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On the outside I may appear like an emotionless sarcastic piece of shit just like an onion, but when you peel off more layers you find the exact same thing every single time and you start crying.

Did I mention I’m a beautiful butterfly princess yet?

↓↓ Click MORE for lols. ↓↓

Hall of Fame:

DragonDew: bloodyknuckle’s name reminds me of the time I fisted his mom.

Kaz7: i use belts to rub them against the folds of my vagina

Wall of Shame:


thealexman1: i like to lick assholes, i admit it. i dont it a few weeks ago and i liked it

“Is this sarcasm?”

IndigoFyre: nah im just smart

The smart:
ilvon: no im super smart

The intelligent cretin:
Lukio627: im obouisly npot retarded

Insultinator 2013:
antitank321432: tomeege have you hit purperty yet ? hmmm i think not cause if you did you’d drop your balls by now and ( i am not leaving its gona be over in 2-3 mins top .. i should’ve got on it sooner oh well

The “everyone cares ’bout what I say” girl:
NoirPrincess: i was meant to go out clubbing tonight but i caught a cold

The 12 year old martial artist bodybuilder Bruce Lee:
zach207: yeah you should feel glad i didnt beat the shit out of you
zach207: cause apparenody nice heretly theres nob
zach207: yuo guys are asshles to people you werent meant to hear that

Yes, he’s a fighter too:
jalonsomg: where do yall live cause i want to come to your houses and beat all yall asses

I’m pretty sure he’s from Thailand
ProfessionalFire: It’s possible for a woman to get a woman pregnant.

He smarted me :[
coolwolfman25: actually, im most likely smarted than you

wat, why
SheepitySheep2: here are 3 potatoes ♥♥♥ (reply)

ew wtf
QueenBailey: i’d rather see paj’s, or brokes, or chals ass

u tell’em boy!!!!! #rekt
DoctorWhom2121: only a matter of time until tomeege is all alone in this chat room, just like he’s all alone in real life. i pity him. poor kid… not a bit of intelligence in his whole body


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