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How can I earn cards?

You can earn cards in Kongregate's collectible card game (CCG) by completing time-limited challenges on the site. For example, our first challenge requires users to collect all 5 trophies in The Fancy Pants Adventures. Once you've done this within the time frame, you'll unlock a card on your Kongregate account. Cards are the same for everyone on each challenge.

What do these cards do?

Nothing yet, but soon you'll be able to use them to customize your deck and battle other players on Kongregate in our upcoming CCG.

What will the card game be like, exactly?

We're not quite ready to release the full rules yet, but it's a battle-oriented game designed by David Sirlin. The basic idea is that each player will have 5 character cards, which can each be equipped with an item card (weapon). Only one character card for each player will be active at any given time, however. Players will choose different moves for their active character, move around a bit (close range vs. long range), and even swap characters out mid-battle in response to different characters having different strengths and weaknesses against different opponents. Think card-based, tag-team, rock-paper-scissors Street Fighter with +10 awesomeness.

When will the game be out?

When it's ready - getting pretty close now!

What will the game even be called?

We're not sure yet. Feel free to suggest something, though.
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