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All for one and one for potato!
FOR MR. P: Mr P’s dick would have to be 3/4 of his body to be the size of the average male’s.
Th3Spy007: Good luck to your anus, Noole.
Mcca’s journey for a partner
mcca_syd1: any of u want to go out
crusaderO1: me
mcca_syd1: yes if u want
Yoshilover1996: O.o

mcca_syd1: any of u want to go out on a fate
crusaderO1: i do
mcca_syd1: im 14
crusaderO1: same
Yoshilover1996: Why does your profile say 45
aivaniuc: LOLOL
crusaderO1: lol
Yoshilover1996: and 24 Crusader
crusaderO1: im actually 14, though
mcca_syd1: my sister said she wants to go out with us to but she is only 12
Yoshilover1996: O.o

crusaderO1: hey you wanna have sex?
aivaniuc: sure
mcca_syd1: im not 45 i just set thatt so people people thijnk im 45
Yoshilover1996: Believe me, nobody thinks that you’re 45
mcca_syd1: yes i want to have sex with u
TylerR94: this just got weird
mcca_syd1: ikr
KodaKonduct: Crusader, Mcca. This isn’t the chat room for that
Yoshilover1996: You don’t even come across as being over like 8.

mcca_syd1: im 145
mcca_syd1: 14
TylerR94: “Whats that?”
Yoshilover1996: I’m frightened for your education then

mcca_syd1: is clusader01 on cha
crusaderO1: hi
Yoshilover1996: Oh no
mcca_syd1: hey u sill want to go ou
crusaderO1: yeah sure
th3spy007: plsno
crusaderO1: I friended you
th3spy007: Make it stop.
aivaniuc: lolwtf
mcca_syd1: ok u want to make me pregnat

mcca_syd1: how does people get pregnat
Yoshilover1996: Oh my god
aivaniuc: cranes
crusaderO1: well, the male thingy goes into female thingy and stuff goes in and voila
aivaniuc: no
aivaniuc: thats wrong
Yoshilover1996: Spy get the brain bleach

mcca_syd1: why does people have sex when here naked
freedomsearcher: Reptilians implant you with their personalities and voila Demon babies
crusaderO1: mcca go into private chatwith me I sent some msges
Yoshilover1996: I’m gonna need more
mcca_syd1: how do u ge into priae chat
Yoshilover1996: First, you learn how to use the English language.
crusaderO1: click my profile (mine, not yours) and click privatechat
realmoneone: Holy Cow.
mcca_syd1: ok love a
freedomsearcher: this is ewww
TylerR94: whT THE HELL?!?!

crusaderO1: who cares
TylerR94: obamacare
Yoshilover1996: You should.
mcca_syd1: love ya
crusaderO1: love you too, babe
TylerR94: im gonna puke
Yoshilover1996: I’m gonna cry
th3spy007: Realm make it stop.
Yoshilover1996: Please

mcca_syd1: how do u get on to your profile
th3spy007: Koda has tried, but I’m afraid she’s gone. ;-;
aivaniuc: Is there a chat room that talks about butts?
crusaderO1: http://www.kongregate.com/accounts/crusaderO1
realmoneone: I am still trying to catch up.
mcca_syd1: hi whats up
Yoshilover1996: (Brain damage)

mcca_syd1: i emailed u on private mesage
Yoshilover1996: Now go away.

mcca_syd1: is crusaderO1 on chat still]
crusaderO1: haha, do it
Yoshilover1996: _
th3spy007: No, he left forever.

crusaderO1: Do you have Steam?
crusaderO1: or Enjin account?
Yoshilover1996: I’m going to try and forget the last 20 minutes ever happened
mcca_syd1: i emailed u on private messages

mcca_syd1: hi everbody
Yoshilover1996: Go away

-rosaflores: pounch and hit with her agressive side badly
-rosaflores: hit freakunique with her hand on his face
-rosaflores: i am trying to keep you from getting too piss off at each other because sometimes people who have different learning disabilities or not can be different
-rosaflores: you are still aguring about the same thing over and over again because it is what we human do
-rosaflores: sometimes we make stupid mistakes like when i put the oven on fire
-rosaflores: ave you ever gone to biology with other students like special needs plus females and males together
-koohi: yoshi i think your sister is very beauty.
izharkhan66: well i am 14 but you guys only 1 month old
-Malzenna: i mean spy, i love you
-Th3Spy007: Malzcute
-blazecepter: lol, im finding learning japaneese incredibly easy to learn tho, does that mean im the nest einestine?
-jafutrell: I want to tickle your goat.
-KalenR2: your a come sucoling ****
-realmoneone: Just milking my parents
-Leech_: I’m in the cat a lot
-Th3Spy007: /I/ was ****ing weirdos, I caught the lot of you ****ing weirdos.
The end

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