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Became a Game Forums Moderator on 28/01/12 for all Game Forums on Kongregate. I have been assigned to specific Game Forums to have my magical F displayed. Became a Chat Moderator on 13/11/12. (っ◕‿◕)っ ♥ Hug

1) Assigned to Elements on 28/01/12
2) Assigned to RedShift on 17/02/12
3) Assigned to Kingdoms CCG on 07/06/12
4) Assigned to Galaxy Online on 21/3/13

General Guidelines
How to become a moderator [Official forum thread]
How can I become a moderator [Official FAQ]

I started playing elements at version 1.0 June 21, 2009 on kongregate which it came on kongregate at 2009-05-19 (Played before that on Mainsite). I made myself to be the Elements Kongregate helper on forums/comments/chat. On the 24th of May, 2012 I was the first to hit Level 80 on Kongregate for Elements.

Artwork Section

Wolf Version 1 by Piepieple
Wolf Version 2 by Piepieple

Elemental Guardians Clan(Closed)

We were brought here for one thing and one thing only; to protect the weak and abolish the Evil. We are the Guardians. We are the Protectors. We are the Elemental Guardians. For which anyone who is or believes they are an Elemental Guardian, they must protect and serve.

What we look for in potential members is experience in playing, strength of decks, creativity in deck building and most importantly friendliness and willingness to help our other clan members with deck advice.

Elemental Guardian Clan Members(Locked)

• qazzaq123 (Leader Level 80)
PoLdeR (PoLdeR Level 74)
fitbutyouknowit (Bonestorm Level 72)
calindu (Calin221 Level 70)
bongoz (bongoz1 Level 51)
PantherShah (PantherShah Level 54)
trdgrh (trdgrh Level 67)

My User and Information

Game: Elements
My Top50 User:
Score: 1,000,000 (Lv80)
All Time (kongregate): 1
Upgraded Cards: 1502
Collection: Standard Edition


To all players I was the first to create the “Ask a Question Program” un- officially but now I am making it public.

Ask a Question Program

Is a mentoring Program where you ask the questions and I answer them as I will be helping you along the way. I will also look for decks from Elements Official Forums for you if you request for one or improve your deck if you provide either a screenshot or deck code. So this Program is about giving you a General sense of knowledge related to elements along with the use of important Links. Just sign up for this program by stating what you may need help with. The only payment I would like is to be friends.


Here’s a list of Kongregate users I helped through the Help a Account program which is now closed:

• Teaisgood
• darkshadowskyguy
• bongoz
• wardead
• lockman
• Acidflamedragon

I also helped many players with the use of the “Ask a Question Program”


1 No rushing the account process
2 Don’t be a jerk/troll; don’t be excessively vulgar or annoying
3 Do Not Spam

Elements Resources

Elementsthegame Main Site
Elements Development News Page
Elements Official Forums
Elements Official Chat
Elements Wiki Site
Elements Connections
Elements Trainer
Elements Beta Site
Elements Spectate Mode

Elements Tools

Elements Card Image Builder
Elements Card Idea Opening Post Creator
Elements Deck Image Generator
Elements Deck Image Builder
Elements Deck Code Generator
Elements Bolt/Fahrenheit Calculator
Elements Quantum Index Calculator
Elements Card Database
Elements Game Simulator
Elements Slot Machine Simulator
Elements Opening Hand Simulator
Elements Card Discarder
Elements Random Deck Generator
Elements Deck Manager
Elements Cost Calculator
Arena Reporting Tool
Elements Card Usage Statistics
Elements Shard Golem Calculator

My Kong Topic

Elements Image Gallery For Elements Players[Avatars]
Popular FG Archive Decks
Serious About Making Card Ideas For Elements
Rare Cards [List]
Ai Grinding You Say?
DIC [Deck Improvement Center]

Favorite Quotes Towards Me By Friends

Dragonerdamon: he’s a unit of the wolf-metric system.

Dm1321: King of Kong – Qazzaq of course.

Dm1321: qazzaq ign is bigscore123

Malignant: Wolf lurks kong forums to eat people.

jmdt: qazzaq = master of elements

TStar: qazzaq over at Kong is the king of USEM and it’s variants

light_sefi: I kanda missed t50, where I usually meet qazzaq and his band of frogs

Bhlewos: I used to ragequit when I saw qazzaq in T50.

Dm1321: "Qazzaq in T50 : I shall now let my AI Elemental Master you with a Cock Army

Dm1321: Qazzaq’s AI actually Plays USEM Better than I can. >.>

Dm1321: 6 turns? Qazzaq is softing down, I remember when his AI ran me over in 4.

Dm1321: Qazzy joins war? Only if Will bids on him so he can USEM the crap out of everyone. >.> With his Cocks.

eastt: everyone luvs qazzy

oneoheight12: qaz is lurking in the darkness waiting to jump us

Scorpion1397: sup prince of elements!
Codyraymiller: No. Qazzaq spelled backwards is the square root of awesomeness.

CantTouchThisKid: Okay qazzaq sounds like chuck norris now.

Codyraymiller: Shh. Qazz makes all the laws.

Final10blast: QAZZAQ IN DA HOUSE!

My User and Information

Game: Fly or Die Multiplayer
My Top10 User: qazzaq123
Teams Score: 6,300
All Time (Teams): 2
FFA Score: 2,694
All Time (FFA): 20

Uncharted Skies is a game Niallith (Fly or Die developer) has been planning for a long time. Its similar to Fly Or Die but Updated regularly with new graphics, game play, etc. It’s an amazing game on Kongregate.

This is a turn-based multi-player aerial dog-fights game. You have to set your curve-path, select your skill, and you’re just ready for the action. Free For All or Team Matches PvP mode with up to 8 players at once. Includes a simple step-by-step tutorial, top-scores views, in-game chat.

Uncharted Skies Mainsite
Uncharted Skies Forums
Uncharted Skies Chat

My User and Information

Game: Starfighter disputedgalaxy
My Top50 User: qazzaq
Score: 30,417 Kills
All Time (Kills): 37

My User and Information

Game: Kingdoms CCG
User: Qazzaq123
Status: Chat Moderator, Forums Moderator, and Beta Tester

Kingdoms CCG Official Forums
Kingdoms CCG Wiki
Kingdoms CCG Blog

Friendship is not given, it’s earned

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