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I love snails!

Go here for mah fail art


http://dragcave.net/view/sIoLQ ( plz copy paste and check this one out, i rly need it)

http://dragcave.net/view/Kyx5F] ( this one too D;)


khyle345: HAO
khyle345: HAO
khyle345: HAO
GottaAskTheMan: o.e
GottaAskTheMan: ...?
lolzhss: Nothing.
GottaAskTheMan: k
GottaAskTheMan: You and khyle just said the same thing
lolzhss: crap it was 4 then :/
GottaAskTheMan: Now to wait for Dark.
GottaAskTheMan: Yay!
Joshua031197: EEEEP
Joshua031197: BUGS
GottaAskTheMan: Everyone, vote for what type of program today.
GottaAskTheMan: ...
Joshua031197: BUGS AAAAA (RL bugs)
lolzhss: RPG!!!
DarknessPr0ject: Roleplay
lolzhss: No i take my vote back!
lolzhss: It always depresses me :(
GottaAskTheMan: We don't have RPG, but we have RP
GottaAskTheMan: o.e
lolzhss: i lost the rpg i worked 11 months on :(
khyle345: rOLEPLAY
lolzhss: by accident
GottaAskTheMan: 2 rp votes
GottaAskTheMan: I vote rp
GottaAskTheMan: 3 rp votes
khyle345: Topic of RP of the DAY!!!
Joshua031197: I vote rpg.
DarknessPr0ject: WAIT
lolzhss: My 7 year old cousin came to me :/
DarknessPr0ject: WAIT
DarknessPr0ject: WAIT
GottaAskTheMan: Josh: There's no rpg
XxchristhekidXx: here
GottaAskTheMan: only rp
lolzhss: Wait a moment
Joshua031197: I vote RPG - G = ?
lolzhss: Chris isnt part of the crew
GottaAskTheMan: k
GottaAskTheMan: I know
lolzhss: but i like Newbies :)
GottaAskTheMan: Neither is kitz
DarknessPr0ject: WAIT
GottaAskTheMan: :)
kitzjr444: :3
kitzjr444: i was bored
XxchristhekidXx: im only a rank 2 >:D
lolzhss: so a moment of derpressnes.
Joshua031197: Well.
GottaAskTheMan: ^^
lolzhss: I lost 2 ranks
kitzjr444: i was thinking of joining you guys
GottaAskTheMan: Lol.
Joshua031197: I'm not apart of the crew either.
lolzhss: and my 11 months of work on RPG
lolzhss: By my 7 year old cousin
GottaAskTheMan: Though we're not recruiting
lolzhss: ;(
lolzhss: wait
GottaAskTheMan: Josh, you're onepiece
DarknessPr0ject: okay role play
lolzhss: im still depressed
khyle345: I kill GATM
Joshua031197: But i'm not a part of the crew.
khyle345: The end...
GottaAskTheMan: Come to HQ
Joshua031197: We need a world.
GottaAskTheMan: We're roleplaying in the HQ.
GottaAskTheMan: Surprise surprise.
khyle345: I CANT SE EIT
DarknessPr0ject: STOP
khyle345: AAAAARGH
khyle345: I mean
khyle345: i can
GottaAskTheMan: o.o
lolzhss: Can somebody chear me up?
lolzhss: or i will have a depressed role.
Joshua031197: CHEER
Joshua031197: *Grabs lolz*
DarknessPr0ject: Cheer!
Joshua031197: *Tickles him*
GottaAskTheMan: Lol, you coming?
XxchristhekidXx: what u guys game in
GottaAskTheMan: *tickles*
kitzjr444: nice art
lolzhss: cant rly find the world
GottaAskTheMan: HQ
lolzhss: freshing
GottaAskTheMan: Search FT
DarknessPr0ject: Josh remind me of josh
XxchristhekidXx: XD
XxchristhekidXx: lol
Joshua031197: Yep.
Joshua031197: The other josh.
lolzhss: oh and by the way
XxchristhekidXx: whats the code?
DarknessPr0ject: STAWP
GottaAskTheMan: No code fo you, chris or kitz. :)
Joshua031197: Which had the rpg that me and dark loved SOO much.
GottaAskTheMan: Only for crew members.
