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こんにちは、ようこそ私のプロフィールへ !

who am i?
I’m just some person who have nothing to proud of. I’m at rps most of time, but I also come to Role playing #1 sometimes.

I like to roleplay with people but I’m still not too good at it. If you want to roleplay with me then do tell me so. I roleplay at Chatzy most of time and I don’t think I want to roleplay in the chatroom.

by the way, I’m not fluent in English so I might get the grammar wrong.

RP Character (All of them are for medfan) PS: This bios are still on work, sorry if it’s boring.

Name: Akira Ren

Age: 20

Personality: Prefer to be alone most of time.

Likes/Dislikes: The sky / Crowds and noisy place.

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Appearance: bicoloured eyes (Yellow eye &red eye) He wears eye patch that cover his red eye. He have short brown hair and his clothes is always different from time to time

Weapon: Short sword

Bio: He don’t know who or what he is. One day he found himself in the woods lying on the ground injured on his whole body. he started to travel around the world to learn his identity .Later on, he found out that he could use magic which is something he didn’t know. After many days experimenting on his magic, he found out that he could use every basic element on the world yet there is none that he mastered.

He also had an unique ability, he could sense a person’s presence or aura. this ability managed to save his life from danger many times. Months of travel made him realizes that his yellow eye could see a spirit. He wore eye-patch because his red eye hurts somehow when he use it to see things but apparently, his red eye could react to things faster. He hates Rin for a reason he himself doesn’t know but he hides that feeling from her. He suffers from Narcolepsy, a sleeping disorder where he would suddenly sleep whenever or wherever he is. It would occurs at random time, he wouldn’t know when it will come.

1. Endless Darkness
Ren cast a magic circle, covering an area up to a certain distance. Everyone that is caught inside of it will lose all his/her sense For a certain time. (Sense of hearing, sight, smell, taste, and even sense of touch) and then Ren can either finish his enemies off or leave them be. This spell require a massive amount of mana, the right timing and is difficult to use. Ren first used this when he was attacked by the monster in the forest and failed to complete it, resulting in abnormality on his red eyes and lost his memory.

2. Nightmare
This skill requires Ren to look directly toward his opponent’s eye with his red eye. Once they both have an eye contact , Ren could manipulate the opponent mind into what ever Ren is thinking about, for example : Burning the opponent’s body. In short this is similar to illusion except that the target will really feel it just like reality.

3. Abyss
‘When you gaze long into the abyss. The abyss gazes also into you.’
Having using darkness magic for his lifetime and for uncountable amount, Ren’s body and mind became immune to it thus allowing him to abuse darkness to his liking and not getting corrupted.

Unique traits: Aura sensing, Ghost sight, Memory loss, Heterochromia, Narcolepsy.

“When I realized my existence, I saw the endless darkness around me here. No light, no direction to where I should be ahead. Consciousness was growing little by little, like I woke up from a complete blank to another compete blank, which is special and strange. "
Name: Akira Rin

Age: 18 years old

Race: Human

Gender: Female

Appearance: Blue eyes and long blue hair, she only wears her armor in a battle and she wears her own casual clothes when she doesn’t . She’s quite short for her age and she wears a ribbon on her hair (http://dl.dropbox.com/u/42882524/asd/b%20%282%29.jpg)

Personality: (1)Friendly but childish. She’s also an air-head
(2) Cruel, Stoic, and cold blooded.

Likes / Dislikes: Sweets and cats / Spicy food and rain

Weapon: Long sword (Main choice)

Bio: She had no memories of her past, she was in a orphanage before she know it. She started to train herself in sword arts and Tracing magic at five years old out of curiosity, she believes that someday she might save someone with it. Surprisingly, she learned them faster than anyone. At the age of ten, she learned projection magic which she used to create her weapon from her mana.

She started to travel the world when she was 14. She had met a lot of people and sometimes fight with some. Every time she fought however, she would somehow change partly into an emotionless person. Someone who is heartless, but never once had she kill her enemy. Except in a battle, she acts like a child and this sometimes annoys a certain people.

