Kongregate Changelog

CR 2014.09.30


  • /kreds page game links updated
  • Use bigger images for smaller game icons in game browser split test
  • Fix for sign-in redirect bug
  • Fixed game rating tab showing up after user rates game

CR 2014.09.23


  • Enable users to unsubscribe from emails without logging in


  • Add back button to splash screen

CR 2014.09.11


  • Stop publishing any activity to Facebook
  • Fix issue where text was showing up behind stars in the game browser in older IE browsers
  • Fix preroll close link location on dark background game pages


  • Fix failed AS3 callback errors

CR 2014.09.09


  • Add tags to games for your site page
  • Update email subscriptions page
  • Opt out of showing rate this game tab if user has closed it 3 times
  • Fix navigation appearing behind unity games on Windows
  • Do not show game hovers on favorites, play list or recently played games

CR 2014.09.02


  • Fixed back button for mobile split test sign up
  • Coupon claim text change

CR 2014.08.28


  • Removing UGC as a payment option for kreds
  • Fix error message color when uploading a game
  • Reduce padding on more games pod below the game on game pages


  • Fix styling on Facebook connect on mobile

CR 2014.08.20


  • Fix last forum links in forums


  • Add purchasing issues to mobile support tickets

CR 2014.08.14


  • Show Unity icon on Unity iframe games
  • Won’t ask to post on user’s behalf when linking to Facebook


  • Improve image lightbox display for smaller images
  • Hide back button in the panel if there is not a previous page to go back to
  • Enable users to see another user’s fans even if they haven’t friended anyone

CR 2014.08.07


  • Don’t spawn rate this game tab if user has the chat box focused


  • Auto-expand text areas
  • Change animation on high scores pod to match forums pod
  • Have unsubscribe to newsletter match the web settings
  • Show no message screen if user has no PMs
  • Fix links for game FAQs
  • Replace android birth year textfield with a dropdown

CR 2014.08.05


  • Mobile profiles
  • Allow user to send PMs from mobile app

CR 2014.07.29


  • Add pagination to games for your site
  • Lighten rating hovers in quick launch bar


  • Move collaborator confirmation to private messages


  • Auto-expand text areas
  • Remove new topic button in mobile search results

CR 2014.07.16


  • Join game chat when defaulting to guild chat
  • Show correct breadcrumbs for sub forums
  • Only allow game hovers on new new game browser on game icons and game titles
  • Show blue bar when user is silenced

CR 2014.07.10


  • Enable sub forums in game forums
  • Fixed bug with unread message counts for blocked games

CR 2014.07.03


  • Do not flash the login form for signed in users when viewing the game page
  • Fixed content in publish whisper
  • Do not show hidden forum posts on the game page

CR 2014.07.01


  • Fixed dev site search
  • Updated game royalty terms
  • Added UGC expiration text to kreds lightbox

CR 2014.06.05


  • Swap the games nav content where Recently Played, My Playlist and Recommended Games are on the left

CR 2014.04.24


  • Show pagination links for weekly high score below the game
  • Have learn more link form Kong+ blue bar open up the Kong+ lightbox
  • Remove daily digest checkbox on email preferences

CR 2014.04.15


  • Allow users to change their birthdate when they signed up with just the year selector

CR 2014.04.08


  • Allow Kong+ users to join their friends in beta games from the community navigation links
  • Fix issue with favorite pop-ups in rate this game pod on the homepage
  • Fix typos on the tags page for games
  • Fix typos on the feedbacks page

CR 2014.04.01


  • Fix issue of Badge of the Day award tab not appearing for some users
  • Fix link to Galaxy Online on the /kreds page
  • Fix background for owned Kongpanions on /kongpanions

CR 2014.03.19


  • Fix weird double upsell issue when user wins badge of the day
  • Add additional links to navigation headers
  • Fix an IE8 issue on the recommendations page
  • Adding guild chat as part of guilds api

CR 2014.03.12


  • Show like hovers for profile feeds
  • Fix issue where favorite counts go into the negatives
  • Fix email preferences where clicking on labels do not only check/uncheck the last checkbox
  • Paginate developers.kongregate.com/blog
  • Update Kongpanion description wrapping
  • Fix login message when changing language from feedbacks page on error

CR 2014.03.06


  • Design updates to Kongpanions calendar
  • Update Kongpanions landing page so blue bars won’t push content down
  • Fix recommended games dismiss buttons

CR 2014.03.04


  • Do not show the game you are on in recently played games in the /games tab
  • Fix issue where navigation panes don’t go the full width of the window when shrinking window size
  • Have mobile games forums show up in /forums/games

CR 2014.02.27


  • Updates to Kongpanion API to include new image sizes and Kongpanion ID

CR 2014.02.25


  • Fix issue with duplicate popular trending pod items
  • Update mailing address
  • Fix avatar cut off issue in forums

CR 2014.02.13


  • Guild Forums

CR 2014.02.11


  • Add a click popup to badges below the game

CR 2014.02.06


  • Users can now renew/gift Kong+ after it has expired
  • Show average ratings on game hovers for guests

CR 2014.01.28


  • Fix link to FAQ on PUR linking

CR 2014.01.23


  • Fix navigation menus appearing behind about me popup on profiles in IE browsers
  • Fix unusual hyphenations when breaking up words on game pages
  • Fix typos on the PowerUp Rewards page
  • Allow longer names before truncation on game hovers
  • Fix bad links to our FAQ pages
  • Fix user profiles when they only have mobile badges

CR 2014.01.21


  • Fix issue where navigation is not showing up on games for your site page
  • Fix issue with credit card from not allowing auto-complete
  • Fix game page caching issue

CR 2014.01.16


  • Fix IE11 navigation issue on game pages

CR 2013.01.14


  • Fix Facebook login on game pages not showing the logged in state until after page refresh
  • Do not show a raids tab to guests on game pages
  • Add Italy to list of countries in the Boku purchase method
  • Hide user progress bar on Kongpanions landing page


  • Disable switching between iframe and non-frame upload forms once a game is uploaded

CR 2014.01.09


  • Clicking on labels on the edit profile pages will check or uncheck the checkboxes
  • Do not show what users are currently playing on user hover profile if they selected to hide recently played games or have a private profile

CR 2014.01.02


  • Fix issue where users were not able to play unity games with IE 11
  • Fix expander position on the game tab and change chat room tab

CR 2013.12.19


  • Update points challenge images

CR 2013.12.19


  • Fix issue with overlapping reply links on game comments

CR 2013.12.17


  • Add links to Off Topic and Forum Games Forums to wide nav
  • Removed PUR mentions in wide nav for non-US users
  • Fixed search results bug in wide nav

CR 2013.12.03


  • Do not show recently played games in recommended games
  • Fix typo in new nav for recently played games pod
  • Security fixes

CR 2013.11.25


  • Fixed package selection header in kred lightbox
  • Fixed escaped HTML in award tab
  • Fixed BotD updating in wide nav
  • Fixed issues logging in from game page
  • Fixed background of award tab in tall games
  • Change 'how to take a screenshot' link on /feedbacks/new
  • Update /kreds page with the design from /pages/kreds

CR 2013.11.19


  • Fix game updates not sending to some user’s feed
  • Fix error messages that appear in the chat tab

CR 2013.11.14


  • Fix follow button alignment on the /community page
  • Fix weird link in message center for games without an icon
  • Add missing label back to the gamestop giftcard purchase form
  • Fix Kong+ credit card purchases

CR 2013.11.07


  • Spawn registration lightbox when clicking empty playlist as guest
  • Enable iframe games to scale with browser window size
  • Remember user's selected language on login

CR 2013.11.05


  • Fix issue with the purchase form showing up during submission when trying to buy Kong+ in IE9
  • Allow users to block game messages from the game messages tab

CR 2013.10.29


  • Adding payment names to the kreds lightbox for the payment bar
  • Fix a search bug that phrases like mobile or mob would break search
  • Redirect users to the correct page if there is an error on the credit card form when trying to purchase Kong Plus
  • Fix an issue with game hyperlinks where it stretches out game chat
  • Fix an issue on the game page where users could not hide the user progress bar forever
  • Fix an issue where users were still receiving game messages after a game was blocked
  • Make sure game page does not refresh on sign in

CR 2013.10.24


  • Fix issue where users couldn’t dismiss recommended games on the homepage
  • Fix issue where users did not appear logged in when logging in on the homepage


  • Speed up kred revenue pages to prevent time outs

CR 2013.10.22


  • Add a game messages tab to the messages center for messages sent by a game
  • Update the pre-roll message text
  • Fix trending pod items when friends win weekly challenge
  • Fix the issue where some users are not able to change their language settings through the language selector

CR 2013.10.15


  • Only display the highest badge earned for each person per game in trending pods
  • Fix below the fold achievements padding on game pages
  • Fix line height issue on high scores pod
  • Below the fold badge list should only show progress meter for the easiest unearned badge if it’s available


  • Speed up the loading of kred account pages for games
  • Enable collaborators to reply to game comments

CR 2013.10.9


  • Integrate French translations to game landing pages
  • Add French translations to sitemap
  • Fix user profile bug where the max items, cards, awards always show up as 4
  • Fix escaped character in game descriptions for challenges
  • Fix infinite spinner on UGC purchases

CR 2013.10.3


  • Fix issue where add to playlist link doesn’t always appear on game pages
  • Fix issue with continuous loading trending pod when two friends comment on the same game
  • Fix issue where achievement bars below games do not update for certain stat types
  • Remove extra spacing for games with high scores and no badges

CR 2013.10.1


  • Fixed: rating a game on "Recently played" page results in stars disappearing
  • Fixed: rating a game on the Get Recommendations pod removes the game but leaves the stars