DarknessPr0ject: Xx, this is our crew program, pls leave
lolzhss: is there a free room for me? since yeah i dont wana go into such a stinky room of u guys :3
XxchristhekidXx: why D:
GottaAskTheMan: o.o
GottaAskTheMan: Sure
GottaAskTheMan: Just make one
lolzhss: Let chris in
Joshua031197: One room left loplz.
GottaAskTheMan: take varnine's room
Joshua031197: Lolz*
XxchristhekidXx: im in no crew
lolzhss: I take him as my dog
lolzhss: He doesnt need code
XxchristhekidXx: ..
XxchristhekidXx: im no dog bro..
DarknessPr0ject: Xx, pls leave...
XxchristhekidXx: ima war bear :3
lolzhss: Can he stay as a bear pup, my pet? lol
DarknessPr0ject: Nope
XxchristhekidXx: lol
Joshua031197: Roar.
XxchristhekidXx: im a war bear
lolzhss: without code
XxchristhekidXx: xD
XxchristhekidXx: RAWR.
DarknessPr0ject: Josh, can you go ur main acc, i cant chat with you in-game...or nvm...
GottaAskTheMan: Yeehaw.
lolzhss: cant chagt with me aither, u never accepted my reQ
GottaAskTheMan: *You were once a normal person in this world.*
XxchristhekidXx: we had a bathtub :O
GottaAskTheMan: *A wizard was dying, and he gave you some powers.*
DarknessPr0ject: WTF
DarknessPr0ject: who made da rocket
GottaAskTheMan: FT: Roleplay #07 has STARTED!
GottaAskTheMan: Please choose your powers.
XxchristhekidXx: i have no edit
khyle345: Edit Powers
lolzhss: U dont need edit-
GottaAskTheMan: Chris, you're not in the crew. :)
XxchristhekidXx: ..
GottaAskTheMan: khyle has chosen edit powers!
Joshua031197: I want to be able to cast ALL kinds of spell as a RANDOM MAGE!
XxchristhekidXx: im teh bear
Joshua031197: XD
lolzhss: Exactly what i was guna say
GottaAskTheMan: o.e
XxchristhekidXx: war bear on gaaged
GottaAskTheMan: Khyle can place and remove blocks that he place.
lolzhss: I wanna be able to give my bear pup commands, and summon random monsters! :D
GottaAskTheMan: I choose... the power of water!
Joshua031197: Mkay.
GottaAskTheMan: liquid*
Joshua031197: I choose the power of editing.
GottaAskTheMan: I can summon liquid at anytime
DarknessPr0ject: STOP
XxchristhekidXx: wut?
Joshua031197: Wait
Joshua031197: No
GottaAskTheMan: Josh chooses the edit power.
GottaAskTheMan: lolzhss and Dark?
Joshua031197: I choose the power of RAINBOW
DarknessPr0ject: someone outside of the crew, pls leave
khyle345: Power of invisibility i mean
XxchristhekidXx: i choose..
lolzhss: I wanna be able to give my bear pup commands, and summon random monsters! :D (2)
DarknessPr0ject: do not crowded the chat room...
Joshua031197: Nvm.
GottaAskTheMan: Okay
Joshua031197: I just want editl.
XxchristhekidXx: the power of rockets a war bear need some rockets >:D
GottaAskTheMan: Khyle has power of invicibility!
khyle345: s*
khyle345: not c
GottaAskTheMan: invisibility*
GottaAskTheMan: Okay
GottaAskTheMan: Who here in our crew has no powers?
lolzhss: I wanna be able to give my bear pup commands, and summon random monsters! :D (3)
lolzhss: xD
GottaAskTheMan: (sorry kitz and chris)
XxchristhekidXx: i already have my rockets :P
GottaAskTheMan: o.e
lolzhss: U didnt say lolzhss chooises :
GottaAskTheMan: Power accepted!
DarknessPr0ject: I want
DarknessPr0ject: ....
lolzhss: ty
DarknessPr0ject: I want....
GottaAskTheMan: lolzhss chooses... summoner!
lolzhss: chris
GottaAskTheMan: Darkness?
lolzhss: what rockets...
XxchristhekidXx: those missels >:O
DarknessPr0ject: I choose Darkness
GottaAskTheMan: :O
lolzhss: Search the bearç
GottaAskTheMan: He can cover things in darkness
XxchristhekidXx: that explodes :3
GottaAskTheMan: rendering them completely blind for a temporary amount of time
GottaAskTheMan: Among other things!
lolzhss: bear, STAY
GottaAskTheMan: Alrighty.
