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Okay, so listen up…

Currently there is a revival attempt going on at Zero Axis, if I ever message you about it, asking you to come along or ask for help I actually think it would be pretty great if you could come in and stick around for a bit, the room is kind off dear to a lot of people (and me) and I, along with everyone else in ZA is hoping this attempt will go well. Thanks for reading this, now you can read this silly part of my profile :P
By the time you read this I’ll be dead…

Awkward Silence

Nah, I’m just kidding! I got you there! I swear I did! Oh don’t lie, by the look on your face you obviously had fallen for it…


Howdy! My name charlieboneguy12 but I insist, call me Donald.
I am just a regular chatter who wants to, well, chat! You will normally find me in the rooms Zero Axis and sometimes pops into A Road Less Traveled.
A nice guy who just wants to chat, sometimes get’s angry but feels remorse for it and apologises (a lot) afterwards. Really cool guy, but don’t take it from me. Take it from these guys!

“A douche, no one likes him. A self Promoting asshole who no one likes”

“Oh that twat. Are you serious, He is an idiot!”

“Wait, he is coming back to ZA? Really? Oh god anyone got a noose?”

See what I mean, aw those guys. Always having a joke, right

Camera flicks to the three people in the interview tied to a chair


What a bunch of jokers haha. They all love me to bits.


Slaps one of the people in the chair


Turns to camera

So anyway, I’m just a…

Presses finger against ear piece

Wait what? The police are at the door? Asking me to release the hostages?

Turns face back to Camera

Will anyway It looks like I am going to have to cut this one short so…

See you all later, it’s goodbye from them!

“Wait, what? Dude, what are you doing with that kn…”


And a goodbye from me. Farewell!

Some legit words about me:

“Dumbass, weird, and cute” ~LadyInsanityAmy

“Scottish” ~therockboy1
Accounts for things:
Facebook: Sorry, not saying this one for privacy reasons and all
Neoseeker: Doopling
3DS Friend Code: 0104-0021-0626
Snapchat: thatguydonald
BBM (I don’t know why I got this): 75893ETF
XBox Live: Look up

PS: I’ll only add you back if I have talked to you enough, and even then

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