CR 2013.09.26


  • Fixes to user hovers in Chrome and Safari
  • Fixed ads containing https iframes that broke the nav
  • Fixed mouse click behavior in trending pods
  • Long URLs fixed in pods (Chrome)
  • High Scores tab added below the fold on game pages
  • Fixed trending pod card item
  • Fixed locale-specific French translation detection

CR 2013.09.24


  • Fixed user hovers in IE8
  • Fixed loot ticket display in trending pod
  • Fixed strange characters in place of bullets next to forum mods' names
  • Duplicate line breaks removed from feed items

CR 2013.09.18


  • Kings & Legends name change to Rise of Mythos (on 9/17)
  • "Connect with Facebook" link in profile settings drop-down fixed
  • Fixed bug: English users seeing French on top weekly/monthly games pages
  • Progress bar indicator arrow fix
  • Removed bullet points from Powerup Rewards page
  • Dev site comment styles/function fixed

CR 2013.09.12


  • Update Challenge Item posts in the trending pod
  • Fix numbers next to game comments

CR 2013.09.10


  • Update tab styles on profiles
  • Fix issue where game hovers z-indexes are broken when rating from game hover
  • Fix issue where game screenshots were not scrolling on game hovers
  • Fix stylesheet issue with IE8/9

CR 2013.09.05


  • Fix issue where game hover rating stars are not aligned for French users

CR 2013.09.04


  • Fix length of translated Kongregate tips pod
  • Fix issue with hover profile widths

CR 2013.08.29


  • Fix issue where earned badges or achievements are not showing up properly until the achievements tab is selected
  • Fix issue where some unity games are being cut off
  • Fix level up trending pod item for users with rectangular avatars

CR 2013.08.21


  • Fix direction of user hover arrow when there is not enough space on the right of the hover
  • If iframe games are shorter than our minimum game window, center game in the game frame
  • Add user hovers to trending pod
  • Only show game hover for game titles or game icons in the trending pod

CR 2013.08.15


  • Fix issue with kred purchase confirmation screen and IE10
  • Fix issue with IE8 and challenge award tabs
  • Fix issue where user’s selected language is not remembered when closing their browser
  • Fix typo in get recommendations module
  • New achievement and award tab designs

CR 2013.08.08


  • Increase default game size on game pages

CR 2013.08.01


  • Translate signup forms
  • Make sure recommendations do not go above a 5 rating
  • Translate trending pods
  • Move trending pod hovers to below the game title link

CR 2013.07.30


  • Add French translations to game hovers
  • Add more French translations to game pages

CR 2013.07.25


  • Translate game page categories bar to French
  • Add arrows to navigation

CR 2013.07.16


  • Fix a Facebook login error when trying to log in from the homepage with a linked account
  • Fix characters being escaped in achievement tabs

CR 2013.07.11


  • Have game page sign up tabs to work better with safari
  • Shorten sign up error messages

CR 2013.07.09


  • Fix game hovers on dev profiles
  • Fix javascript syntax errors on error pages


  • Fix error message when uploading game screenshots

CR 2013.07.02


  • Fix alignment issues with staff pics and adjacent pods
  • Fix close button on user progress bar
  • Fix cut off text in the kongregate tips module
  • Show an upgrade message when a user hits the site with IE7 or lower browser
  • Updates to facebook connect lightbox
  • Add translations to the feature roll
  • Make below game recommendations clickable
  • Update spacing issue on email settings page
  • Fix style issue on edit password page
  • Make challenge items feed post on homepage feed go to the correct place


  • Allow uploading of html5 games

CR 2013.06.20


  • Users who see the Kongregate tips on the homepage can scroll through them now
  • Fix tags in the homepage tips pods
  • Fix a styling issue with facebook connect
  • Add more french translations to the homepage
  • Align checkboxes on the edit profile page

CR 2013.06.18


  • Have tags change colors on the homepage on hover
  • Notify the user when they have reached a new level on the game page holodeck tabs


  • Make the developer payment form state field case insensitive

CR 2013.06.13


  • Fix ugly fonts on the site with older browsers
  • Speed up game loading on preview and beta games
  • Do not show average or predictive rating for games still under judgement for game hovers
  • Fix issue with feature roll game titles being cut off
  • Kong+ users can select to see the site in French or English using the language selector in the footer

CR 2013.06.11


  • New design for badge items in the feature roll
  • Allow users to remove recommended games from /recommended-games
  • Reorder homepage categories

CR 2013.06.04


  • New achievement checkboxes on game pages
  • Tags on game pods are no longer clickable
  • Developer names on game pods are no longer clickable
  • Fix BotD points image on /badges page
  • Update kreds lightbox text


  • Do not add admin only links to game bug emails sent to developers

CR 2013.05.30


  • Send a whisper to the user when their help ticket is updated
  • Fix broken apostrophes for help tickets
  • Show the M and F icons for mods on their profiles in the moderation pod
  • Display awards on profiles from newest to oldest
  • Fix an issue where elements behind autocomplete results are not clickable when results are hidden
  • Fix an issue where the thank you for rating game message bubble did not disappear when game hover was hidden
  • Show profile items from newest to oldest
  • Fix an intermittent issue where top weekly games shows an error page instead of the games


  • Fix kred revenue copy about wire transfers
  • When a developer uploads a new game version with a filename that is different than the original file name, we’ll automatically rename it to the original filename to help prevent lost save files

CR 2013.05.23


  • Fix a bug where quicklinks rating stars were not being generated for guests on BotD game
  • Fix avatar alignment issue on shouts page
  • Fix user hovers being shown in the wrong place
  • Fix invite friends lightbox
  • Fix link on quest completion award tab going to the wrong user’s profile
  • Allow rating of games in game hover
  • New game hover design to include tags

CR 2013.05.21


  • Show ratable stars in quicklinks bar on game pages
  • Do not show predictive ratings for games still under judgement

CR 2013.05.16


  • Change the spotlight ad in the recommended games pod on game pages
  • Fix issue where forums were not populated on game pages
  • Add game hovers to your first quest pod
  • Fix hover position for usernames on the homepage mini-feed

CR 2013.05.14


  • Prevent silenced users on commenting on level up and earned badge feed items
  • Swap below the fold gamepage columns such that comments are on the left and everything else is on the right
  • Fix Kongai deck deletion issue
  • Show the game type next to the game title on the homepage
  • Fix close button on mini-feed comment box
  • Do not show red tag text on pages with dark backgrounds

CR 2013.05.09


  • Speed up gamepage loads
  • Fix badge count feed posts
  • Fix K+ icons on the homepage for IE9 browsers
  • Improve below the fold game page tags appearance
  • Fix issue where ratings were not appearing for some games in the game hover

CR 2013.05.06


  • Update kreds lightbox to say kred vs kreds when you only need one more kred
  • Spawn signup lightbox when guest click the favorite link below the game fold
  • Fix user profile hover for recent comments on game pages
  • Fix the width of the section below the game so tags won’t push the playlist link into the next line
  • Change email links from blue to red
  • Show dark active tabs on pages with black backgrounds
  • Fix issue with K+ symbol moving to the second line when the game is a unity game
  • Fix messages page alignment issues


  • Fix issue where opening comment in game title breaks chat

CR 2013.04.25


  • Do not show escaped characters on the homepage mini-feed when a user writes in a forum thread
  • Fix the layout for level 65 users’ profile navigation menu
  • Add scrollbars to shared content lightbox
  • Shrink feed post images to 90x90
  • Do not show red tag text color when viewing tags on a dark background
  • Fix user hover profile in firefox when hovering over a user on a game comments page
  • Fix location of Kong+ bar on chat profiles
  • Do not require user to redownload Kongregate desktop client on game load
  • Fix my playlist section


  • Show blue bar message in game preview if a game icon has not been uploaded
  • Developers can download their and and kred revenue summaries to csv

CR 2013.04.23


  • Have breadcrumbs on game browser pages
  • Fix issue where users could not create decks in Kongai
  • Second attempt at not showing game hovers on /recently_played_games page when trying to rate a game
  • Fix badges page for our mobile game / Escape \
  • Allow users to see Kong+ games in their playlist
  • Fix issue where profile tab was not showing up for IE7 users
  • Allow users to close or cancel the delete message lightbox again

CR 2013.04.18


  • Stars on Get Recommendation pod on the homepage does not get hover state
  • Fix the bug where users are not able to report abuse on people who have muted them

CR 2013.04.16


  • Give game hovers to everybody
  • Added a remove from favorites link in the game hover when you’re hovering over a game that has been favorited
  • Fix user items section on the profile page
  • Don’t show game hover when trying to rate a game
  • Fix friend invite box for games

CR 2013.04.10


  • Restrict game names to a single line for downloadable games
  • Update graphic to empty playlist page
  • Fix horizontal scroll bar appearing when using cinematic mode
  • Fix issue where users cannot scroll the recommended games pod if they had dismissed a recommended game
  • Fix issue where game ratings were not appearing below some games
  • Fix issue with high score tabs for games

CR 2013.04.04


  • Fix comment text field on our developer site items
  • Fix issue where we weren’t generating games for the contact us form for guests
  • Performance fixes to speed up page loads

CR 2013.04.02


  • When hovering over the dismiss recommended games button on the homepage, the game hover won’t spawn
  • Add game hover to current challenges page
  • Add a twitter follow to our dev account on the developer site
  • Fix overlapping forum search bar on long thread titles in the forum
  • Update to styles for forum search results