GottaAskTheMan: Let's get started.
Joshua031197: ...
DarknessPr0ject: I can summon black hole!
GottaAskTheMan: Everyone to their room. (a spare one if you don't have one)
XxchristhekidXx: hi dad :3
lolzhss: Folow!
lolzhss: this one is a spare one?
Joshua031197: ....
XxchristhekidXx: im laggin
XxchristhekidXx: so bad
GottaAskTheMan: A spare room is plain
GottaAskTheMan: Good morning everyone
GottaAskTheMan: o.e
GottaAskTheMan: what to do today?
DarknessPr0ject: Bam! Slam door with dark powers
XxchristhekidXx: this is no morning
Joshua031197: Can i has 2 powers? :P
GottaAskTheMan: Nope :)
GottaAskTheMan: You can change, though
lolzhss: I claim this room :D
XxchristhekidXx: dad
GottaAskTheMan: Let's explore!
Joshua031197: Wooh.
XxchristhekidXx: DAD
lolzhss: Yes?
DarknessPr0ject: I am irritating of waiting
khyle345: *Jumps off my terace
GottaAskTheMan: Hmm
XxchristhekidXx: can i get a bear nap
khyle345: 2x r
GottaAskTheMan: What's santa power?
XxchristhekidXx: yawn
lolzhss: By the way can my bear talk?
XxchristhekidXx: im tired
GottaAskTheMan: Chris, kitz, sorry, but you're not in your crew
DarknessPr0ject: STAWP
khyle345: PrESENTS
GottaAskTheMan: Sure, lolzhss.
DarknessPr0ject: ...
XxchristhekidXx: ....
Joshua031197: Leave tiny snow bits if he wanted. Fly. And put ONLY gift blocks.
GottaAskTheMan: I found a policeman
GottaAskTheMan: He asks if you've seen a robber lately.
Joshua031197: *Uses fly power to go dwn*
XxchristhekidXx: ZZZZZZ
lolzhss: No :p
GottaAskTheMan: "Okay then!"
XxchristhekidXx: wut?
XxchristhekidXx: ZZZZZ
DarknessPr0ject: Dark power Fly
GottaAskTheMan: *he walks off*
kitzjr444: ):
Joshua031197: *Left 5 blocks of snow bits*
lolzhss: Bear? Can i give u a name? ( Cutey xD)
XxchristhekidXx: ok >:3
GottaAskTheMan: o.e
XxchristhekidXx: wait no
Joshua031197: *Puts a gift*
GottaAskTheMan: Today is the day
GottaAskTheMan: Of the fight tornament!
khyle345: Santa and Grinch showdown!
lolzhss: Hello policeman
XxchristhekidXx: war cub plz :3
GottaAskTheMan: Who wants to verse me? >:D
lolzhss: I call u cubbey chris lol
khyle345: *Opens present*
lolzhss: I want to verse u
XxchristhekidXx: xD
GottaAskTheMan: Okay
GottaAskTheMan: lolzhss
GottaAskTheMan: Use your powers
XxchristhekidXx: dad let me out :P
GottaAskTheMan: To try and kill me.
GottaAskTheMan: Ready
GottaAskTheMan: Seyt
GottaAskTheMan: GO!
Joshua031197: *Spins around leaving FREAZING MIST*
GottaAskTheMan: RAWR
GottaAskTheMan: I destroy it with some brown substance
XxchristhekidXx: i bet i can do bettere
XxchristhekidXx: better
khyle345: Freezesd
Joshua031197: =Frees khylew=
lolzhss: Ataaaaack!
DarknessPr0ject: SHUT UP EVERYONE!
DarknessPr0ject: Summons black hole!
GottaAskTheMan: Oww
GottaAskTheMan: >.<
XxchristhekidXx: rascist
XxchristhekidXx: XD
GottaAskTheMan: lolzhss wins!
GottaAskTheMan: Next:
lolzhss: :D
Joshua031197: Lol
GottaAskTheMan: Josh vs khyle!
Joshua031197: Omg.
Joshua031197: Frozen mist!
XxchristhekidXx: dad
khyle345: *Uses invisibility*
GottaAskTheMan: Josh, you have santa powers.
