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WARNING: The following text contains information about “hamuka”, and other things linked together by absolutely nothing. Neither “hamuka”, the writer of this profile, nor Kongregate can be held responsible for any insanity caused. Click “More About Me” at your own risk.

Hi, and welcome to my profile. I’m a kid from Hungary with not much things to do in my free time – if I have any – , except for gaming like hardcore average an enthusiastic nub, posting on forums, and kicking trolls’ butt. (well, not much now, really.) :)

(NOTE: Some material may be changed/removed due to an accident during my profile’s removal to advertise the Learn to Fly 3 Kickstarter (and to demonstrate the power of being a fanboy). This includes some chat moments. Sorry for any inconvenience.)

(IMPORTANT NOTE: This profile may or may not change entirely and suddenly in the near future, without any further notice. I’ll try to save a backup of this linked in a pastebin, but nothing’s guaranteed.)

Pretty-much-up-to-date as of 2015/05/24

Up-to-date count up-to-date as of 2014/08/26


Rest in Peace, Travis Bennie. (1991-2013)
You’ll be sorely missed.

My avatar was made by this awesome guy.

Troll Hunter & Hater. (inactive)
If you want to take care of a troll, just send me a PM or a shout, and off I go! (And within 24 hours of messaging!)

I recently discovered the wonders of ignoring trolls, and being a full member of the community. So, I’m thereby putting my troll hunter status away for a while.

Plus I’m developing a secret operation to make the trolls stop bothering us…

Of course, I’m still all for a friendly, rational argument. :)

Fluent speaker of these languages:

ZoMg’s language (ex.: hay im amuka) :)

…And a not-so-fluent one of these:


Rankings in Forum Competitions: (out-of-date, not planning on an update soon)

1.) The Quirky Capricious Kongregate Competition: 23rd place (Lost on Round 3, Scroll Lock. … Well, everyone has to start somewhere, right?)

2.) The Kompetition: 42nd place (Lost on Round 1, Pel. Damn I hate that game.)

3.) Kongrefeint: 13rd place (Lost on Round 4, Boss Battle. I was almost in the semi-finals. Almost…)

4.) V.O.K.: 8th place (Didn’t lose; it was a 1-round tourney. First time I reached the top 10. :D )

5.) The Kongregate Olympic Games: Voluntarily resigned (Did this on Round 2, Edmus. Realized I had absolutely no chance.)

Forum games won: (4)

Ytivitca III: World at War
The Resistance
College Mafia IV
The [redacted]ing Llama Mafia

List of goals: (All the cool guys have it, so why not? :) )

Reach level 30 (X) (2012/11/24)
Reach level 40 (X) (2014/MM/DD)
Reach level 50 ()
Reach level cap ()
Publish a game ()
Get 500 views with a game ()
Get 1000 views with a game ()
Get 2000 views with a game ()
Get 5000 views with a game ()
Get 10000 views with a game ()
Get 50000 views with a game ()
Reach at least 3.0 rating with a game ()
Reach at least 3.5 rating with a game ()
Reach at least 4.0 rating with a game ()
Become a mod ()
Get 500 forum posts (X) (2012/05/09)
Get 1000 forum posts (X) (2012/08/01)
Get 2000 forum posts (X) (2012/10/08)
Get 5000 forum posts (X) (2014/08/26)
Get 10000 forum posts ()
Reach the semi-finals of a forum tournament ()
Reach the finals of a forum tournament ()
Win a forum tournament ()

() = not achieved
(X) = achieved (w/ date of achieving (YYYY/MM/DD))

Chat moments:

Bluji: “Hi, and welcome to my profile. I’m a kid from Hungary with not much things to do in my free time – if I have any – , except for gaming like hardcore, posting on forums, and kicking trolls’ butt.”
AdeebNafees: Brb.
hamuka: Yay
hamuka: +1
Jaskaran2000: >kicking trolls’ butt
Jaskaran2000: I lol’d
AdeebNafees: “exception of hardcore trolling the forums”
AdeebNafees: I lol’d.
hamuka: LOLZ
AdeebNafees: That’s what I have right now.
AdeebNafees: Holy cow.
hamuka: I’m gonna put all results on my profile
hamuka: I decided.
AdeebNafees: “My children kick butt”
AdeebNafees: I am laughing so hard that my brain is falling out.
Bluji: Well that shrunk. ""High-Profile … Fatal Forum, stone trolls. Children""
hamuka: “A publication of good dating age profile and small Hi Goodevening Hungary hardcore swingers Club Forum, not the treatment.”
AdeebNafees: ""Hi, I have no children. Time is a piece. Mahou de la and people – hardcore ass.""
hamuka: mindblown
Jaskaran2000: LOL
AdeebNafees: “Mahou de la”
AdeebNafees: Ham’s war cry or something.

