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    Anti-troll planet With anti-troll lazers
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Oh hello. I did not see you there! That is probably because there are still some n00bs trolling me into oblivion. That is why they must be banned. Kongregate is a gaming site. Not a trolling site for bullies from word censored due to not feeling good at all when i hear about it.

Likes: When trolls are banned, Giant swords, Sniffing around the internet, Playing games made by NIS, Playing disgaea (It does not give you brain damage), Prinnies (Some people love it, Some people hate it. BUT! These creatures are not called demon penguins. These are prinnies)

Dislikes/hates: Trolls, anti-games, singers with no talent (You know what i am talking about, right?), Trolls, Scam trash (Oh wow a free i tunes code generator that.. sadly.. have to input the password of your account and get hacked :( ), When no respect is shown, Trolls, Enormous bugs in games, Mockery acts, Trolls, Cats, Word censored due to the fact of it giving horrible memories to me at the mentiont of ’’it’’, Trolls, sex (I hate it BIG TIME!), Masturbating (I hate this completely as well.), Trolls, Germany, Durability system in rpg games (Grinding for gold in a game with the durability system is a complete pain in the ’’glass’’), Trolls, Cowardly chickens, Kids who keep making annoying noises, Trolls, Smoking (Its bad for your health), Weed, Trolls, Porn, Hentai, trolls, Fakers, People who rip off stuff that i made, Trolls, Shout deleters, Disgaea haters, Trolls,

Waits patiently for: The day where trolls become banned.

My mission: Try to find a time machine to time travel back to the point that i never knew about kongregate.

Element: Time? (It was supposed to be light, But the trolls became too much of a pain in the @$$ to fend off. SO i changed my element to time because it might go well when it comes to time travelling. Also, Does the element ’’time’’ Remind you of ANY game from the arcade?)

My equipment (Most of the time. Does not count for fakers)
Right hand: Giant onyx blade (Giant because i like overkill atacks. Requires a strong soul. The souls of fakers are weak, So if they use this sword, Their soul will be sucked inside the sword)
Left hand: Wounded guilt (A shield that deals a little damage to the one who attacks me. We can call this ’’reflect’’.)
Armor: Eversing (This armor is guaranteed to last forever)
Pants: Agile wing (Feels very light. Increases agility)
Feet: Supersonic boots (Increases agility a lot.)
Arms: Bloodthirsty pride (Increases the effectiveness of ??? (Tae Kwon Do) techniques (Slightly) and ?? (Kung Fu) techniques)
Helmet: Night vision helmet (Allows the wearer to see in the darkness, somehow)
Other: Hyperdrive (This will make the wearer have sonic-like running speed)
Other 2: Anti thiever (Prevents equipment stealing. Cannot be stolen)

Special technuiques (Fakers cannot use them):
Technuique 1: Anti-troll beam (It will Disintegrate any troll into dust!) Deals 20750 points of damage to a maximum of 5 opponents. Deals 350% more damage to trolls, sinners and fakers.
Technuique 2: Anti-troll combo (Best used with gigantic swords. it will tear all your limbs apart in 3 seconds!) Hits the opponent from 27 to 99 hits maximum dealing 7380 points of damage for each attack. Deals 450% more damage to trolls, sinners and fakers.
Technuique 3: Anti-troll Overdrive (If at first you dont succeed, Wipe the trolls and sinners out of existence.) Deals 4845K points of damage to a opponent. 85% chance to kill trolls, sinners and fakers instantly.

Passive skills (Fakers cannot use these too)
Passive skill 1: Punishment for offense (Decreases stats of all trolls on the map by 60%)
Passive skill 2: Hack shield (Nullifies all instant death effects on self and allies on map and prevents dodging for all characters on map)

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