XxchristhekidXx: i woke up
GottaAskTheMan: khyle, you have invisibility
GottaAskTheMan: Trry kill each other!
lolzhss: Here, cubey, have some chocolate bear food
XxchristhekidXx: NUM
XxchristhekidXx: *eats*
XxchristhekidXx: let me out know
khyle345: Skull=Invisible
XxchristhekidXx: i wanna fight :P
lolzhss: go against the door
GottaAskTheMan: k
lolzhss: and press space
GottaAskTheMan: Khyle has a knife, btw
GottaAskTheMan: He can backstab to kill
Joshua031197: Bright light!
khyle345: *Uses knife*
lolzhss: Kil the dummy cubey
GottaAskTheMan: If he is behind you, you'd better run!
GottaAskTheMan: ;p
XxchristhekidXx: hmmmmm
Joshua031197: *sEes*
XxchristhekidXx: i summan MISSLE
khyle345: *Knife mode
XxchristhekidXx: wow
DarknessPr0ject: you know, i can controll my darkneess like garaa controll sand
Joshua031197: I walk with a forcefield of anti-light
XxchristhekidXx: that did 100 damage
GottaAskTheMan: One more stab
khyle345: Jumps from above
To xxchristhekidxx: u dont have missiles lol
GottaAskTheMan: And Josh is dead!
Joshua031197: Ice shard! *Frfeezes khyle*
XxchristhekidXx: use scratch!
khyle345: ATTAC
GottaAskTheMan: Ouch
khyle345: Docdge
XxchristhekidXx: i use RAWR
GottaAskTheMan: Khyle is injured
Joshua031197: ATTACK
XxchristhekidXx: RAAAAAAAWR
To xxchristhekidxx: might get them later, but try n bite it :D
XxchristhekidXx: he is know confused
GottaAskTheMan: One more hit
khyle345: *HIYA
GottaAskTheMan: And you die!
GottaAskTheMan: :O
lolzhss: Good job
XxchristhekidXx: 'bite!!
GottaAskTheMan: they both died
khyle345: fROZEN HIMSELF
GottaAskTheMan: But who died first?!
XxchristhekidXx: *bites head off*
Joshua031197: ROFL
khyle345: Him
DarknessPr0ject: ._.
lolzhss: lets make it harder
Joshua031197: I froze khyle.
GottaAskTheMan: One more life
khyle345: cuz he frozen himself
Joshua031197: Khyle stabbed me.
GottaAskTheMan: And then you die.
XxchristhekidXx: *stomps on head*
GottaAskTheMan: Btw
khyle345: i threw a knife while a frost bolt came at me
GottaAskTheMan: You have to be visible to stab
Joshua031197: LOL
GottaAskTheMan: Backstab, I mean
khyle345: *Invisi mode*
Joshua031197: Frozen cage!
XxchristhekidXx: i leaned a new move
lolzhss: Good, lets go watch the battle Follow!
Joshua031197: Hur hur
khyle345: Oh lo;
GottaAskTheMan: Khyle dies
khyle345: How can you see me?!?!?
XxchristhekidXx: frozen time
GottaAskTheMan: Sorry. :(
khyle345: CHEATER
GottaAskTheMan: Wait
Joshua031197: Srsly
GottaAskTheMan: CHEATER
GottaAskTheMan: o.e
khyle345: CHEATER
Joshua031197: I walked with a forcefield of light
GottaAskTheMan: Go again
Joshua031197: Scroll up
GottaAskTheMan: Remmatch
Joshua031197: =_=
khyle345: Im gonna change supah powah
khyle345: I want
Joshua031197: Read messages before you talk,
Joshua031197: .*
khyle345: Invicibility!
GottaAskTheMan: k
khyle345: With an C
XxchristhekidXx: im a rank 3 know :P
Joshua031197: NO FAIR! D:<
GottaAskTheMan: invicibility power changed!
XxchristhekidXx: level 4
Joshua031197: Nobody can kill you then.
lolzhss: Hey GATM
Joshua031197: *Freezes self*
khyle345: Uses inic
lolzhss: Is it with lvls?
XxchristhekidXx: fighting level: 4
GottaAskTheMan: ?
GottaAskTheMan: idk
XxchristhekidXx: heh
lolzhss: Are there like levels of magic or so?
khyle345: Commando=Invicible
GottaAskTheMan: Not really
lolzhss: or like character lvl? lol
lolzhss: good. :p
GottaAskTheMan: C'mon
GottaAskTheMan: Remember
GottaAskTheMan: Khyle hs to kill Josh
DarknessPr0ject: *invicible, you can't attack if you are invisible
GottaAskTheMan: Josh to kill khyle
khyle345: *Toggles off invic and attacks ATM
Joshua031197: I killed myself.
