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I’m a Developer!

Here is my Developer Profile:


You Can Call Me “Dog.”

List of known nicknames by random people (Updated:)

Dog, Dawg, Doggie, Dogy, Dogg, Doge, Keeper, DogKeeper, TheKeeperOfDogs, Dog Kepper, Kepper, Wet, Wetz, Kiki, Canoe.

I’ve got a youtube channel! :D I hope to get your support, you can visit my channel via the website link above. Have a wonderful kongre-day! :)

How I role: Up Hill

( • )( • ) ԅ(ˆ⌣ˆԅ) ~ ooo la la
Name: Keanu C. Jones

Age: 17

Motto:“Just because you can escape from a situation doesn’t mean you should… sometimes you have to remember it’s easier to dodge questions than bullets.” -Michael Westen

Intrests: Chatting, Playing games, watching videos and just overal being perverted.

(US)State: Oregon
Random Facts About Me:

I do own 2 dogs. (The Irony Is Deadly)

Keanu means “Cool Breeze Over The Mountain.”

Boobs are where it’s at.

What I Look Like(Lolz)

Awesome Quotes

20swimmer1: I’m a newb and I haz some bewbs.

thedogkeeper: swim

thedogkeeper: have my babies

20swimmer1: Oki. :3

Next Quote

koRnie: Worms usually come out to breathe at night through your butt hole while you sleep.

tomeeqe: My acidic shit kills them all.

koRnie: They love your acidic shit.

Next Quote

99Pajamasword99: Y u so buff, Dog?

99Pajamasword99: You jerkin too much?

thedogkeeper: PAJA oh babeh cuase i do it for you

thedogkeeper: ;)

99Pajamasword99: I’m flattered.

Next Quote

ZiD_Tu: Dogkeeper getting chicks like KFC?

thedogkeeper: OH YEAH!

Next Quote

Xixixaxa: I’m going to have 2 huge mounds of stone on my tombstone……and it will say “Rub them for good luck…..IT’S WORTH IT!”

Yoy411: Rofl Xi Xi Will they be two bald guys?

Xixixaxa: nope…..MY BEWBS xD

Next Quote
(On Tinychat)
hbic(AKA:Shelby): Dog…You’re the hottest guy I’ve ever seen on kongregate…
thedogkeeper: o-0 Thanks I guess.
Purechillos: What about me? D: You said I was cute!
hbic: Well yea your cute, but dog’s like…hot…
hbic: Hey dog, please tell me you live in the same state as me <3

A Song I Like

(The Raconteurs – Steady As She Goes)

Note to self: Never use double quotations or exclamation points to try and edit profile, deletes everything :3

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