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Character now irrelevant, since I don’t RP anymore, but I’m gonna keep it about, since it took me forever to write.

Age 23, White human male

Weapons: Although he doesn’t use it, he does have an unusually sharp rock with two majorly sharp edges on either side, “His lucky knife.” He has wrapped it in leather in the middle to make use of it more comfortably. He uses two knives forged by the local blacksmith, a friend of his family called Goznor. He has sharpened these himself to give them a jagged, curved edge and one has had the venom of a rattlesnake squeezed onto it. He always brings 3 throwing knives, strapped to the inside of his padded cloak. He has sewn a blade to his right kneecap, so to crouch, sneak up behind a person, grab their neck and bring them down onto the blade. Also carries two “Shrouding stones” which, when smashed, allow him to be unseen for a short time. These were given to him by the local apothecary, Warrick.
Armour: Wears a dark brown cloak with a hood, a pocket on either side and a mess of concealed pockets everywhere. The jacket reaches down to his knees. He has had a customly built breastplate made to go over his heart only, made of steel and concealed in leather. This is worn under his jacket, and besides it is his rack of 3 throwing knives he restocks before heading out every time he does. Also ordinarily, his unpoisoned knife is on display hanging from his belt next to his charm bracelet and his lucky knife. The poisoned one hides in a sheath under his jacket, opposite his knife on display.
Abilities: Throw a knife – 3 uses only, ranged attack; Mid range. Assassinate – Bring a foe down onto his bladed knee from behind, impaling them for a short period of time and causing them to bleed. Jagged Slash – A close range attack with either of his knives, or both. Shrouding Stone – Becomes undetectable for a short period of time. 2 uses only.
Backstory: Born and raised in the small village of Perah (Pronounced Peh-Rah) he lived through a tough upbringing which his Sister Mary, Father Caleb Sr. and Elder Brother Marc died during. Perah is on the border of a massive, largely untravesed desert trading route leading to Anashar (The capital of the country) and a road leading to a bustling trade city, the country’s trade capital. While this does mean good business for the family’s supply shop, it means an awful lot of bandit trouble. One of the peacekeepers around town, Warrick, saved Caleb as a child from a bandit by throwing a rock at his head before throwing him out of the village. Caleb retrieved this rock and called it his lucky rock and has kept it ever since. He learned under Caleb, an Ex-Mercenary about surviving in the desert, dealing with bandits, and taught him how to steal righteously. As he learned more, Caleb and Warrick went hunting together and guarded the town together until Warrick took an arrow to the knee. He then, like a true survivor, ripped it out and shoved it on his knee, before placing it firmly in the lawbreaker’s face. That gave Caleb the idea of a knife on his knee, to kill people in multiple ways. However, Warrick was injured and couldn’t walk properly after the injury. He became a town apothecary and built a small forge for Caleb to use as he pleased. Caleb, however, became obsessed with finding new ways of killing people over the years. He discovered how to make an effective throwing knife, and the perfect places to stab a man, and a woman. He had a different place for stabbing Whites and blacks too, because he was that obsessed. Warrick reallised, and warned Caleb not to continue experimenting but he did. When his Mother stepped in to stop him from continuing his work, he stabbed her. Warrick had reallised he had gone mad, and exiled him from the village. Before he did however, he gave Caleb a charm bracelet to symbollise “Good luck.” Next, he lived in a small hut made of rock, spending his days experimenting and planning new ways of killing people, trying to cause chaos for anyone who goes near and throwing knives at birds with deadly efficiency, and making snakes and scorpions kill themselves with their own venom for fun. Yet, deep down this sick bastard had a soft spot- His younger brother came to see him now and then to try and get him to return, and also learn things from him as the new town guardian. Whenever he was around, Caleb tried to be responsible as his brother was his only remaining family. He warned him “Not to do what I did.” as he genuinely cared about his well being. His brother beleived that while Caleb was savage, he could be brought back to his old self and tried to teach him sane things to do, though Caleb was oblivious to learning anything other than killing techniques. Rumours of him had spread all over the country as simply “Caleb the Savage”. Fitting, to say he cut of bandits toes and fed them to him one by one before making him choke on all of his own blood and die, then stringing him up outside his hut amongst his other prey. Recently often complains of headaches and his eyes now seem to glow a dark purple, following a “Visit” from “A friend.” This was indeed strange. Caleb had many recruiters coming by, one of which saw Caleb’s brother as competition for getting Caleb while they were talking between eachother, and shot his brother straight in the eye with a blowgun, poisoning and killing him quickly. Having lost his family, 3 days later he heard Warrick had died of a plague hitting the village. He had lost everything and began to reallise how wrong his life had become, and how savage he really was. After several months of laying low trying to kill himself, a strange man appeared and told Caleb he knew what had happened and could make him feel better. Desperately, Caleb accepted, and the visitor’s eyes began to glow a bright purple, as Caleb felt invigoration flying into his system. The man left without a trace, and now Caleb’s only worry is his constant headache. Or at least, until 3 days ago. He was staring at a bird and was thinking “What if it flew into that cliff there?” And the bird flew into the cliff. Caleb found this scary, no longer corrupt he thought. He was. He confirmed his mind control theory on two more birds and a passer-by who he afterwards raped and compensated for her time. It seems he has the power of entropy, and can corrupt whatever creature’s mind he pleases causing chaos. Mad again, he sets out to seek people thinking they can break through his entropy.

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