GottaAskTheMan: GOGOGO!
GottaAskTheMan: Josh loses.
khyle345: HIYA
Joshua031197: How could i kill khyle.
XxchristhekidXx: hmmmmm
GottaAskTheMan: Next:
Joshua031197: If his UNKILLABLE?!
Joshua031197: THATS cheating.
XxchristhekidXx: what if it was a free for al
DarknessPr0ject: Josh...
XxchristhekidXx: all*
GottaAskTheMan: DarnessPr0ject VERSE lolzhss
DarknessPr0ject: ...
lolzhss: Oh no
khyle345: Togles back
Joshua031197: Nvm.
GottaAskTheMan: Use your powers to defeat each other
GottaAskTheMan: GOGOGO
DarknessPr0ject: I was gonna fight a bear
lolzhss: I summon random shield guy
Joshua031197: =Un-joins=
Joshua031197: =Am only a spectator=
XxchristhekidXx: next game i wanna fight
khyle345: *Can we do dis quiker
DarknessPr0ject: Vanish in di air!
GottaAskTheMan: Sorry, chris you're not in the crew. :)
GottaAskTheMan: Sure khyle
XxchristhekidXx: im a bear duh
GottaAskTheMan: I change my power to mind control
XxchristhekidXx: so i can usaly fight >:P
lolzhss: ATAAAACK
GottaAskTheMan: And can bring objects to life
kitzjr444: i ogt all coin
kitzjr444: *got
GottaAskTheMan: Noobzaii
GottaAskTheMan: Use your blakc hole
GottaAskTheMan: And suck lolzhss
GottaAskTheMan: o.o
XxchristhekidXx: skull dudes xD
GottaAskTheMan: Dark is nearly dead
GottaAskTheMan: lolzhss is on 2 hp
GottaAskTheMan: Dark is on 1 hp
Joshua031197: Change power:
GottaAskTheMan: Ya?
Joshua031197: Watch power.
khyle345: *Lolz summons boday guards*
XxchristhekidXx: i want to fights
Joshua031197: Only watch.
GottaAskTheMan: dark strikes
GottaAskTheMan: and wins!
Joshua031197: As a spectator.
nyvrem: wacha doing?
GottaAskTheMan: Next:
lolzhss: Aww i shot him with an axe first D:
GottaAskTheMan: khyle345 vs Josh!
Joshua031197: Srsly.
GottaAskTheMan: aww.
khyle345: YEASH
nyvrem: roomname? ._.
Joshua031197: I'm only a spectator.
khyle345: MUAHAHAHA
Joshua031197: =.="
GottaAskTheMan: Sorry, crew only
DarknessPr0ject: I got a shield!
khyle345: MUAAHAHA
lolzhss: Hey can cubey lose a random fight? lol
GottaAskTheMan: khyle vs Darknesspr0ject!
GottaAskTheMan: GOGOGO
nyvrem: ee sucks anyway nowadays
khyle345: Oh
nyvrem: **** you mrshoe
khyle345: *Invic mode*
Joshua031197: Nvm.
Joshua031197: I'll join then.
GottaAskTheMan: Okay
Joshua031197: My power is:
GottaAskTheMan: Josh vs khyle
lolzhss: agreed nyv
Joshua031197: Anti-invinsibility.
khyle345: Last battle
Joshua031197: Invincibility*
DarknessPr0ject: khyle : if cant use invisible if you're attacking
GottaAskTheMan: dun dun dun...
Joshua031197: I can disable invinc for 10 mins
khyle345: *Un uses invic*
khyle345: Attacks
GottaAskTheMan: Choose another power, Josh
Joshua031197: I can do physical attack to.
Joshua031197: Fine.
Joshua031197: Time warp.
khyle345: IOnvic
GottaAskTheMan: o,.e
khyle345: Incic
Joshua031197: I can warp between time.
GottaAskTheMan: Okay then
GottaAskTheMan: He has TIME POWER!
khyle345: *Wut
GottaAskTheMan: Can teleport and stuffz.
Joshua031197: =Warps to the time before khyle uses INCIC power=
GottaAskTheMan: ...