CR 2013.03.28


  • Add forum search to /forums pages
  • Update text to kreds lightbox to prevent confusion on how many kreds are still needed to purchase an item
  • Add play later button to the below game section
  • Fix alignment problem on user’s comments page when a dev or admin responds to their game comment
  • Add game hovers to /contests page
  • Add game hovers to profile pages
  • Add game hovers to game search result pages
  • Add game hovers to /badges page
  • Add commas to game hover play counts
  • Fix favorites list showing games in the wrong order
  • Fix issue where remove from favorites link was missing from user’s favorites page

CR 2013.03.26


  • Fix an issue on the signup tab where the yellow highlight was not fading away
  • Remove game icon when users paste game links into chat
  • Fix issue where users could not dismiss games that are in the recommended pod on the homepage
  • Spawn the Kong+ purchase lightbox when a user without Kong+ tries to invite users into private chat


  • Changing wire transfer payments text to say $500 vs $1000
  • Update withholding percentage for Moldova, Republic of

CR 2013.03.22


  • Split testing a game hover
  • Users can add a game to their play later list
  • Users in split test have a new profile navigation with shortcuts to their favorites and playlist


  • Fix game bug emails to show the correct image url
  • Fix bulk item uploader for games

CR 2013.03.20


  • Update graphic to pre-game video ads
  • Update to the Kongregate Tips pod on the homepage
  • Fix a spelling error in the cinematic mode signup lightbox


  • Fixed a routing issue where devs with uppercase letters in their username could not reply to their game comments on the game comments page

CR 2013.03.14


  • Default to forum tab on game pages
  • Show 50 comments when showing game comments

CR 2013.03.11


  • Fix /games_for_your_site.xml
  • Fix escaped characters in the achievements tab
  • Fix issue where the captcha was not working on the friend referral form
  • Fix cinematic mode link not being activated when users have Kong+

CR 2013.03.05


  • Users are able to load more games in the more games tab on the game pages
  • Fix PUR linking confirmation lightbox spacing issue
  • Fix an issue with medal widths on profile pages
  • Fix height issue for games by developer when developer has less than 3 games
  • Update copyright date in the footer
  • Fix escaping characters when quoting posts in forums
  • Fix Kongregate emails to come from Kongregate Support vs no-reply
  • Fix BotD award tab issue when user wins multiple badges for a BotD game
  • Fix shared content lightbox blowing up when viewing friend’s shared content in a game

CR 2013.02.28


  • Add tags to search page results
  • Fix escape text on current challenges page
  • Fix remove from favorite link being cut off from user’s favorites page
  • Fix link during the challenge completion awards tab
  • Fix misspelling on missing badges page

CR 2013.02.14


  • Fix permissions when viewing another user’s recently played and highly rated pages when they selected not to show them on their profiles
  • Remove collabs pages

CR 2013.02.12


  • Limit PSN username, Xbox gamertag and twitter username on the profile to 30 characters
  • Fix issue where rating, favoriting or flagging a game did not spawn the login lightbox for guests
  • Split test: New user account progress bar
  • End new gamepage split test in favor of the new gamepage

CR 2013.02.07


  • Fix an issue where the chat room tabs and the chat dropdown are on two different lines
  • Fix a scrolling issue in the homepage mini feed
  • Fix an issue where if a user opens multiple tabs from the same developer they get an error page


  • Allow developers to upload screenshots for iFrame games
  • Fix an issue where the admin approval email address is missing for kreds games

CR 2013.02.05


  • Add favoriting to recently played games
  • Fixed a spotlight issue with IE compatibility mode and the game page

CR 2013.01.18


  • Make the cinematic bug link only visible in cinematic mode
  • Fix an issue where dismissing the bad email blue bar was bringing it back on page loads
  • Fix Kong Plus renewal path with Gamestop gift cards
  • Fix an issue where high scores were not posting to Facebook for linked users who allow this

CR 2013.01.15


  • Add “Kreds Inquiry” to the contact form
  • Added fixed position scrolling for games that fit inside the browser window in cinematic mode
  • Fix an issue with cinematic mode and expandable ads
  • Fix an issue with resizing a browser window and the cinematic mode notification bar


  • Developers can submit screenshot of games in the upload process

CR 2013.01.10


  • Improve cinematic bug reports functionality. User now remains on the game page vs opening a new page.
  • Increase the dim on the cinematic mode link when cinematic mode is not ready
  • Fix issue where exiting cinematic mode moves some game pages elements around in FF


  • Remove mobile on game upload page
  • Fix the disable rollover ad checkbox not remembering when selected

CR 2013.01.07


  • Fix an issue where users were being disconnected from chat repeatedly
  • Add system requirements for desktop app games on the new homepage
  • Remove game descriptions from homepage recommended games pod
  • Have the recommended games pod on new game page show 12 games
  • Split Test: Cinematic mode on the game page

CR 2012.12.19


  • Added a tooltip to the new game page rating/badge counts
  • Add 4 game pods for recommended pods
  • More payment options

CR 2012.12.10


  • Do not show line break for games with empty tags on the homepage
  • Add a message about ending collabs on the collab pages
  • Fix issue where the homepage feed looks like it’s trying to reload


  • Uploading of game icons are now in the second page of the upload process vs the first
  • Chrome, Firefox and Safari users can use drag and drop to upload their game icon

CR 2012.12.03


  • New default avatars
  • Remove tips from the game tab
  • New points progress bar in the username dropdown navigation

CR 2012.11.29


  • Enable Kong Plus renewal
  • Fixed a caching issue in the game browser that was messing up how games are shown
  • Remove uploading in collabs

CR 2012.11.27


  • Group game posts on the homepage and community page feed
  • Fixed weird text issue in the quest tip module on the homepage
  • Return top matching tag title along with games in search

CR 2012.11.19


  • Show recommended games content if a guest has been on the signup tab for longer than 5 minutes
  • Fix a JS error when hovering over homepage feed items in IE

CR 2012.11.15


  • Fix a text issue with the PowerUp Rewards pod on the homepage
  • Fix issues with the signup tab not revalidating fields on error
  • Fix an issue where the wrong tabs in the nav were in the selected state
  • Fix an issue where users see a Quest completion award tab vs the regular award tab


  • Uploading a new version of an iframe game with the ?iframe=true flag will populate existing iframe data into the form

CR 2012.11.13


  • Fixed game tab not rendering properly for games without badges
  • New kreds lightbox design

CR 2012.11.08


  • Fixed a bug where feed item comments were not showing up after a page refresh
  • Return username not found error message if someone tries to log in with a username that doesn’t exist
  • Achievement tab fix where achievement tab was not remembering the proper badge state
  • High scores tab fix where some high scores tabs were still appearing blank to users

CR 2012.11.06


  • Fix below game achievements not changing states until after the achievements tab is selected. It’ll now update after the page is finished loading
  • Generate captcha on signup tab error if the captcha was not completed correctly
  • Display missing gameplay counts in the games tab
  • Fix high scores tab not appearing for games without achievements

CR 2012.11.01


  • Fix issue where removing a recommended game was still showing up after it had been removed
  • Change some of the default homepage categories
  • Fix avatar in friend email
  • Speed up game browser pages
  • Fix issue where collaborators were not showing up on game pages
  • Fix an IE javascript error on game pages
  • Fix issue with sign up tab where we were displaying username confirmation text multiple times

CR 2012.10.25


  • Fix to the feed post when a user earns a raffle ticket on the homepage feed
  • Fix item challenge feed post on the homepage feed
  • Fix game news feed item being cut off by a play button

CR 2012.10.23


  • Add timestamps to feed items that don’t have comments
  • Fix styling issue in awards tab
  • Fix Facebook Like overlay being hidden behind games
  • Move developer contest winners back to the main page vs the side bar
  • Minor changes to game pages to try to speed up game loading

CR 2012.10.19


  • Remove “New” label from the community tab
  • Fix bugs in the about me section under collabs
  • Remove unpublished games from game browser
  • Remove unpublished badges from recommended badges section
  • Fix bug where user’s last selected tab was not being remembered
  • Show room a user owns on their profiles
  • List all the forums a mod is part of on their profiles


  • Fix game transaction reports not being emailed

CR 2012.10.11


  • Have game transaction reports emailed to you
  • Allow devs and contributors to test feed posts while their games are in preview

CR 2012.10.08


  • Not caching the games section on developer profile pages as long after publishing games
  • Add plugins for games on developer profile pages

CR 2012.10.04


  • Homepage tag fixes
  • Fix text in the kreds lightbox
  • Show plugin icons next to games on the homepage

CR 2012.10.01


  • Add remove from favorites link on the /my_favorites page
  • Fixed an issue where games were showing up on the user’s blocked pages after allowing games to post on their feed
  • Fix the recently played header being cut off on the homepage in Firefox
  • Add BuyMyTronics logo to our footer
  • Fix friends online text in the profile tab
  • Fix show next and previous link in friends online chat tab


  • Fix the issue where game icons are not being updated
  • Take two to fix exporting game kred summaries

CR 2012.09.24


  • Add commas back for gameplays number on /games pages
  • Fix level up pod text issue

CR 2012.09.20


  • Redeem promo codes without having to enter dashes
  • Add a blue bar warning on TDP4
  • Change user content tab to just say shared
  • Better forum spam filtering
  • Disable Tr8n keyboard shortcuts
  • Fix developer hover profiles for games in the see more section of the homepage


  • Fix issue where games weren’t using wmode
  • Fix exporting game kred summaries
  • Default kred revenue summaries to 30 days

CR 2012.09.17


  • Game posts only show up once per user per game in the homepage mini feed
  • Group shared content feed items
  • Do not spawn sign in lightbox if there is an error signing in on /sessions/new page
  • Do not show facebook login button on the homepage signup form if the form returns an error

