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these are some songs and stories i have wrote

moonlight bay
sits with u on the pier, looking into your face as you gaze upon the moon, so mysterous, so unsure, yet yurning to be something more, wanting, searching in my eyes for something, i look into hers, her sparkling blue eyes glistening with hope, as the moonlight shows and reflects on the pond, we scoot closer, closer, then i place my left hand on hers, then with my right, i grab her face gently, moving it closer than mine, then start with a slow lip kiss, then she moves closer to me, throws her arms around my neck, and we kiss with the passion of a thousand suns, knowing that we might never get the chance again, 1 night, this night, might be our last, and i want to make the most of it, i slowly grab her face, look into her eyes, and say “you are the one that i thought would never come, the one who lights my life after stumbling in the dark, even when im not near you, i feel your heart beat, then i know you are still ok, while we run for our life, i hold u close to my heart, i want to keep u safe, and i swear to god ill never give u up, never again” then i kiss her closely for one last embrace b4 we run seprete ways, knowing i might never see her again in this life, but the seperation wont last forever. i will see her again.

Meant to be
when I look into your eyes and smiling face, I get real nervous and my heart starts to race, you have the face of a goddess, and every time I say it your always so modest, there is always so much that I always want to say, but then you flash that smile and my nerves get away, I always believed in love at first sight, then as soon as I met you I knew i was right, I want this moment to last forever, I just wish I had the nerve for us to be togeather, I’m not as confident as i’ve always been, you found a gap in my heart and made your way in, when I look at you I dont know what to say, to me you are perfect in every way, I just dont know what you see in me, im so unsure of my self than I used to be, I get so nervous when your around, I just start to blush and look at the ground, and even if I dont say it, believe in me, here right now with you, is where i want to be.

Love struck
my passion for you, burns as deep as the sun, since i first saw you, i knew you were the one, you came to me, and in my heart you stay, you flashed a smile, that sent my pain away when im with you, everything becomes clear, my heart skips a beat, whenever you are near, when i first saw you, it was really exciting, thats when love struck me, as fast as lightning, i know we are meant to be, us togeather, just you and me, me and you, togeather we stand, your heart in my heart, my hand in your hand, and no matter how hard i try, i could never say good bye, even in my daily pain, i see your smile, then the pain goes away, and i know its all worthwhile, you are my hearts desire, my passion for you burns with an endless fire, all i want, is for you to stay, my heart shatters, when you are away, as long as i see you near, i will never shed a tear, you make me happy, like nothing else ever could, you give me the best life, nothing else ever would, it was with you, that i found my way, after going through life blindly, day after day, just when i thought i had nobody else, you came into my life and introduced yourself, here with you, is where i should be, here and forever, just you and me, no matter what happens, this is where i want to be,i want you to know you are the best thing that ever happened to me

Fallin for you
no one else knows me like you always do, you look into my eyes, you know when i want to cry, you can read me when i want to hide, you can understand me from deep inside, youve always been there for me, you are always one to see, i try to help you whenever i could, look after you like a best friend would, now i feel my love for you growin, and sometimes its scary knowin, but im not afraid cause i know its meant to be, we always have eachother, just u and me, i wish i knew how to shout out to u past my silent screams, you always knew my mood is not always as it seemed, you saw my pain, you saw it in my eyes, thats something only you could do, thats one of many things, i always loved about u, u always know whats best for me, and i know whats best for you, you could always tell about me whats true, you saw who i am, and you didnt run away, i see you suffer, yet i want to stay, two tortured souls, meeting in a world of pain, when all the blood flushes away, we were all that remained, even in utter darkness, we can find eachother, we always know if the other is suffering, one way or another, we read eachother like no one else could ever do, idk how else to say it, i think im falling for u, i try to get by, but i can only survive by ur side, i know this is meant to be, 2 lost souls, meeting in harmony

Brink of insanity
even in a crowd, i feel all alone, no matter where i am, i never feel at home, every1 insults me, with asserted agression, forcing me inside myself, into a hopeless depression, i try to cry out in despair, but no matter how loud i yell, no one cares, i just keep shouting out, more and more, i am more lonely. than ever b4. people dont know how i feel, if this keeps up, ill never heal, every time i care for some one else i am torn apart, whenever i hold some one close to me, i am stabbed through the heart, living through heartbreak and death, causes me unbearable pain, soon i will loose myself, and go insane, its hard to see clearly through blurry tears, seeing people everyday, is my greatest fear, i always dream of people, excepting me, but everyday seems like a deluded, fantasy, im fading away, im loosing my mind, i just cant wait, to leave this world behind, wither people love me, i can never tell, my entire life, is a living hell, as soon as i feel life will get better before long, somebody puts me down, and proves me wrong, living life, not knowing wats wrong or whats right, crying myself to sleep, everynight, i am fading away, to a hollow shell, i always feel that my life, is a living hell, if people saw me, theyd know im crying inside, but before id give them a chance, id try to hide, i just stare at the puddle, of my tears left on the floor, looking at myself, as i was once before, im afraid to let people get close to me and try to help, to prevent heart break, i just stay to myself, even tho im lonelyer than ive ever been, im just afraid, to get hurt again, and try as i might, i just try in vain, cause i know this is how it is, and it will never change.

Silent screams
i feel all alone. i feel left out in the rain.i want to feel at home. but things just stay the same. every time some one wants to be with me, something happens and i cry out it agony, ive felt so much pain… that i dont feel any more, this change has got to me, to my very core. im sick of life. im sick of what happens to me, ive cried so much, that my tears dont let me see, i tried and tried but i cant do a thing, my insanity is only intact, by a single string, my life is balanced on a single thread. some times i wonder what would happen if i were dead, ive been depressed alot before, every thing i took excitement in is now a bore, when i look in the mirrior i see a strangers face, running through life’s painful race, knowing everything is more than it seems, i just keep shouting my silent screams, im trying to stay sane, tryin not to loose my mind, trying to forget my past, and leave it behind, holding on to memories i used to love, hoping a miracle will come, from high above, trying to fight off my stress, trying to give my pain a rest, i wish i could protect the ones i cared about, with every event theres always a hint a doubt, its hard to trust people when all u know is hate, for some reason im cursed with this twisted fate, i just keep trying but i cant hold out for long, every time i meet success something goes wrong, its got harder to keep sane than it has ever been, soon i will be gone and nothing will remain, and u will never see me again.

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