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fruitofvictory: Im a genius off the internet too.

BlueScreenofDoom: Shadow, I also convienced a classmate (in 7th grade) that I was going to blow him up with a homemade bomb for “playfully” punching me in the arm :P

Adv0catus, Mikkmar, Aguspal and Gabidou were tied up in Amane’s room.

Lord Amane walked into the room and stood infront of his naked castrated pathetic sub-human slaves.

Amane then took out his whip and whipped each freak several times.

“Useless scum.” said Amane as he whipped the pigs.

Adv0catus trembled and kissed Amane’s shoes.

“You are superior to me, I am worthless. Please keep whipping me.” said Adv0catus.

Amane poured boiling water on all of his pets.

They squealed in agony, their curly tails shaking.

They knew Lord Amane was the Alpha male.

.̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺.̺̺GOOGLE IMAGE SEARCH NAKED LADIES.̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺̺.̺̺

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Play Xtreme Awesome!
Xtreme Awesome!
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Just a ball and it's paddle.

Play Xtreme K ngregate!
Xtreme K ngregate!

Kill the fake O's! Jump on them to kill them.

Play Xtreme Vegetable Shoot!
Xtreme Vegetable Shoot!

Shoot the evil vegetables!

Play Xtreme Fruit Shoot 2!
Xtreme Fruit Shoot 2!

Shoot those mean fruit! >:D

Play Xtreme Fruit Shoot!
Xtreme Fruit Shoot!

Shoot the fruit! :D

Play Xtreme Pong!
Xtreme Pong!

I think you know what to do... When someone ...

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