CR 2012.09.06


  • Fix facebook login pop up window for IE browsers
  • Fix missing image and footer on emails
  • Fix layout issue on developer site’s homepage
  • Add a Facebook connect button to /accounts/new

CR 2012.08.30


  • Group homepage mini feed for users who earn multiple badges in a game
  • Updates to friending emails
  • Only show active badges and challenges on missing badge report form
  • Group developer reply feed items on the hompeage
  • Group homepage mini feed for when multiple users earn the same badge

CR 2012.08.27


  • Replace kongregate news pod with a pod to connect Facebook/Twitter
  • Fix a link issue on the mobile site sign up page
  • Fix alignment issue with like link when user follows someone

CR 2012.08.20


  • Styling fixes to profile page, games tab and quest pages
  • Fix the issue where users were not getting points when rating games

CR 2012.08.16


  • Require hard limit on minimum game icon sizes


  • Fix show more categories on homepage bug
  • Fix issues with bullets in game tabs

CR 2012.08.02


  • Add additional game categories to the homepage
  • Fix games for your site page for logged in users
  • Return of friends and fans
  • Change link in mini feed to say see all vs show more
  • Fix kongai cards not appearing

CR 2012.07.31


  • Collaborator have games listed on their profiles
  • Fix for broken challenge feed item
  • More security fixes

CR 2012.07.26


  • Recently played games titles only appear on one line
  • Security fixes

CR 2012.07.19


  • Tweak padding on games section of developers’ profile page
  • Small changes to recently played section in the games tab

CR 2012.07.16


  • Show the word connections in the profile pane when friends are online
  • Following feed for everyone

CR 2012.07.12


  • Autoscroll in mini-feed to show entire headline
  • Hitting escape in the comment lightbox closes the lightbox
  • Remove hover profiles from mini feed
  • Add badge difficulty to feed items
  • Add recently played games module back for K+ users on game pages
  • Liking a game comment on a feed item will add a rating to the game comment
  • Add last two recently played games in games menu
  • Add padding to game pod headers on game pages

CR 2012.07.10


  • Users can delete remove shout feed items in their feed without removing the recipient’s feed item
  • Remove hover profiles from the game tab

CR 2012.07.05


  • Fix to Jiggmin’s spotlight bio
  • Change to how avatars are resized after upload
  • Group three or more following feed items on homepage mini feed
  • Can comment on items in the mini feed on the homepage
  • Users can like items on following feed

CR 2012.06.28


  • Invites sent from games are now sent as a following feed post vs private message
  • Feed post api no longer sends a shout only adds a feed post


  • Added a link to feed preferences in the account settings menu
  • Game news appearing correctly if game page has a dark background
  • Added description for grouped challenge accomplished feed post
  • Fix Facebook login prompt being blocked by browsers

CR 2012.06.22


  • Collaborator are now listed below the game on game pages


  • Badge icons are selectable in feeds
  • Allow users to see if a user has muted them when they visit that person’s profile
  • Add feed preferences menu item to the gears dropdown on the profile page
  • Users can select what they want to show in their feeds

CR 2012.06.13


  • Group feed items for when a user starts following someone
  • Log users to their facebook connected account if they have an active facebook session. If they aren’t logged into facebook or if they are logged into facebook but have not connected it to their Kong account, we will not log them in.
  • Email notifications and update email address are now on the same page

CR 2012.06.04


  • Any games that have been previously published can no longer be removed by the developer
  • Fix hover links on page 2 and up on developer profiles


  • Permabanned user profiles are no longer set to private on permaban
  • Users can leave shouts on permabanned user’s feed
  • Users can now delete private messages sent from Kongregate
  • Fix the items module to show the correct earned on date for items
  • Fix z-index issue with hover profiles and feed item dropdown menu
  • Put link to user’s sound page on their profile
  • Put link to user’s art page on their profile

CR 2012.05.22


  • Check to prevent developers from entering empty news feed items
  • Games on developer profiles are now sorted by date
  • International developers, the residence dropdown in the W8 form is now a mandatory field
  • Able to select “Waiting” as a payment method


  • Replace the Collaborations forum link with the Game Forums link in the Community dropdown
  • Replace Tower Defense link with Recently Played link in Games dropdown
  • Transparent avatars now show up correctly on new profile pages
  • Fix last page link on recently played games
  • Fixed follow link missing from chat hover menu
  • Fix pagination links on /followers and /following page
  • Links now show up properly on feed post comments
  • Fix users arts and sound paths. You can see artwork by going to /accounts//artworks and /accounts//sounds
  • Fix to recommended games pod on the homepage

CR 2012.05.15


  • Users will see PowerUp Rewards link in the gear dropdown menu with new profile
  • Remove borders around avatars in IE browsers
  • Fix spelling mistakes when updating Facebook preferences
  • Fix chat layout issues
  • Hover profiles work with comments for shouts
  • Emails are no longer generated when games send out a PM

CR 2012.05.02


  • Enable clickthrough agreement for virtual goods games
  • Game icons are now increased to 250x200
  • Developers can insert “Game News” on the game page right under the Game Description


  • Paysafe is now changed to paysafecard
  • Minor link changes to the profile dropdown
  • Display last 60 recently played games on user’s /recently-played page
  • Users can rate games directly from their recently played games page
  • Users can unblock users/games they have blocked from /accounts//blocked
  • Favorite games are now sorted by recently favorited
  • Facebook timeline integration where users can post badges earned, high scores, favoriting games, etc.
  • Minor fixes to the homepage
  • We changed the terminology of fans to followers and friends to following

CR 2012.03.22


  • Fix delete bug for messages
  • Fix level up module badge recommendations
  • Badge of the Day won’t show up in recommended badges if the user has already claimed it

CR 2012.03.14


  • Fix to collaborator emails to take them to the unpublished/published game
  • Developers can now publish their own iframe games
  • New dynamic items API calls
  • New messaging API calls
  • Developers who have disabled bug reports will not have a report bug link appear in the game tab


  • Fix a bug where some tags were appearing twice when trying to add a new tag
  • Fix GIF avatars
  • New “Under Judgement” category in the game browser pages
  • Can block any private messages sent from games or users
  • Can block any messages coming from a game
  • Bug fix where all badge categories selected after selecting recommended badges stays on the recommended badges page

CR 2012.02.21


  • Contact form for developer site now goes to the correct support form
  • Confirmed collaborators can make free in game purchases
  • Add usernames to the subject line in bug reports
  • Remove full screen restrictions for Unity games


  • Show two lines of tags for Beta Games module on the homepage
  • Fix profile pane link alignment issues
  • BotD image on /badges page is clickable
  • Improve game purchase experience for IE9 users
  • Shorten titles on homepage modules to two lines
  • Fix upload link to arts/sounds collaboration page
  • Added an extra spotlight unit to the game pages
  • Fix a bug with linking games in chat with quotes
  • Fix guest links for Beta games
  • Remove under judgement games from category/tags pages
  • Tags only show up on game pages after a certain number of upvotes fo the tags

CR 2012.02.06


  • Collaborators will now have access to game preview
  • Fix stat name not auto-populating if display name is left blank bug


  • Styling fix where add and vote on tags wraps onto two lines
  • Set a max height for chat window
  • Updating or re-saving email address will remove the blue bar that says email address is invalid
  • Updates to the registration lightbox
  • Users will see a Recently Popular module on the home page
  • Badge of the day will be displayed on the first page of the recommended badges module

CR 2012.01.25


  • Do not show chat ads for K+ users
  • Fix /games_for_your_site xml page
  • Add a Kreds icon in the quick launch bar for all Kreds games
  • Remove the game categories in the header for game pages
  • Created a Recently Popular category on the /games page

CR 2012.01.09


  • Fix K+ usernames not showing up in comments
  • Kong Plus icon appears in chat profile
  • Clicking username or down arrow no longer goes to your profile page
  • Fix chat room bouncing to top bug
  • Clicking mail icon goes to unread messages
  • Forum link fixes
  • Users are notified that chat room is full when trying to enter a private chat room
  • Recommended badge icons are now clickable
  • Entire feature roll image is now clickable

CR 2011.12.19


  • Everyone will be switching over to the new homepage
  • Fix signup tab error messaging
  • Unread chat message indicator appears in chat tabs
  • Chat tabs appear for both room and game chat
  • List of Beta games can be seen at /beta-games
  • Beta games and MMOs added to Games dropdown menu
  • Launch of Kong Plus

CR 2011.12.06


  • A new recommended badges section under /badges for logged in users
  • Top weekly games and monthly games in the games browser
  • Split test on the homepage:
    • Guests:
      • See sign up form on the homepage
      • Last three non-impossible badges are remembered and awarded after sign up
      • See a staff picks module on the homepage
    • Users level 5 or lower:
      • Sees Kongregate tips on the homepage
      • Sees Your First Quest module if it hasn’t been earned yet
      • Sees Recently played games if you have earned Your First Quest
      • Sees a level up module for 24 hours after leveling up
      • Can mark recommended games as not interested
    • Users level 6 or higher:
      • Sees a recommended badges module
      • Sees a recently played module
      • Sees a level up module for 24 hours after leveling up
      • Can mark recommended games and badges as not interested
    • Everyone:
      • Sees top games uploaded within the last month
      • Sees top games uploaded within the last week
      • Sees a smaller feature roll
      • New modules for News, Developer contests and PowerUp Rewards (US Only)

CR 2011.11.29


  • See a link to API information in the blue bar during preview
  • Ability to upload larger virtual goods item images (85x92)


  • Split test: lightbox login vs lightbox sign up for guests
  • Split test: seeing get kreds link on kreds games
  • Card section on your profile is now replaced with the items section where you can see your Kongai cards and weekly prize items

