other guy quit because I got mad easily and he would run away from me, lol. After that fought another guy, he quit. Third guy was the toughest. He gave me some good shots and his boxing glove would always stick my face from the punches. But I threw em back at him 10 fold. Gave me a good left hook and got my right cheek and then we stopped because they thought it was too much. Eventually, I got this from most people, "He took a punch from ----." Or "He took a punch to the next from other-----" Afterwards, I would get targeted by the group and do dirt wars when everyone is against me. But those dirt rock balls hurt. Lol. Now boxing is like a goal to me because I was actually alright at it and had serious hardcore endurance. :P ------------------------------------------------ LOL, July 14th,2012, today is my birthday, but anyway, if you have read up to this point, CONGRATULATIONS, YOU WON A FREE TICKET TO THE GUN SHOW. Just kidding. :p--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2/22/13, So uh, if you read this at some point, I just wanted to say, that everything up to this point in my life was pretty much bull shit for me whenI look back at it. Now I'm in highschool and I have way more dumb stuff going on. But all I really want to say is, I was a boy when I wrote all of this, now I am a man.

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