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(rp). My name is Jacob. I was raised until I was about 13/12 in the wilderness. There were no nearby cities, and me and my parents had little technology. Surviving was hard, considering the common lack of food. Chances are we’d be attacked.. and that’s how I lost both of my parents. I now live in the wilderness alone. Living in it is dreary, as it is one of the most unpredictable forests ever. One day, happiness is about. The next day you’re praying for your life. Surviving is extremely hard, and that’s why I have so many scars, wounds and other injuries. I might not stand one more fight, for all I know. Nothing heals well. I get sick often.. And my life might be slipping away.
Age: 17.
Clothing: Torn blue shirt, heavily torn black pants. Old moccasins that are tearing slowly.
Weaponry: A poorly crafted wooden hatchet that is easily breakable.
Name: Jacob.

Name: Andrew Swarler
Age: Unknown by others, never has been revealed yet
Appearance: A fairly handsome person who is thin.
Weight: 155lbs.
Weaponry: A baton and a pistol, what can I say.
Job: Prison warden.
Clothing: A dark blue shirt with the prison he works at’s logo on it, reading “You do the crime, you spend a lot of time.” Blue jeans.
Money: $3,100
Strengths: He’s speedy and quite strong, and can do a decent job academically.
Weaknesses: Not much protection, but it’s not like there are people with weapons in the prison.. He also has a fair struggle in mathematics, but only specific things.
Log of day: 3/21/12
“Oh, what a day. First, someone dared to escape my grasp of the prison, but I beat him with my baton and got him back in. He will be released 4/2/14, a 10 day extend. Next, a man who was brought in for killing 5 people by rage showed up, he seems to be doing fine in solitary. Third and foremost, I was promoted! Now I work longer, but I get better pay. It was a good day..”

‘What the heck?!’ kind of moments made by other people
No offense meant
CosmoJuliusCosma: Summons a magic dildo

CosmoJuliusCosma: I WILL STICK THIS IN YOUR #($

CosmoJuliusCosma: SO SHUT UP

CosmoJuliusCosma: Shoves it INTO his ass

CosmoJuliusCosma: Oddly, it comes out his mouth

RussianWolf: Beatrix, I have a question.

CosmoJuliusCosma: What.

RussianWolf: Why are you so awful?

RussianWolf: You gave me cancer because your so bad.

CosmoJuliusCosma: AH- I don’t care anymore.

IIIIIII__IIIIIII: Ofc you don’t

SquareRobot: I also like my women how I like my newspapers

SquareRobot: bound and in the back of a van

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