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Hello! I like DripStat and Kongregate.
I like Kirby because he is cute.
DripStat is good, Everybody Edits is creative and War of the Web is my life!

1: My favorite things
 1-1: Games
 1-2: Users
 1-3: Websites
2: My accounts
3: Ultimate List of Enemies (ULoE)
4: Fun facts about me
 4-1: Kongregate
 4-2: My favorites
 4-3: My website
 4-4: Other facts
5: Bad users: I hate them!
6: GggG: ggg…

1: My favorite things
1-1: Games

  1. Bloons TD 5
  2. DripStat
  3. Everybody Edits
  4. ShellShock Live 2
  5. War of the Web

1-2: Users

  1. AESJIGOD (My brother)
  2. infinito5000
  3. WM_Jirachi

1-3: Websites

  1. Kongregate
  2. Scratch
  3. Weebly
  4. WhatPulse

2: My acccounts
Armor Games: ASRP
Kongregate: fan654fdf2
Newgrounds: NewRandomGuy
reddit: AESJI212
Twitter: BluePlusSymbol
WhatPulse: BluePlusSymbol
… And many more!
3: Ultimate List of Enemies (ULoE)
Monthly: http://blueplussymbol.weebly.com/list-of-enemies.html
All: http://blueplussymbol.com/uloe-ultimate-list-of-enemies.html
4: Fun facts about me
4-1: Kongregate
I’m level 37.
I have 8695 points.
I have 650 badges.
I have 450 easy badges.
I have 182 medium badges.
I have 18 hard badges.
I have 0 impossible badges.
I have 81 fans.
I have 18 friends.
I have 58 kongpanions.
I have 50 shiny kongpanions.
I have 9 kreds.
4-2: My favorites
My favorite anime character is Kirby because he is cute.
My favorite color is blue.
My favorite font is Futura.
My favorite game is DripStat.
My favorite number is 1 googolplex because it is very large.
My favorite shape is square.
My favorite website is Weebly.
4-3: My website
My website: blueplussymbol.weebly.com
It has 17 pages.
It has 17 pictures.
4-4: Other facts
My nickname is BPS or Fan.
I’m shy.
I wear glasses.
5: Bad users: I hate them!
dancingbull (Kongregate) (He kills teammates.)
DinoMelody (Armor Games) (He attacked me every day.)
kongspy (Newgrounds) (He attacked me every day.)
Oshima Yuko (Jiggmin) and Oshima_Yuko (Kongregate) (They attacked me every day.)
Sheerdoom (Jiggmin and Kongregate) (He attacked me when I was very weak.)
Silence is Golden (Jiggmin) (He is an idiot.)
Twilight Sparkle (Jiggmin) (I hate her because she attacks me every day.)
I hate these users!
6: GggG: ggg…
GggGg gGGggGg gGG gGGgGGGg GGGGgG GGGg gggg gG!!! (What?)
ggg GGg GGG!

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