1. Time alter
The spell that is trained by Ren to Rin with the reason that she should learn to protect herself. He himself can’t use it properly due to the fact he cannot use ancient magic.

She can either :

1 Uses a portion of her mana to slow down the time

2 Uses all her mana to stop the time. The only one who could move when that happen is Rin as she is the caster. The spell would last for 30 second for her and thus, allowing Rin to either continuously slash her enemies multiple time or use this chance to run away.
This spell only needs a little bit of time to cast, however the user would feel extreme fatigue after the spell ends.

2. Complete take-over
This will either happen when
1. Rin is extremely angered toward someone
2. If she’s drunk from drinking alcohol or
3. Being in a destroyed village for too long.
As the name suggested, the second Rin would control her body. In this form her hair color will become white and her armor become black, affected by her different personality. While she’s taking control, she won’t hesitate to attack her opponent and won’t care about the damage she cause. on top of that, she will cover up her sword with light magic that will immediately exhaust her opponent’s mana if they got hit.

Activation condition unknown. Rin hair, clothes, and eyes would turn silver and allowed her to manipulate time and space freely. Said to be the strongest among the three personality and also the cruelest. Not caring about friend or foe, she destroyed everything on her path while the second Rin wasn’t that cruel to finish her opponents to pieces. Literally.

4. Projection
An act of reproducing the shape and substance of particular object which needs constant mana supply or else traced object will disappear.

Unique traits : Fast learner, Memory loss, Split personality.

Name: Akira Mei ( Not longer used as a roleplaying char)

Age: 19 Years old

Race: Human Ghost

Gender: Female

Appearance: Long blonde hair and purple eyes.

Personality: Doesn’t show her emotion much and Seldom talks, she uses body language often and only talk when she needs to

Likes / Dislikes : All kind of animals / Darkness

Bio: The only child that remembers of her family member. She was skilled with magic but then, she had a sickly body. Everyone was scared of her thanks to her magic, and that was the reason why she seldom talks with the exception of her own family. Even so, Her family still love her. She died in a raid on her village where she and Rin lived and She manage to protect Rin by hiding her with her magic, but lost her live for it.

Rin survived from the attack, but the shock of her family deaths erased her memories refusing to remember the scene. Mei then brought her into an Orphanage and wishes protect Rin until she was strong enough. Deep inside, she wanted Rin to find their brother and live together as a family. As a ghost she’s invisible, but she can manipulate the light around her so that other people could see her. But doing so will exhaust her mana quickly since she have to continuously manipulate the light, only a few people gifted can see her when she’s not doing so.

She can posses and lift small – medium sized object (Knife, rock, etc.) or even crush someone to the ground by manipulating the wind. She can also posses someone but if the person that she possessed have a strong will, that person can regain control of their body immediately. As a ghost everything will pass through her but magic. This is why sometimes she is afraid of Ren who have a great magical power even though she may be stronger than him. She have a limited supply of mana and so she would need time to regenerate it again.

Mei holds her opponent in the air, completely crushing him. Since this require most of her mana for it, she seldom use it except to protect her family. Mei first use this when the bandits attack her village, She was able to kill some of them but she got killed in the end of exhaustion.

Unique traits : Spirit, Magical genius.

" If all I do is cause sadness and despair… then I shouldn’t be here at all… what is my existence for anyway..I..wonder…?"
Discontinued character
Name: Shiro

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Race: Human

Appearance: Short, long white hair, Purple eyes.

Personality: Cheerful.

Likes/Dislikes: Sweets / Bullies

Bio: Shiro was born with magical power, she’s far more powerful than those around her but was also born with a terrible sickness. She spent most of her time in bed and almost never socialize with another people. On top of that she is also needed to take medicine from time to time. Even though she skips her lessons she still manages to get the top score on test, studying every day in her bed with books brought by her caring mother.

