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I started playing elements at version 1.0 June 21, 2009 on kongregate which it came on kongregate at 2009-05-19 (Played before that on Mainsite). I made myself to be the Elements Kongregate helper on forums/comments/chat. On the 24th of May, 2012 I was the first to hit Level 80 on Kongregate for Elements.

My User and Information

Game: Elements
My Top50 User: Wolfunit
Score: 1,000,000 (Lv80)
All Time (kongregate): 1
Upgraded Cards: 1502
Collection: Standard Edition

Favorite Quotes Towards Me By Friends

Dragonerdamon: he’s a unit of the wolf-metric system.

Dm1321: King of Kong – Qazzaq of course.

Dm1321: qazzaq ign is bigscore123

Malignant: Wolf lurks kong forums to eat people.

jmdt: qazzaq = master of elements

TStar: qazzaq over at Kong is the king of USEM and it’s variants

light_sefi: I kanda missed t50, where I usually meet qazzaq and his band of frogs

Bhlewos: I used to ragequit when I saw qazzaq in T50.

Dm1321: "Qazzaq in T50 : I shall now let my AI Elemental Master you with a Cock Army

Dm1321: Qazzaq’s AI actually Plays USEM Better than I can. >.>

Dm1321: 6 turns? Qazzaq is softing down, I remember when his AI ran me over in 4.

Dm1321: Qazzy joins war? Only if Will bids on him so he can USEM the crap out of everyone. >.> With his Cocks.

eastt: everyone luvs qazzy

oneoheight12: qaz is lurking in the darkness waiting to jump us

Scorpion1397: sup prince of elements!
Codyraymiller: No. Qazzaq spelled backwards is the square root of awesomeness.

CantTouchThisKid: Okay qazzaq sounds like chuck norris now.

Codyraymiller: Shh. Qazz makes all the laws.

Final10blast: QAZZAQ IN DA HOUSE!

furkannnO: qazzaq is the original insanity wolf
furkannnO: ancient runic insanity wolf.

League Of Legends Player: KittyMeowALot
Level: 30
Roles: Support or Adc @ Bot lane
Group: SHPP: Super Hot Pocket Power

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