CR 2011.11.06


  • Adding more characters that are accepted on the developer payment form
  • Fix shared content bug for Javascript API


  • Hovering over the message notification shows you how many whispers and shouts you have
  • Chat mods won’t have a mod symbol next to their username in the forums
  • Users can now thank forum mods
  • Users at level 65 will now see total points in the profile bar
  • Profile menu now shows total points
  • New split test on the game page that will show game categories

CR 2011.10.26


  • See a link to contest leaderboards in the profile dropdown
  • Fix an error where people were seeing "Address must be in plain or Western European accented ASCII text" whenever they entered an address


  • Message notification now visible in the profile bar
  • Indicator of friends online now visible in the profile bar
  • Hover over friends icon will will show names of some of your friends online
  • Friends online has now been moved from community to the profile dropdown
  • Name of the Badge of the Day game now appears under the Badge of the Day section under achievements
  • Remove avatar image from profile dropdown menu
  • Bigger avatar icon appears next to username
  • Content fix from 1 points to 1 point
  • Minor footer changes
  • Fixed Shared Content API in Javascript API
  • IE7 content alignment fix
  • Bug fix on the rewards page that was throwing errors

CR 2011.10.10


  • Fix for AS3 API logging exception


  • Removing Kongai content on /current_challenges
  • Remove Your Favorites link for guests
  • Added a “Will my feedback get a response?” section to the contact page
  • Split test cleanups, especially the nav

CR 2011.09.26


  • Remove leaderboard ad from My Revenue Report
  • Dev site can now be accessed from mobile devices
  • In your payment history you will now see:
    • pending payments
    • withholding percentages for international developers do to tax treaties
    • show amount being withheld with each payment
  • Removing zip code and country drop down from /accounts/my_account page
  • Cursor starts in the first field when sign in or sign up when sign in or sign up is initiated by the user
  • Can flag comments on our developer’s site
  • We put up a new navigation test on our site, if you’re in the new navigation test you’ll see
    • Our old navigation links are now compressed into three main drop downs (Games, Achievements, Community) and we added a Profile menu
    • Games Menu contains links to our featured categories, game categories, developer site, game upload and information about our mobile app
    • Achievements Menu contains our latest challenge, badge of the day, links to all badges, quests and challenges and links to link your PowerUp Rewards account
    • Community Menu contains links to our current contests, links to the forums, Kongregate news and to Arts and Sound. Also something new is that it’ll list some of your online friends.
    • Profile Menu contains how many messages you have, links to profile, account settings and purchasing kreds. We also added a level bar for you to track how many points until you reach your next level.

CR 2011.09.07

- Link your PUR account through our mobile site @ http://m.kongregate.com/poweruprewards
- New user signups will go back to our three drop downs (month, day and year) for the birthday section

CR 2011.08.24

- New Play on Kongregate button in http://www.kongregate.com/logos for game developers
- SSL warnings should no longer appear on the developer payment info form. All images should now be served properly and the warnings should go away!
- We have a new site for developers to go and grab documentation and information. Go to http://developers.kongregate.com and you’ll find:
- Updated developer docs
- A place to comment on these docs
- See case studies of successful kreds games
- Special section just for developer news
- Ability to sign up for the developer newsletter

- Only show the current contest leader boards on the home page
- Moved the location of our contest leader boards on our /contests page
- Removed our /featured_developers page
- Fix the Remember Me check box during sign in to work with Facebook Connect
- When a developer replies to one of your comments on their game page, you now get sent a whisper
- See developer replies to your comments on your own /comments page
- Everyone who has rated over 5 games will now see recommended games with tags on both the home page and game pages

CR 2011.07.13

- Developers can now reply to comments on their game pages
- Added a section for developers to put any game news when uploading or editing games

- Kred purchases with GameStop gift cards now work with 12 and 16 digit cards
- Removed verify password field and privacy policy link from the registration form
- Real time validation on registration form
- Added a game news section to the game tab
- Update to a new Kreds offer partner TrialPay
- Various bug and security fixes

CR 2011.06.21

- Ability to send in game shouts
- Resize enclosing game container >br/>

- Ability to find your friends on Facebook that are also on Kongregate when you link your account with Facebook
- “Stop goofing around” error message change from feedback form
- Display character counts on the feedback forms
- Restore News Posts to the front page
- Confirmation message is sent with successful kred purchases
- Various bug and security fixes

CR 2011.06.01

- Link your Facebook account from your "edit account settings" page.
- Sign up for a new Kong account quickly by using the "Facebook Sign in" button while logged out.
- Receive 25 points when your Facebook and Kongregate accounts are linked.
- Get to your account settings more quickly with http://www.kongregate.com/accounts/my_account.
- Edit your profile more quickly with http://www.kongregate.com/accounts/my_profile.

CR 2011.05.17

- Fixed a bug that caused the Javascript API to not function in IE9

- Fixed a bug that allowed line breaks in chat
- Added new links to the Kongregate footer
- Tweet button now has more varied tweet suggestions
- Various bug and security fixes

CR 2011.05.04

- Minimum amount for wire transfer is now $500
- US Developers receive payments via ACH/EFT instead of Wire transfer
- Wire transfer payments are now only available for international developers

- Ratings now appear correctly on black backgrounds
- Favorites on profiles are now set back to reverse chronological order
- Changes to the collabs pages to fit with the Kongregate theme
- Average ratings show up for arts/sound collabs
- More info link in Kreds lightbox open in a new tab/window
- Error messages now appear when trying to create a forum topic without body text
- Are you seeing blank avatars in chat? Well we fixed that too. Everyone's a avatar should now show up in chat
- Don't you hate it when you try to paste links in chat and the links look broken? Those links should now appear correctly in chat
- We're also starting to do A/B tests on both the sign up tabs on game pages and the sign up lightbox
- Various bug and security fixes

CR 2011.04.19

- You can now trigger the Kongregate registration lightbox from your games. This new API call is documented on the Handling Guests in Kongregate Games page of our Developer API documentation.

- Don't know where to redeem your Kreds you got from the PowerUp Rewards site? We've added a link to the redemption page from the Kreds purchase lightbox.
- It's now easier to find the button to link your Kong and PowerUp Rewards account. When you hover over the link link my account button, the cursor changes to let you know you're on the correct button.
- Have you noticed that chat now loads differently? We've reduced the time it takes to get into the chat rooms to talk with your friends!
- We have removed any mobile Favorites from your public profile page, but don't worry -- you can still see them in your Favorites list by clicking on "View all X Favorites" from your profile page.

CR 2011.03.16

- Our biggest feature in this deploy is our new Badge of the Day feature. Starting today, every day we'll feature one of our existing badges as the Badge of the Day. It will get a regular spot in our feature roll on the home page, as well as a module at the top of the Badges page, and everyone who earns it will be given double the points. If you've already earned the badge earlier, you'll get an extra 5, 15, or 30 points (depending on the difficulty of the badge), just for loading up the game.
- We've released a bug fix on the game pages to make IE9 use Compatibility Mode so game pages load without a problem.
- Users in the USA can now also score GameStop PowerUp Rewards points on Kongregate, including the Badge of the Day. See Ducklette's post on PowerUp Rewards for all the details!

CR 2011.01.24

- Add tags on game upload page

- Quicklinks bar changes
- New Tweet button
- New Facebook button
- Top tags displayed on game page
- Add tags to games
- Vote on tags for games
- Various bug and security fixes

CR 2011.01.24

- New FAQ section for W8-BEN developers
- Suppress right click for Unity games
- Game icon dimensions changed from 100x75 to 125x100

- Fix game loading issue
- Forums show correct number of pages
- Unsubscribe from our newsletter without having to log in
- Notification navigation stays on one line
- Users without the latest version of unity are asked to upgrade
- Favorite icon size change
- Various bug and security fixes

CR 2010.12.21

- Revenue reports now generated oldest to newest
- Facebook like button doesn’t show up in game preview
- Accepting W-8 electronically
- Ability to upload unity games

- Improvements to search
- Various bug and security fixes

CR 2010.11.16

- Purchase Kreds with Gamestop gift cards
- Friend icon showing up in chat
- Long names in forum no longer breaks the forum width
- Repairing some broken Kongai card images
- Various other bug and security fixes

CR 2010.10.25

- Added a bug fix so when searching for banned users we no longer throw a 500 error.

- Web OS users are now able to user our mobile site!
- Removed ads during sign up from our mobile site.
- Various bug and security fixes.
- Fixed bugs with badges, chat, sign in and sign up for users using IE9.
- To reduce the strain on our database, we have removed voices from our forum threads.
- Mobile game categories are now listed in alphabetical order for faster searches.
- We have fixed some broken starter card images that appear on your profile.

CR 2010.10.12

- Added an error message to the json reply for microtransactions so that if you attempt to use an unusable item, you get a helpful error instead of a 500 page.

- We now randomize you to one of 10 different games while the site is down. We figured you'd probably had your fill of Filler 2. ba-doom ching!
- Our mobile site now has the ability to filter by category and true pagination (instead of just a really long list), making browsing games easier. And yes, we now have a single ad on the mobile site - gotta pay for the bandwidth somehow!
- Internally, we've dropped GetExceptional and moved over to HopToad for our error handling reporter. We're hoping HopToad works better for us to give quick and accurate error reports.
- Various back-end optimizations and security fixes.
- Added a cron job to help us monitor if the forum pagination bug (not linking to the last page of a thread) creeps up again so we can clear it again. Hopefully we can find a more permanent solution, but this should help us stay on top of it until then.
- Fixed a bug on the credit card form where if you put incorrect data in the form would disappear instead of just clearing itself for re-entry.
- Removed the empty "Armies" category of shared content from Monster Slayers.
- At the request of some users, we've now added an option to suppress your email when sending a bug report to game developers.