Many people hate Shiro for her abilities and she is bullied a lot in school, because of that she always wear a long sleeve clothing to hide her wound. She can usually be found in the library as she loves to read the books there. Shiro has a staff that’s taller than she is to enhance her magical output. it was given to her by her mother who opened a shop of staff as her birthday present. she also uses it to help keep her balanced when walking. She always smiles to hide her pain and suffering from everyone she cares about.

Shiro’s father treated her and her mother badly and because of that her mother got divorced. From there on she lives with her mother. Her mother is the only one Shiro truly trust. Although she doesn’t trust others she still smiles toward them, never treating them coldly.

One day Shiro’s mother got in an accident. Her house was burned to ash and she was forced to live with her father again. Even so she still act like nothing happened. When her classmates would try to comfort her she would simply say “it’s okay, I’m alright don’t worry”, while smiling

After a few days Shiro found a cat and the two became close. She named the cat “Kuro” and she is always seen carrying him around with her.

1. -
Shiro put 6 of her staff down in upward position to the ground all gem facing toward her opponent and channel her magic into each of them with a different element (fire, water, wind, earth, holy, darkness) and then fires them toward her enemy.

2. -
Shiro creates a layers of magic circle above her opponent’s, consisting of many different element which canceled each other as it explodes as soon as she disturbs the balance between layers. Damaging anything bellow it.

Unique Traits: Genius, Bookworm.
Discontinued character
Name : Kuro

Age : ??

Gender : Female

Race : Halfling.

Appearance: Black hair, Black eyes

Likes/Dislikes : None

Personality: Stoic

Bio : A halfling which is said to be having a power to transform themselves, lives in a city secretly and also Shiro’s first friend which is the only one she trusts. She’s mute ever since birth and her origin is unknown.

1. -
Kuro injects her transforming ability into her enemy, disturbing her enemy’s cell. Depending on how much of her power was injected, one could be stuck on the form permanently.

Unique traits: Mute

Name: Arach

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Appearance: Black short hair And bit taller than average.


Personality: Sometimes serious, but a going-on-your-own-pace most of time.

Bio: One of the mage that Ren met at the Mage Council (Imagine a big school.) and also his best friend in there. Their meeting is just like your ordinary encounter with your classmate, by getting seated beside each other.

He was also popular because of his ability as a mage. Though his nickname wasn’t as cool as ‘Dark Magician’ or ‘Death God’, rather ‘Copy mage’. Just one look to one’s magic and he would be able to reproduce up to 99% of it. There are exceptions of course… for example ‘Endless Darkness’ which needs Ren’s natural ability to withstand darkness.

1. Projection
An act of Reproducing the shape or substance of an object (with the exception of ancient weapons which is made with unknown material) Which is also used by Rin. However, Arach’s Tracing was a bit different. Not only can he reproduce object, but he can even reproduce another’s magic as well which earned him the title of ‘Copy Mage’.

A basic magic, mostly used to strengthen one’s weapon or body. However it wouldn’t last long and so normally it’s used as last resort for defending purposes to reduce damage. However for Arach who’s been using it far longer than everyone else, has managed to make it last for a longer time.

The one original magic that Arach created, as the name suggest this magic is about overloading a weapon with magic and strengthen it for a significant amount. The weapon itself however would be destroyed. However this doesn’t mean anything to Arach who can create weapon. An example of this is a rock he throw could explode a wall into pieces.

Unique traits:

Ironically, the one I used the most so far is Arach which is the newest one. Which also happens to be the strongest of my chars. And yes, it’s pretty much a copy of a certain Archer in a barren wasteland. I know. Coughs

Anyway, did you read my description this far? :o Thank you for reading these long profile. Here, have this cookie (::) XD
And please leave me a shout about my roleplay character so I can make a progress with them down bellow. I am still lacking idea on them to be honest ^^" (So lacking that I actually used a mushroom’s oc. I’m a disgrace…)

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