DarknessPr0ject: did you know, my body was shielded with darkness
khyle345: *Invisis*
Joshua031197: *Drops an anvil*
khyle345: *Invics*
GottaAskTheMan: Thing is
Joshua031197: Hur hur.
GottaAskTheMan: Josh has no other powers
GottaAskTheMan: He can't summon an anvil
XxchristhekidXx: i want to figth D:
Joshua031197: Mkay.
Joshua031197: That means...
khyle345: OFF AND ATTACK
GottaAskTheMan: sorry, nope, chris. :0
khyle345: HIYA
Joshua031197: *Teleports to past and future*
lolzhss: come cubey
khyle345: Ons aain
Joshua031197: *Confusing khyle*
GottaAskTheMan: Josh: 10 hp
khyle345: again
lolzhss: Come to dadey
GottaAskTheMan: khyle: 20 hp
kitzjr444: what are you guys doing
khyle345: ON
khyle345: ON!
khyle345: >:C
GottaAskTheMan: playing rp
kitzjr444: :O
lolzhss: Come cubey
lolzhss: Folow!
Joshua031197: Lol.
Joshua031197: I confused khyle.
Joshua031197: xD
khyle345: yaaaaaa
khyle345: GYAH
khyle345: FGYTAH
GottaAskTheMan: No wait
khyle345: WAH
XxchristhekidXx: i gtg
khyle345: GYAH
lolzhss: Cubey!
GottaAskTheMan: I change my power to BOOST
lolzhss: oh ;/
XxchristhekidXx: GTG
GottaAskTheMan: Bye, chris
lolzhss: Buye chris
GottaAskTheMan: I can summon boost arrows
GottaAskTheMan: :3
GottaAskTheMan: Aight
Joshua031197: *Grabs one*
GottaAskTheMan: khyle 10 hp
Joshua031197: *Stabs khyle*
GottaAskTheMan: Josh 5 hp
GottaAskTheMan: o.o
khyle345: on
khyle345: ON
GottaAskTheMan: Josh 5 hp
khyle345: ON!!!!!!!!
khyle345: NOW!
GottaAskTheMan: khyle 5 hp
DarknessPr0ject: I challenge Gatm
kitzjr444: :O
GottaAskTheMan: Okay
GottaAskTheMan: after this fight!
DarknessPr0ject: I am Da devil of Dark
lolzhss: I challenge khyle
Joshua031197: Lol.
lolzhss: x3
Joshua031197: Did i win? XD
DarknessPr0ject: ;l
GottaAskTheMan: And now...
khyle345: *Digs a time capsule with an NUKE INSIDE
GottaAskTheMan: o.o
GottaAskTheMan: It was a tie
GottaAskTheMan: And now...
khyle345: Will explode in future
GottaAskTheMan: FREE FOR ALL
Joshua031197: *Warps to the time where the nuke ALREADY exploded*
Joshua031197: Har har.
khyle345: and since your on future
Joshua031197: YESSS
Joshua031197: *Warps to the time when i was sleeping*
GottaAskTheMan: 3
GottaAskTheMan: 2
GottaAskTheMan: 1
GottaAskTheMan: FIGHT!
khyle345: *Invinc
DarknessPr0ject: Dark Hole!
khyle345: *
GottaAskTheMan: Noobzaii
GottaAskTheMan: No Gdmode please ;p
DarknessPr0ject: D:<
khyle345: *Places time capsule that explodes when someones at the future*
DarknessPr0ject: I was flying with dark ._.
khyle345: OFF
Joshua031197: *Grabs attacks from all kinds of Time-line*
Joshua031197: *Combines them all*
GottaAskTheMan: o.o
Joshua031197: *Uses them to kill khyle*
khyle345: Attacks GATM
GottaAskTheMan: OUCH
DarknessPr0ject: WITH JOSH
khyle345: OION
khyle345: PON
khyle345: ON
khyle345: ON
GottaAskTheMan: *attacks khyle with boosts*
Joshua031197: Hah.
khyle345: Got stuckl
khyle345: Argh
khyle345: IM DIYING
khyle345: NOOOOOOOO
Joshua031197: TIME COLLISION! (Theres such an attack)
Joshua031197: *Grabs different monsters from different time lines*
Joshua031197: *Combines*
lolzhss: Weeeh
GottaAskTheMan: Yeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaah
khyle345: Rest In Peace...Khyle
GottaAskTheMan: ;o
GottaAskTheMan: Khyle died
GottaAskTheMan: Khyle respawns
khyle345: *The time capsule got activated becuz of Josh
DarknessPr0ject: Dark hole sucks everything
khyle345: And everyone dies
GottaAskTheMan: OMG
khyle345: Future is dead
lolzhss: I summon.....
khyle345: nothing is left
Joshua031197: ...
