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RP Character profile update in progress... (finally) NOTICE: If you add me please let me know that way I can add you back! :) ============================ RP character profile: Primary elemental type: wind secondary elemental type: water Name: gabbie Age: 24 DOB: july 4th 2003 Race: mobian twin tailed fox Gender: female Personality: total tomboy! (occasionally plays CoD, battlefield and Saint's Row) quite defensive in terms of both friends and emotions as well as stats. also is known to do stupid things to protect her friends and family even if that means dying! IQ: same as tails relatives from original sonic series: tails = brother other relatives: nathan the fox = boyfriend , tailscub the fox cub = son friends: summer the hedgehog, arctic teh fox, tail the fox,all of teams sonic and rose, age difference between her and tails: 1y 2m 3d ----------------------------------------------- Gear: Custom EN rifle: Started of as an MTAR-X assault rifle but underwent extensive modifications. now the only similarity is the shape and how it feels to hold. Fires high power, focused energy blasts which glow cyan. The blasts can be toggled between various modes including neuro-jamming: Acts as a long-range tazer ,depletes 1 cell per shot, standard pulse mode: Like a ordinary bullet, but with more firepower, no recoil, no empty casings left behind and no chance of the gun jamming, depletes 2 cells per shot, Sniper mode: A higher power version of the standard pulse mode, but more tightly focused for longer range and even more firepower, depletes 4 cells per shot, Rapid-fire grenade mode: Yep fires energy blasts like normal, but they explode on impact, depletes 8 cells per shot. the rifle also has a integrated modified holographic sight which shows a ammo counter and current mode. the magazines which hold 120 power cells are self-recharging and reload time is about 10.1 seconds including the 0.1s emitter charge time and allowing the magazine to self-recharge. The gun also reads the users fingerprint when the safety mode is deactivated, If the fingerprint does not match the gun immediately disables the firing circuitry untill a authorized finger-print is detected. Armour: Based off the nanosuit from "Crysis" does effectively the same thing but has been improved for more damage protection by replacing the original armour plating with chaos infused kevlar plating which doubles the amount of protection given, enhanced cloaking capabilities thanks to advances in meta-materials, additional energy capacity thanks to replacing all copper wiring with carbon nanotube wiring and carbon nanotube based capacitors, and increased strength thanks to the built-in exo-skeleton. supports the same refueling system as the nanosuit 2.0, splitting water into hydrogen to fuel the suit and oxygen to keep the wearer alive. Vehicles: "Hurricane" Type: Fighter jet Vehicle class: Omega-Blue (Slightly Overpowered) Fuel/Engines: Hydrocarbon propulsion system replaced with highly efficient chaos energy powered ion jets (They only need energy to work) Fuselage: Reinforced carbon-fibre with chaos crystalline coating Weapons: Adjustable pulse lasers x4, high-compatibility missile racks x4 (works with ANY plane fired missiles) High-yield particle cannon x1 (Nose mounted particle beam cannon) reverse fired missile pods x2 (Fires special missiles backwards from the wings) Defense systems: Optical camouflage system, heavy duty energy shielding, short range radar and targeting system jammer, plasma flares and regeneration nanobots which automatically repair the plane when damaged. however in doing so the plane must throttle down to 60% throttle or less for it to work. "Mecha Tails" Vehicle type: Mech Vehicle class: Omega Red (Heavily Overpowered) Weapons: MEX mini-gun pistols x2, MEX-2 EN Pulse Assault rifles x2, MEX-4 Rapid fire missile launchers x2, MK 5 Spin-Dash Cannon x1, High energy wrist mounted chaos energy blades x2 High energy Chaos cannon x1 STATS: (100=max 0=min) (100 for a ordinary attack stat increases damage dealt by this character by x10) MLE ATK:30 (base melee attack) RNG ATK: 60 (base ranged attack) DEF:95 (base defense) SPD:75 (base speed) AGL:100 (overall agility) MOB:85 (base mobility) SP. ATK:85 (base sp.attack a.k.a ability to inflict status problems eg. imobized by charm) SP. DEF:75 (base sp.defense a.k.a resistance to status problems) ----------------------------------------------- passive buffs/debuffs Two tails (allows this character to fly without assistance) Tinkering (Vehicles made, modified or repaired by this character have a 25% performance boost for 5 minutes) Sleepy (when tired all stats -20 and cannot fly) Adaptive (when hit by an attack it will do less damage every time it's used after that min. 1dmg) Sinus (can be revived up to 5 minutes after death) Final stand (when hp reaches 0 target pulls out their pistiol assuming they have 1 and can shoot with it for a short time before dying) Unity (can combine with another character which has unity buff in the 1 body with both character's stats added onto each other making them even more powerful only lasts 2 minutes) Super form (when the requirements are met this character can activate there superform ability when active this passive will boost all superform abilities by 10%) Medical experience (boosts ALL medic role's abilities by 50%) Naturally defensive (boosts sentinel abilities by 45%) ----------------------------------------------- Role ratings COM (commando) 15/100 RAV (ravager) 25/100 MED (medic) 95/100 SYN (synergist) 80/100 SAB (saboteur) 78/100 SEN (sentinel) 90/100 ----------------------------------------------- character hobbies swimming skateboarding snowboarding surfing mecha construction/battles fighter jet construction/battles ground unit construction/battles ----------------------------------------------- music preferences (SONGS ONLY!) JLS Enrique Iglesias Eminem Rhianna Nichole scherzinger Nicki minaj Black eye peas Cheryl cole Tinie tempah Labrinth Cee lo green Linkin park (loves they're songs! ^^) Britney spears Ellie goulding david guetta Sia ----------------------------------------------- music hates (artists on the general) gotye emily sande Lady gaga Bieber Wrentch 32 Parade Duck sauce Kelis Glee cast one direction The wanted ----------------------------------------------- favorite songs (exact names ...roughly) : Lost in the echo (Linkin park) A light that never comes (Linkin park) Shadow of the day (Linkin park) Do you feel what i feel (JLS) Try with me (nicole scherzinger) iridesant (Linkin Park) Turn me on (david guetta ft. nicki minaj) T.H.E. (the hardest ever) (will.i.am ft. J-lo & mick jagger) Levels (avicii) Titanium (david guetta ft. Sia) Promises (nero) ---------------------------------------------------------- END OF PROFILE -----------------------------------------------

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