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AKA Firestar493

I am pika493, however, feel free to call me “Pika.” I haven’t been on Kong much recently. Anyway, here’s a little about me…

I’m a web developer (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, etc.).

Mah website (news and satire): http://fstoopid.zxq.net

FStoopid on Facebook: http://facebook.com/FStoopid
FStoopid on Twitter:

About Me
Yes, I am a brony, meaning that I’m a male who watches My Little Pony: Frienship is Magic (MLP:FiM) and clop clop clop enjoys the show. If you didn’t know, that’s about a third of the memetic population. The show isn’t exactly too “girly” like you would think it would be.
Sue me. If you’re gonna judge me by a show I watch, kindly leave right now —>
My favorite pony is Fluttershy, the nicest of them all. :)
(Also, I’m not the type who generally discussing said material with people who do not enjoy said material. I’m not that type…)

Yeah, so. I like cats and fire.
I have an interest in internet science, AKA internet memes. It isn’t really a science.
So I haven’t been playing too many new games recently, because I can’t adjust the flash storage settings on my Linux :/
If anyone knows how, please tell me I will give youz a cookiez (I might have ate eated it already, though) :3

NOTE: Despite my alt’s username being Firestar493, I am not a furry. I’m actually not quite sure what a furry is lol. Anyone mind explaining?

Always look on the bright side. If someone says “FFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUU-,” he/she may actually be saying “FFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUU-DGE!”

“Controversial” memez I approve of:
My Little Pony
Nyan Cat
“Controversial” memez I disapprove of:
, Sistah

[x] Get to level 10
[x] Get to level 20
[x] Get to level 30
[ ] Get to level 40

[x] Get 1 point
[x] Get 42 points
[x] Get 1000 points
[ ] Get OVER 9000 points

[x] Get a badge
[x] Get 10 badges
[x] Get 100 badges
[ ] Get 420 badges
[x] Complete Yo Dawg quest
[ ] Earn shwag and Kong shirt. :3

[x] Comment once
[x] Comment 10 times
[x] 69 comments?
[x] 100 comments

[x] Get a follower
[x] Get 10 followers
[x] Get 50 followers
[x] Get 100 followers
[ ] Get 300 followers to defeat Persia! This… is… SPARTA!!!
[/] Force Tasselfoot to follow me

[x] 50 forum posts
[x] 100 forum posts
[x] 200 forum posts
[x] 300 forum posts
Post forums 420 [letter ex be inserted here]
[x] 500 forum posts!
[x] 666 forum posts
[x] 777 forum posts
[x] 1000 forum posts!
[x] 1337 F0RUM P0575
[ ] 2000 forum posts
[ ][ ][ ] 3000, 4000, and 5000 forum posts
[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ] 6000-10000 forum posts!
[ ] Over 9000!

[/] Find a cure to 4chan’s cancer

[x] Become level 30 on Backyard Monsters
[x] Become level 40 on Backyard Monsters
[ ] Become level 50 on Backyard Monsters
[ ] Make the leaderboard… somehow
[x] 10 outposts
[technically x] 30 outposts
[ ] 50 outposts

[x] Watch all the pony episodes
[x] Like all the pony episodes
[x] Love and tolerate the parasprites
[x] Become 20% cooler in 10 seconds flat
[ˣ] ʸᵃ�?
People converted into bronies: 3?

[x] Have a GIF as a profile picture

The following links lead to magical places. Dare take the ride of your lifetime? (don’t worry, it’s not rickroll or anything similar)
My YouTube
My Website
My Twitter

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