GottaAskTheMan: JOSH
GottaAskTheMan: WHAT DIDZ U DO
khyle345: BAI!
GottaAskTheMan: Uggh
GottaAskTheMan: Dino vomit
Joshua031197: I summoned all kinds of monsters from all kinds of time line.
khyle345: FT ROLEPLAY IS UNOFFICIALY DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Joshua031197: Dino cant be sucked.
khyle345: I mean
Joshua031197: Cause its actually form diff timelines. :
DarknessPr0ject: Uh...
DarknessPr0ject: Its dark hole
khyle345: since you got it from past or future
GottaAskTheMan: And ffa ends.
GottaAskTheMan: What now
khyle345: my bomb exploded ofc
Joshua031197: Both.
khyle345: So no one wins
Joshua031197: Part AND Future.
Joshua031197: XD
Joshua031197: Past*
DarknessPr0ject: SRSLY?
GottaAskTheMan: Find a hiding place
Joshua031197: Dino + God zilla + Other monsters
DarknessPr0ject: Cheaters ;l
GottaAskTheMan: I will try to find you
khyle345: Im hiding!
Joshua031197: Hmm.
GottaAskTheMan: Tell me when you are all hiding!
Joshua031197: OH
Joshua031197: HIDE AND SEEK!
khyle345: Ready
DarknessPr0ject: Banana man
Joshua031197: Gatm, /loadlevel
GottaAskTheMan: o.o
Joshua031197: *Godzilla eats banana*
GottaAskTheMan: Okay
GottaAskTheMan: Hide
Joshua031197: =Time warps=
DarknessPr0ject: Cheaters!
GottaAskTheMan: Counting down
Joshua031197: *Everyone loses their powers*
GottaAskTheMan: 10
lolzhss: GATM
GottaAskTheMan: Ya?
GottaAskTheMan: 8
lolzhss: i dont have robber/ninja
khyle345: quicker please
khyle345: QUIFCKER
khyle345: NOW
GottaAskTheMan: It's okay
khyle345: QUICK
khyle345: I GTG
GottaAskTheMan: Use any smiley
GottaAskTheMan: 5
GottaAskTheMan: 4
GottaAskTheMan: 3
GottaAskTheMan: 1
lolzhss: dont use minimap please
GottaAskTheMan: IM COMING
kitzjr444: wait
khyle345: Ok bai
GottaAskTheMan: Found noobzaii
GottaAskTheMan: :D
DarknessPr0ject: WTF
DarknessPr0ject: I AM LAGGING
GottaAskTheMan: found lolzhss :D
DarknessPr0ject: I should use ninja...
lolzhss: Where?
lolzhss: I didnt see u;
GottaAskTheMan: Hmm
GottaAskTheMan: Where could Josh be
GottaAskTheMan: 'Okay
GottaAskTheMan: I'll find you again
DarknessPr0ject: I didt see you too!
GottaAskTheMan: Found lolzhss :D
lolzhss: Somebodey gimme a ninja smiley D:
Joshua031197: Awwwh
Joshua031197: Wait
lolzhss: So go get josh
Joshua031197: I can use ninja?!
Joshua031197: I CAN USE NINJA?!
DarknessPr0ject: ...
lolzhss: LOL
Joshua031197: WHY NO ONE TELL MEH
DarknessPr0ject: thats not allowed....
lolzhss: BRO
Joshua031197: XD
GottaAskTheMan: o.o
Joshua031197: Lolz.
GottaAskTheMan: Why'd you dig?
Joshua031197: Gatm didnt say i cant dig.
GottaAskTheMan: anyhow, I found you
GottaAskTheMan: o.o
Joshua031197: You didnt say i cant dig.
Joshua031197: >;p
GottaAskTheMan: anyhow
lolzhss: U cant gmode
Joshua031197: ROFL
lolzhss: So yah stuck :
lolzhss: D
GottaAskTheMan: BYE
lolzhss: Bye
Joshua031197: Awwwh.

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