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If want something to be gone, shoot it. If shooting doesn’t work, shoot it.

Not something scary.

Read this: Flipping-Domino-Cats

What’s up? Oh? Your roof? Um, yeah that was a test… Ok then: Soup. Huh? you don’t have a spoon? Uhh, Ok, Let’s just: Yo. Hmm? You don’t want a half yo-yo? ….. Get out.

P.S I hate my name.

Internet-Related Stats

Status: Single < FTW
Kongregate Loyalty: Low
Grammar: Excellent
Chat Int: Average
Forum Int: Average
Sense of humor: Average
WPM: 27

Gaming stats

Overall gaming skills: Great
Reflexes: Pretty Quick
Accuracy: Good
Tactics: Average
Speed: Quick
Patience: Average
Communication: Average
Bravery: Good.

I used to play FPS games a lot, but I don’t play them often anymore; they are starting to feel repetitive. Perhaps a sign of the FPS generation coming to an end? I still play other shooting games though.

Personal Stats

Interests: Guns, Memes (Damn dem memes, so addicting…), Editing, Programming and Animations.
Dislikes: Retards, noobs (Yes, I f**ing hate them), MMO Games and Arguements.
Color: White n’ Blue.
Animal: Macaws and snakes.


You know, games I own, in my PC?


Desc: Counter-Strike 2D is a two-dimensional conversion of the popular game Counter-Strike by Valve®.

Stranded II
Desc: In Stranded II you face up with the struggle for survival again. However this time there is much more to discover and to explore compared to the prequel

Yes, these are the only games I own in my PC. Problem?


I personally like partying music, as it reminds me of happy, fun and carefree thoughts. :) I also like other songs too as long as they’re not too ‘emo-ish’.

Upon a Time in Rio Love

Oh camper camper

Scream & Shout

Real in Rio


Evil Love

Proof that scammers don’t know the Kong logic.

29th September 2013

hello12313: hello (reply)

To hello12313: HI.

hello12313: you want 700 kreds (reply)

To hello12313: In all my Kong life!

hello12313: give me your pass then i buy you some kreds (reply)

hello12313: ok? (reply)

To hello12313: But sir, that’s against the Rules of conduct.

hello12313: uhh you want 700 kreds or what (reply)

To hello12313: I do.

hello12313: so give me your pass (reply)

To hello12313: I said that’s against the Rules of Conuduct.

hello12313: so i will not give you kreds (reply)

To hello12313: P.S Play the game fairly like everyone else noob.

To hello12313: Don’t try to get a jump.

hello12313: ? (reply)

To hello12313: I mean, why do you want my account?

To hello12313: Im only level 10.

To hello12313: FAIL


hello12313: w3w (reply)

To hello12313: NOOB.

To hello12313: >:D

hello12313: same 2u (reply)

To hello12313: I’m sorry but you are incorrect.

To hello12313: How can I fail?

hello12313: ok good bye have a nice day (reply)

To hello12313: Look, you can’t think people are high levels in TDP4 by just having a high Kong level.

hello12313: ? (reply)

To hello12313: In fact, they are smarter and wil not fall for scams like this one.

hello12313: im not scam im gonna eat now and goodbye (reply)

To hello12313: For example, 3 people today (Yes, I lied.) think I have a high level in TDP4 and tried to scam me. Why? They thought " omg he is lvl 15 he must be a pro or something, i must have his account.

To hello12313: #getalifenoobthisgamesuxanyway

10 minutes later he is still active and probably continuing his miserable life of scamming…

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