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    Oct. 23, 2008

Look guys, another round of tower defense, point and click, shmup, multiplayer pay to wins, tower defense— And not much else. What the hell happened to Kongregate?

The developers aren’t the only ones to blame here either. The community has turned to utter shit, with most top comments being something like “best gaem evar 5/5” and any legitimate criticism being voted to oblivion. Or maybe I’m just old enough to notice it now. I mean, look at my oldest comments, I used to be an idiot kid too. But still, look at the trash all over the front page. I just finished some game called Dead Isle, and it was on par with some guy’s intro to unity development class project, but people were eating it up. The community is so over saturated with ignorant 10-13 year olds, shit like that gets 4/5 stars and a spot on the front page. It’s precisely why I really don’t come here anymore, but it’s sad to see an end to an era. Flash games are pretty much dead now. Although I suppose it’s not all bad, the people that would have made flash games back in the day are now at the forefront of the thriving indie scene, and I hope it’ll be just as good as my memories of platform racing 2, sonny, and fancy pants. Good night, sweet prince; And a chorus of Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe stickmen sing thee to thy rest.

Update ~2 years later: Jesus Christ, idle games are now the most popular genre. Straight up skinner boxes with no actual game are actually the most popular genre now. RIP in peace Kongregate.

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