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here’s my RP character. note that because of what he is, he can serve multiple purposes.

name: Chikyū dorako
race/combat class: boidogādo (void guard)
age: unknown
height: 4’2"
description: as you enter the bar, you look around, in search of your friend. subconciously, you notice a child who seems to shine. when you try to look directly at him, he looks every bit like a normal child, save his long, green hair that seems to shift shades with the conversation. you stare at him, trying to figure out where you know him from… he looks up at you with a calm, almost alluring, expression on his face. he opens his eyes, and they momentarily show up black, then slowly melt into an icy blue. his skin is slightly tanned, with a pale spot right at the base of the throat. after examining his face thoroughly, you still can’t quite place where you know him from… he stands up slowly, and his long, pink cloak seems to fall out of his skin. you catch a brief glimpse of a small knife in his cloak, but as you go to look back, it disappears, you realize that it’s just the silver trim of his sleeves, that hang just past his fingertips. continuing to examine him as he moves from the table to a barstool, you notice that he has a strange, circular hairpin attached to the back of his hair, at the base of the skull. he pulls it out, and immediately does his hair up in a ponytail, then slides the hairclip into a pocket on the inside of his cloak. he buys himself a drink, and as you start to walk to the bar to sit next to the child, you realise that the drink he bought was now in your hand. you drink it without noticing it’s there, and set it down on the bar. the child stands up as if to leave, and you think to stop him, but as you go to place your hand on his shoulder, he disappears right in front of your eyes, as if he had never been there. you look around again, hoping that you had just blinked and he had moved, but he is nowhere to be seen, and nobody else in the bar seems to have noticed the strange child, or that he was no longer there. you look back to your drink, wondering where it came from, and notice a small piece of paper that you had carelessly set the drink on… you pick it up and try to read it, but the paper burns up, leaving an image in your mind of a deer prancing in the forest with an arrow through its throat.

Motto (written in japanese) 通話を愛するとき、私は死のために叫ぶ。


O o




“Woah. That little green thing looks kinda like a rat. maybe i should stomp it…” (intercom) new orders! should you see a small green blob, just stare at it and do nothing! (/intercom) “…well that’s a strange order. what, i’m supposed to just sit here and…” [he stops suddenly as his brain is taken over] “hey guys! that green blob just took over one of our men!” “let’s-” (intercom) Alert! There is a large green blob now intending to take over all our bases! orders are to leave it alone! (/intercom) “What… The… F-” [the one guy’s head explodes as the guard gets taken over] (blob) “mmm… brainz… shoot… to… kill…” [ratatatat] (/blob) (intercom) Warning! All security officers have been taken out! Shoot to kill! Shoot to- [garbled screams] (/intercom) (blob via intercom) this is your commander speaking. i command all active units to arm themselves and move on whatever that land mass over there is! (/blob via intercom) [everyone looks around at the sergeant walking out of the intercom room with the green head, shrugs, and goes to arm themselves]
-idea by me.



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