(One day of Bad Translator…)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Kadleon: FliplineStudios is 32 years old
Kadleon: I presume that’s all their developers combined.

(Most accurate presumption ever? Who knows?)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The gem of the Bad Spelling Cub, Letha Lmutuniy

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Nemiflora: I have 46k and that’s bad
MachuPichu: You got this ham!
Nemiflora: ^
hamuka: I suck?
hamuka: .p
Nemiflora: No 20k for a first try is ok
MachuPichu: I have 64k and that’s average
hamuka: * _
hamuka: * * :P
hamuka: How’§d that _:P become a _
hamuka: Well shit
MachuPichu: haha
hamuka: I’m tired
Nemiflora: what matters is how mu- LOL THE §
MachuPichu: dat keyboard
hamuka: :///
Nemiflora: -how much you improve
hamuka: Dat Hungarian kyboard
hamuka: * * * keyboard
MachuPichu: dat hungryman keybaord
MachuPichu: board*
hamuka: Yay for having worse spelling unintentonally than LM :D
hamuka: …
MachuPichu: L0L
hamuka: * untentionally
MachuPichu: unintentionally
MachuPichu: spell it out with me
catcher123: dhgdhdgfdhtrgedgfdcgtytdddgfdtrddgjdtfdffgghfghfgh
LethalMutiny: I’m just a tard.
Nemiflora: un in tention al ly
MachuPichu: u n i n t e n t i o n a l l y
Nemiflora: nowait
hamuka: * * U N I N T E N T I O N A L L Y
Nemiflora: * un intention al ly
Shane240199: It’s like misspelling misspell.
hamuka: FINALLLY
MachuPichu: yaya ham
hamuka: GOT IT RIGHT
Nemiflora: it’d be funny if you misspelled finally
hamuka: ………..
hamuka: * Finally
Nemiflora: LOL YOU DID

(P.S. YES, I KNOW that it looks weird. I had to edit it. Formatting sucks 0/5.)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

hamuka: Sig.
Jaskaran2000: Sig? wut
TrophyMaster: No my sig.
hamuka: I’ll nedver work out.
hamuka: * Sigh
hamuka: * It’ll
hamuka: * never
hamuka: * ****
Jaskaran2000: What won’t?
hamuka: * this
hamuka: * shit
TrophyMaster: #Typing
hamuka: My spelling, Jask
hamuka: Naija
Nemiflora: Well I didn’t find that song but I found this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2pMM4iwC-ag LOL
hamuka: .
TrophyMaster: dat naija
Jaskaran2000: it won’t
Jaskaran2000: coquse it sucks
Jaskaran2000: coause
Jaskaran2000: cuase
Jaskaran2000: cause
TrophyMaster: sauce *
TrophyMaster: Silly Jask #Typos
hamuka: Yay Jaks has shit spelling too :D
hamuka: * Jask
hamuka: Shit Spelling Club go
Jaskaran2000: I don’t.
Nemiflora: Jask
Jaskaran2000: It’s just a bad day.
TrophyMaster: Jask
Nemiflora: you know what else sucks
Nemiflora: your typing does
Jaskaran2000: I thigk.
Jaskaran2000: * thimk
Nemiflora: HAHA
TrophyMaster: YO MAM- Oh…it was a typing joke…nvm.
Jaskaran2000: * THIBK
Nemiflora: HAHAHAHA
Jaskaran2000: * THIMK
Jaskaran2000: * THINK
hamuka: NOW
hamuka: NAO
hamuka: NOA

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

hamuka: Extend time until he also leaves
Kadleon: I left.
hamuka: Then play with You and Yourself
Kadleon: no
24HoursAlt: Play with yourself.
Kadleon: Vadgehunting
24HoursAlt: vadge
Kadleon: Cadge*
hamuka: Vadge
Kadleon: Vadge
Kadleon: *
Kadleon: BADEG*
24HoursAlt: cadge
24HoursAlt: BADEG
hamuka: LOOOOOOL
24HoursAlt: BAD EG
hamuka: JASK
hamuka: LOL
Kadleon: BDAEG*
Kadleon: HASPPY
Kadleon: …
Nemiflora: dad eg hunting
Kadleon: dad
Kadleon: LOL DAF
Kadleon: DAS*
hamuka: DAF
Kadleon: **** ME
hamuka: DAAAAAF
hamuka: XD
Nemiflora: this is 2gud
hamuka: * SPELING
hamuka: * PELLING
hamuka: **** THIS SHIT TOO
Kadleon: I mean
Kadleon: Sroy
Kadleon: SOry
Kadleon: Soryt
Kadleon: Sorryth
Kadleon: Sorey
Kadleon: Sory
Kadleon: Siorry
Kadleon: …

B-day: February 8th

Kongreversary: July 3rd

More coming soon! …Hopefully. Maybe.

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