CR 2010.09.28

- For kreds games, developers now get free purchases of their own items to make testing easier. I apologize for neglecting to mention this in the last update, which led to some understandable confusion ("Why are all my items free now?!"). With this update, we added some helper text to the purchase lightbox to clarify what's going on with the prices.
- Added a new tool to help alert us when you change your payment address. Apologies to the few developers who had checks mailed to an old address.
- Added userIDs of friends to the user info .json feed and removed some extra information from it.
- Games are now either mobile-only or PC-only. We no longer have "mobile-enabled" versions of PC games that you've uploaded. If you had one of those, we made a copy and added "Mobile" to the name. From now on, you will need to upload two versions of your game if you wish to be on the mobile site too.

- Our biggest news of the deploy is our new anti-spam measures. The forums have been attacked by Russian spam bots (sounds like some video game plot, no?) and we've officially had enough. We now have measures in place to automatically catch, hide, and lock spam posts (Russian or not) in the forums. We've also made forum links "no-follow" to kill any value of spamming our forums anyway. We'll have to see how this works, and some forums (Labs) still need some manual clean-up, but we hope this will be an effective method to significantly reduce the recent spam.
- One of the more visible changes, for some users, is a test of two new layouts on the front page. We're doing a randomized test where 1/3 of our users will see the old version while the others will see one of two new versions. You can check this discussion of the new layouts for more info. These are temporary - we're going to collect data and see which ones are most effective and make a decision later.
- For those "stuck" with the old layout, there is at least a small consolation: we added a new optimization that only loads new slots in the layout when needed. This should decrease the loading time of the homepage for users with that version.
- The other big improvements have been on the mobile website. On top of some size optimizations, you can now log in on the mobile site and rate games, even earning points for those ratings. Mobile versions of games have a separate rating from non-mobile versions, since the integration into mobile can sometimes break a game (and we'd hate the PC version's rating to suffer for that).
- Optimized various game page assets to serve from a sprite for faster load times. Also optimized an extra avatar request that was being made on game pages.
- The "Collabs" are now known as "Arts/Sounds" to help things be clear to newer users.
- Along those lines, Aviary has been broken for a while, but we had no reports of it. They made changes recently that broke our integration and would be a fair amount of work to fix. Since it was no longer being used often, we decided to remove it. Of course, you can still use this fantastic online tool to create and save artwork and then upload it to the Art/Sounds section. There's just no longer an automatic upload whenever you save.
- Registration is now SSL protected. We added this for logins and password changes last deploy, but now the original registration is SSL as well.
- Fixed an issue where spotlight ads would sometimes disappear after clicking on them.
- Got rid of an inaccurate error message that was generated if you switched users on a game page.
- Fixed a problem where certain parts of the game autocomplete box weren't clickable in IE7.
- Modified the pagination tool on the search results to use our new method and no longer show a ridiculous and inaccurate number of pages.
- Changed "Hotmail" to "Outlook" for our contact importer since we can no longer import Hotmail directly.
- Internet Explorer Cycle! Formatting fixes: missing text in IE6 on the Labs page, overlapping with IE7's CAPTCHA on the sign up tab, missing text when changing your avatar from a game in IE8, and fixed stylesheet error in IE9. That was a baseball reference if you were wondering what a cycle was.

CR 2010.08.25

- We've updated the text on the ad and kred revenue reports to now correctly note that there are multiple payout thresholds (it still said it would always happen at $25).

- The biggest change for this release is very exciting for us: we've changed from sequential to asynchronous loading of ads on the page. What does this mean? You no longer have to wait for the ad at the top of the page to load for the page content to appear. This can reduce loadtimes on pages by over a second in many cases - check out the comparison video to see the significant improvement. (A quick note though: this new method has some limitations, and it is not enabled for IE6 or IE7 on game pages)
- Fixed a bug for guests where the badge-earned tab wasn't popping up over the Welcome tab in Chrome.
- Here's one you can "blame" on GameStop. They did a survey of our security and asked us to start using SSL logins when you enter your username and password. Darn you GameStop for helping us become more secure! ;-)
- Changed our various spinners and loaders to run off of one sprite. This reduces the number of downloads and is generally more efficient. A side effect of this is that we moved to a new, linear loading "spinner" in order to match the same number of frames as the smaller spinners. Please note that in no way are we circlist. We like circles too, heck, my best friend is a circle!
- Fixed a bug with mouse-overs in the profile pages on badges not correctly updating the badge details.
- Re-added the "private" tag next to private messages in your "sent messages" view. Not sure when/why it disappeared in the first place, but it's back now. :)
- Changed the purchase flow logic for PayPal to detect if you have canceled your billing agreement with us (that is, removed your account info to no longer allow one-click purchasing).
- Fixed a race condition that would occasionally not show how many kreds were transferred in a purchase on IE7.
- Patched up a security hole in chat that would allow potential execution of malicious code.
- Added an autocomplete for our admins when hand-awarding missing badges. Ok, so that doesn't really affect you at all, but the admin team is really excited about how much time that can save. :) (previously we had to go through a chronological dropdown of all badges/challenges ever to find it!)
- Added whitespace suppression to our UGC submission form. A few users were reporting issues redeeming UGC cards when they put spaces (which were printed on the card) in the code.
- OCD Fix: Increased the size limit on our custom pages. All this really means is that my changelog will no longer be continually munched from the end each time I post something new. w00t! Seriously though, did anyone besides Ventero even notice that months of changes were missing from the bottom?

CR 2010.08.11

- Fixed a bug that was preventing us from renaming games. We still strongly recommend that you are careful and proofread your game names, since permalinks stay, well, permanent.
- Fixed another bug that was causing large delays in High Scores tabs showing up for games using our statistics APIs. It should be back to normal, which was a delay of at most 5 minutes after the first stat is submitted.
- If you have a kreds-enabled Flash game, you can now re-publish the game whenever you need to do an update without asking us for permission. The first publish of a kreds game still requires our approval, but once published you'll have control over it.

- It is officially the dawn of a new day for Kongregate. We are no longer in beta! The beta tag has been removed - rest in peace, you crazy little grey rounded box! (In other news, while we don't officially support it, I've already seen one script (by Vara) that can restore the beta tag for you - though I'd like to correct the script's description: GameStop did not make us take down the beta tag, that was our idea).
- In celebration of our recent acquisition by GameStop, we have added a small, tasteful GameStop logo to our header and footer.
- You can now save your PayPal information when purchasing kreds, meaning you no longer have to log in to PayPal each time you want to make a purchase. If you'd rather not have us save your information, just uncheck the option right below the package selection radio buttons. (Bonus information: you can manually clear saved credit card and PayPal information from your account on your Edit Account Settings page)
- Made some other slight format modifications (like renaming some buttons) to the kred purchase lightbox. Also went through to make sure PayPal was capitalized correctly in all places.
- Fixed a bug that would allow certain forum posts to break our layout.
- Combined a bunch of common sprites on the homepage and gamepages into a single sprite to reduce the number of requests needed, cutting down on bandwidth and load times.
- Made some CSS optimizations to the Welcome Box, game pods, and Quick Picks.
- Fixed a few glitches on IE6. Yes...many people are still using IE6... (though to be fair, in many cases I think it's because they're on someone else's computer who won't let them upgrade)
- Updated the logic for showing user type icons in comments and chat. In game comments you will only see K's and D's, and in chat you will only see K's, R's, D's, and M's. The goal is to only show icons that are relevant to the location, at least in communications (we'll probably leave them in some places, like leaderboards). Updates to logic for forums should be coming soon.
- We can now support pending PayPal transactions automatically. While we still recommend doing instant transfers or credit cards through PayPal, slower methods like e-checks will credit your account automatically when they clear (which can take a few days).
- Fixed a formatting bug in Zong purchases that made it impossible to buy kreds in the Netherlands. We've added "show more" links to give details about carrier-specific deals to keep them from over-wrapping the frame.
- Added "Terms of Sale" links to all kred payment method screens.
- Made some optimizations to pagination for shared content.

CR 2010.07.06

- Added a wire transfer payment option for developers who can't use checks or Paypal. These are expensive, so there's a minimum of $1000 to payout.
- Changed the minimum payout for checks to $100 instead of $25 (which was a requested feature since many non-US banks will charge a fee for checks that makes it better to have larger checks to cash). The Paypal payment minimum remains at $25 for those who prefer quicker, smaller payouts.
- We now have the ability to put your payments on hold at your request. Just email our new developer support email (developer_support@kongregate.com, which is now the same thing as picking Developer Support from the Contact Us page) and we can put your game on hold. When on hold, it will continue collecting money, but we will not pay it out until you contact us again to release the funds.
- Fixed a bug that would cause some new developers to get an endless spinner when trying to access their revenue reports.

- Fixed a bug that was giving an error for some users when sorting their favorite games by date of release.
- Patched some security issues.
- Changed the header of Zong purchases to now show the correct purchase method name.
- Put in various database tweaks and optimizations.
- Fixed the red box around the RSS feed icon in the forums.
- Mods: Fixed a bug that was causing you to be unable to see forum posts for users posting in game-specific forums.
- Adjusted our purchase flow so that if you get blocked for credit card purchases due to failed transactions, you will get an information screen explaining what happened rather than a blank screen.
- Super obscure tweak: Added a ® symbol to our name in the footer.

CR 2010.06.15

- Fixed a minor formatting error in your kred transaction reports that would cause the heading to overlap the line below in Safari and Chrome.

- Lots of backend stuff that allows us to track gameplays, split tests, etc. easier so that we can get good data about how to improve the site to make it more efficient and easier to use.
- Fixed a bug where lightboxes in IE8 would remove the horizontal scroll bar on wide games.
- Added a link to your Account Settings page that allows you to clear saved credit card information if you have a saved card with us.
- Game icons in the More Games tab were getting squished. They are now desquishified. (EDIT: Screw you spellcheck. That's definitely a word.)
- This is a pretty obscure one, but sometimes we were sending HTML emails when they were supposed to be text-only, which caused some pretty ugly emails to be sent out. This should no longer be the case.
- We've added some backend code to help us support multi-language pages. This is not going to be a sitewide change, but some pages, like API documentations, may get additional languages as we get translations for them. You can see a sample here. The FAQ has had translations for a while, but those were done with by-hand links - this is now an interface that we can use to create them more cleanly and quickly.
- Made some optimizations to game page CSS. We've removed rounded corners from around the games, instead opting for the border-radius property in FF/webkit. Opera and IE get to have square corners, but this should help increase pageload speed and have fewer nested divs.
- Some of you may have noticed that your chat icons went blank for a week or two. We had a bug in the code that was causing some orphaned icon names. However, since we're nice people and like helping orphans, we have fixed the code problem and are currently running a rake task to fix them on prod. If your icon is still blank it should hopefully be fixed sometime today.

CR 2010.05.27

- When you export your kred transactions for a game you will now see tips in the .csv as well as purchases.
- No longer are you limited to "last week" or "this month" ranges for revenue reports. We now bring you...custom date range revenue reports! You can select any start and end date and get a report for that range.
- If you upload a mobile-only game it will no longer show on your non-mobile Kongregate profile.
- Speaking of mobile, we've added some best practices documentation to help you fine tune mobile development, especially for interface questions, which can be particularly challenging.
- Fixed a bug where the developer navigation bar at the top was too wide and was causing wrapping in some browsers.
- We had a few developers who, due to a bug, had their revenue not properly going on hold and paying out. Apologies to those devs who had their revenue delayed due to this bug. We've fixed it and everyone should be automatically updated and paid appropriately next week.
- Fixed a bug that was causing games that were unpublished and then republished to not always get correctly calculated for placement in weekly and monthly contests.
- While the Shootorial assets and code have always been free to use, we had a few users ask specifics about what they can and can't do with them. In order to be more clear with our intentions, all of the assets now come under a CC attribution license and the code is under a version of the BSD3 license. The exact licenses are included when you download the source or image packs.
- Changed revenue reporting to use a polling method instead of loading everyone at once. This fixes some timeouts that were happening for developers will lots of games. You will notice now that a spinner appears for a few seconds (or more if you have a bunch of games) before the results are shown.

- We made a variety of performance improvements to the site, hopefully leading to a generally snappier and faster-loading experience. Examples of such changes are compressing our API and helper .swf's, using a PNG favicon for most browsers, compressing the .ico favicon for the others, and compressing lots of image assets on the site.
- Fixed a bug that would prevent you from changing your vote on a game comment after you've already voted. It should now correctly show a swing of two points (from +1 to -1, or vice versa), and maintain that change on a page refresh.
- Expired quests are no longer linked to on your rewards page.
- Added documentation for the * and # lists in textile.
- Made a minor tweak to the kred package selection layout for stored credit cards to avoid line wrapping.
- For any price-points in Zong that are exclusive to certain wireless providers, we will now display the carrier name so it is clear that it is an exclusive option.
- When you first change your profile page, you earn 15 points. We now give you an announcement at the top of your profile to let you know about your 15 point bonus when this happens.
- Mobile-only games now automatically switch to the mobile layout. This likely won't affect anyone, since links to them aren't available on site, but if you type in a URL of a mobile-optimized game manually you'll see the change.
- Added payment method headers to the top of package selection screens so that it is no longer ambiguous as to whether you're selecting a package for Paypal, Credit Cards, or Paysafe.
- Fixed a bug that made editing forum posts in IE6 look pretty terrible. Now, go upgrade IE or get a real browser. :-)

CR 2010.05.11

- In light of recent developments for mobile flash gaming, we have added a new upload page specifically for games that are optimized for mobile. Any games uploaded here will appear only on the mobile site. You will need to upload a different version using our normal uploader for the main site (which allows you to have different versions of the game for different platforms). Please only use this uploader if you have personally tested your game out on mobile - we really don't want to have to start deleting games from the mobile site.
- We fixed a caching issue that was preventing new versions of games on our Games For Your Site page from properly updating when the main game was updated. Thank you the devs and portal owners who worked patiently with us while we got that sorted out!
- Fixed a bug that was preventing developers from making changes to their API statistics.

- Probably the most obvious feature, and one that has already spawned multiple threads, is regarding the new layout of Top Comments. Based on your (emphatic) suggestions, we have now exposed the top 5 best-rated comments, and the top 5 newest comments, on the game page. There were a lot of ways to go (some users suggested tabs instead, though in that case some content was still hidden if you don't click again), but we think this is a good compromise that gives the most information and exposes the most relevant comments in terms of quality and freshness.
- Along the same lines, we now have a different algorithm for sorting "Best" comments in games. You can read the full details about the algorithm in this great post, but basically it's a much more stable and reasonable measure than either percentage or net positive/negative. We do still show a net score, since that is probably more useful than the p-value generated by the new algorithm, but you'll notice that "Best" will not always sort by net score. You can still sort by net score by choosing the "Rating" sort method when viewing all comments for a game.
- Fixed a bug where badge images were not clickable in profile pages in IE6/7. Also fixed a similar bug in which the badge images were not clickable on our /badges page.
- We've enabled a "Download" link on any game pages for games that we've sponsored. These will be the same games as the Games For Your Site page, but you now have the option to just download the game directly from the game page. Please note, this is only for games that Kongregate has sponsored.
- We have added Paysafe to our growing list of kred purchase methods. Paysafe is available in many countries where Ultimate Game Card is not and should give players who wish to purchase kreds more options. We have also made sure that you can access payment methods regardless of your location, though different methods will be featured depending on which ones are prominent in your area.
- We created a new streamlined interface for users who have stored credit cards when making kred purchases. You'll now be able to check out in a single screen rather than going through the normal purchase flow. Of course, you can still choose a different payment method if you'd prefer.
- We have re-enabled the * and # textile notation for lists. We had this for a while in forums, but the formatting was messed up so we removed them. We've fixed the formatting and you can use *'s for a bulleted list and #'s for a numbered list. We'll be adding documentation for them soon.
- We've done a lot of work on our mobile site (to the point that we were recently featured in an article about mobile Flash apps), including improved sign-in/registration, the new pagination of games, and the new mobile-game uploader mentioned above. Please note that this is still bleeding edge and the vast majority of phones do not yet support Flash.
- Some of you may have noticed some Facebook recommendations appearing on the homepage. This is a small test (about 1% of our users) to see if the feature is useful or interesting. If we do end up using it we will re-design it (right now it replaces the current contest leaders). Either way, if you do see it, it's only a temporary test at the moment.
- Fixed a minor bug where trying to purchase kreds from /kreds as a guest would load the wrong login page.
- OCD Fix: Made a change to the assets served on a game page, specifically to the developer icon. It is now (correctly) a 16x16 icon, rather than a 40x40 icon crammed into 16x16 (which made some of them look terrible, and wasted bandwidth). Thanks Ventero for noticing the slight visual artifacts that appeared when they were squished. :)

CR 2010.04.28

- Fixed a bug with sponsored games in the Games For Your Site page not updating when new versions were uploaded.

- Fixed a bug that was showing a blank screen after some kred purchases.
- Links in chat now open a new window/tab so you don't lose in-game progress.
- By popular request, we now sort user comments pages by newest first.
- We've made some tweaks to the social share links, including using a darker Facebook "Like" button.
- The Messages (X) link in the welcome box at the top will now automatically link to your private messages if you only have unread private messages and no unread shouts.
- Slight tweaks to the Prev/Next links at the bottom of the game and badge browsers to make them easier to see and use.
- Fixed some formatting oddities in IE7 for chat profiles.
- We now redirect the old /shouts and /whispers URLs for profile pages to go to the appropriate message center pages. There weren't any links to these, but some people were still typing them by hand.
- Fixed a bug that was causing lightboxes (like login or kred purchases) to not function on iframe games (like Heroes of Gaia) in Opera. Now, for the love of all that is holy, please go download an actual functioning browser. ;)

CR 2010.04.21

- New messaging center! You'll notice that you now have a "Messages" link up where the "My Profile" link used to be (don't worry, you can still click your name or your avatar to go straight to your profile). If you see a number in parentheses after it, that means you have unread messages. When you open up the messages page these will all be marked as "read" for you.
- A major new feature for messaging is the ability to leave comments on shouts. This means you can carry on legitimate multi-person, multi-threaded conversations within your messaging page.
- On your messaging page, you'll now see a "Sent" tab (in addition to the normal "Shout" and "Private Message" tabs) that lets you easily see all messages, both public and private, that you've sent.
- You can now reply to private messages within an embedded text box in your messaging page instead of having to go to the other player's profile page.
- We have moved the various action links (mute, friend, etc.) up on the Profile pages so that all of the actions are in a consistent spot.
- You may notice that in order to make room for the larger shouts on the profile page the "comments" section for game comments was removed. However, you can still open up all of a player's game comments by clicking on the number next to the word "comments" near the top of the profile page.
- Speaking of game comments, we have added the ability to give a + or - to a game comment. This should help filter out bad or irrelevant comments and promote thoughtful, useful comments instead. The top 10 highest-rated comments are shown on the game page and there is now a dedicated page for comments that can be sorted by date or rating. Low-rated comments will also be hidden by default, but viewable if you click the "show" link.
- We have added textile formatting to the profile "About Me" section. This means that you can now use the forum formatting for bold, italics, etc., as well as plaintext newlines. Note that we had to cap the special formatting at about 3000 characters for performance reasons, so if your section is too long you may want to shorten it up to get the special formatting.
- Our "Under Maintenance" page now will feature a game for you to play while you're waiting for us to finish the update.
- The chatroom will now detect Kongregate URLs and make them linkable, even including a mini game icon for games. So now you can create clickable links to profiles, games, and forums. Please note that these links will open in the same tab, so if you don't want to lose your game progress you should right-click and open in a new tab/window.
- If you have purchased kreds, you'll see a live view of your account balance in the login box at the top of the page. If you don't have any kreds, it will be replaced by a link to your profile (no need to have a big 0 staring you in the face!).
- Fixed a bug that wasn't remembering the tab that you were on in a game page (it was always defaulting to "Chat" instead of saving it as "Game" or "Achievements" if that's what you preferred).
- We've added a link to our Merchandise Store to the navigation links at the bottom of the page, in case any of you haven't gotten your awesome tee-shirts and mugs yet!
- The link to your favorite games has been moved from the login box at the top of the page to its own navigation option under the Games bar. Additionally, the games are now integrated with our standard games browser instead of using the old list format.

CR 2010.03.30

- When you publish a game, we redirect you to your payment info screen if it hasn't been filled out so that you don't forget to tell us how to pay you. However, previously there was no confirmation that the publish worked on this screen. We've now added an alert to let you know the publish succeeded.
- We've updated some out-of-date links that were pointing to threads in the programming forum for API documentation. They should now all point to our new API docs.
- There was also a documentation update performed, including some new sample code for Konduit authentication.
- There are some aesthetic changes to the Upload page so that it now matches our general style better.
- If you have an iframe game, the Upload New Version link will now correctly append ?iframe=true to the URL so that you don't end up being asked for a .swf for your iframe game.

- The red Kongregate title bar has been added to the sign-in lightbox box to help make it clear that the login is for Kongregate and not for any game-specific accounts. Plus it looks spiffier.
- The (view all badges) link on your own profile now correctly points to /badges?filter_by=earned&sort=newest.
- Password recovery link in sign-in lightbox now opens in a new window so that you won't reset your game. Similarly, a failed sign-in in the Welcome Box at the top right will now open the lightbox instead of redirecting, again to prevent game progress loss. Also, we now have a password recovery link directly in the welcome box when you aren't logged in.
- Updated formats for Rewards List and Points Leaderboard to be more consistent with other site designs.
- Added validation to the change password form to prevent blank passwords.
- Switched over to Plaxo for imports of contacts (since Octazen, our previous provider, is no longer providing the service having been acquired by Facebook).
- We have removed the "Contacts" concept from the profiles. Chances are most of you have no idea what I'm talking about, since Contacts only got a few hundred hits a month across the millions of players, which is why we decided it was wise to trim.
- We now check to see if you attempt to send a referral to an existing user's email, and if they already have an account we don't send them a new email about it.
- Did a general optimization by combining a bunch of site assets into sprites.
- Cleaned up the Friends/Fans pages to be more consistent with site designs.
- There used to be a delay when you muted or friended a user in chat, sometimes requiring a refresh of the page before you could see the friend icon or the muted formatting of their name. Both of these are now instantly updated in the user list.
- In some Firefox versions, the AFK function in the chat actions would disappear after going AFK. This should no longer happen.
- OCD Bugfix: We changed "(hide loot tickets on public profile)" to "(hide awards on public profile)" in the profile page.
- OCD Bugfix: We have muzzled the Kong Bot. Yes, that's right - now, when you whisper someone in chat who isn't around, Kong Bot won't get short term memory loss and tell you twice that the person is no longer around. We expect to lower our carbon footprint by a full 4% thanks to all of the saved bandwidth.

CR 2010.03.03

- Fixed a bug that was sending credit card confirmation whispers in some cases for a failed transaction.
- On our backend, we've converted from SVN to Git. It won't affect the site or anything, but I thought some of our programming users might be interested to know what development tools we use.
- Fixed a perhaps long-standing problem that caused the API to stop submitting stats in some cases - most often in high-CPU / high-RAM games. This was a major factor in the delay of giving badges to a certain protection-from-the-inflated-latex-attackers game that would eat up tons of RAM by about level 45... Please note, that's not a promise of what the next badge is going to be, I was simply making an observation. We hope that it will help reduce missing achievement issues more generally as well, though only time will tell on that one.
- We're now using CSS3 to generate rounded corners on some of our designs. This should help reduce the number of images we need to transfer for some browsers.
- The Edit Profile form now matches the style of the other account information form, and it now is included in the links just above the forms, making the whole experience more consistent aesthetically.
- Fixed a bug that has caused newly-created Fantastic Contraption: Prius Edition levels to not be able to be loaded. You should now be able to create new levels for the game, and I think we're going to see if we can fix the problem for the existing unloadable levels, though I'm not making promises on those yet.
- Added a 15 point bonus for saying something about yourself (or about anything) in your profile. This is meant to encourage new users to get more involved with the community, but we'll be awarding the 15 points automatically to everyone who has something in their About Me section during the day today. If you can't wait, go ahead and just change something in your profile's About Me section.
- Obscure bug fix: Tweaked a small issue that was causing badges to show through the game name autocompleter when used on someone's profile page in IE8.

CR 2010.02.03

- Fixed a bug in which games were not updating to new versions. You still may need to clear a local cache, but the games should update properly now.

- If a shout or whisper on a profile page is rejected for containing prohibited text, it no longer clears itself, and instead allows you to edit the message and not have to retype the whole thing.
- We can now accept phone payments through Zong in 26 countries.
- We've added Ultimate Game Card payments, which you can go out to many local retailers to purchase. This is a great alternative to users who don't have credit cards and for whom prepaid debit cards weren't working on our site.
- We have support for Offerpal offers, allowing free and highly-discounted kred purchases. Additionally, you'll be notified in chat, as well as through a profile whisper, of completed offers.

CR 2010.01.18

- Fixed a bug with high scores over the past week. Specifically, the pagination used to show a lot more pages than were present. Additionally, the title of that tab was changed to "This Week" instead of "7 Days", since it actually does a Monday - Sunday run rather than the previous 7 days, meaning it starts fresh each Monday.
- Added some security fixes.
- Fixed a bug that was preventing users from showing/hiding their age and gender on their profile.
- OCD Fix: High score pagination now starts correctly at 25(n-1) + 1, instead of 20(n-1) + 1, where n is the page number being viewed. Ah, sorry - I kinda blacked out and went back into math major mode for a second there. In any case, instead of page 2 running #21 - #45, it is now correctly #26 - #50.

CR 2010.01.05

- With tax season quickly approaching, we've overhauled how we collect tax info for US residents. During our recent payment run, you may have received an email requesting more information. If you did, please follow the directions in the email to make tax data collection much smoother on everyone. Thanks!

- Upgraded to Rails 2.3.5. In general this shouldn't have any visible implications, but we thought some of you might be interested anyway. :)
- Added opt-out links to almost every email we send so that you can add your email to a block list if you're tired of hearing from us. Of course, you can still set email notification preferences in your account page as always.
- Fixed a bug that caused an endless spinner when making Paypal purchases in IE7 from the lightbox. The purchases had always worked, they just looked like they were endlessly processing.

CR 2009.12.14

- Due to how our stats were set up, an error could occur if you deleted a stat after creating it, so we now prevent deletion of stats. If you have an extra one, no problem - just don't use it. :)
- We opened up accounts/[username]/badges.json so that it can be accessed from api.kongregate.com, meaning that you can now access that json feed in games on Kongregate.
- Fixed an incorrect link on the game upload page to the formatting guide.
- There is a new Developer Center that is a one-stop shop for all of your developer-related links. You can check it out here or by clicking on the word "Developers" in the top navigation bar.
- In the news, we have announced our new Konduit Application Platform for embedding games in iframes on Kongregate and accessing our API through it. You can check out our Gamasutra article to read more about it. It's still in a closed beta, but we're currently evaluating projects for inclusion in it.

- Revamped how AFK (away from keyboard) works in chat based on feedback from our users. You no longer will automatically go AFK with time - it is now a manual setting. You can use the dropdown "Chat Actions" box, or you can use the chat commands /afk and /back to control your setting. You will come back to active if you type in chat, but PMs and earning badges should no longer set you to active.
- Fixed a bug with the game autocomplete getting covered by ads in some browsers.
- Fixed a formatting issue with Shared Content browsing in IE7.
- Guests (unregistered users) can now see badge names in the achievements tab.
- Fixed a bug that gave you an error if you logged out while on the "Buy Kreds" page.
- Added a cancel button to the Shared Content loading box, so now you shouldn't have to reload the page if it freezes on that white box.
- Added a new Textile formatting guide and linked to it from various Textile-formatting locations (forum posts, shouts, etc.). If anyone has a better example of a mathematical formula that has both a subscript and a superscript, please let me know so I can change it out - the current one sucks. My favorite is e + 1 = 0, but that sadly has no subscript.
- Updated the helper text when posting in the forums so as to not show unsupported features (lists) and to show people how to embed images (a common request in the forums).
- Fixed a Javascript error that would occur when tabbing out of the zip code field on the kreds purchase page.
- Removed links on medals in the profile for quests that are no longer active.
- Added an icon to "Start a game forum thread" on game pages with dedicated game forums.
- Changed private profiles in chat so that you can now mute someone from their chat profile even if they're set to private.
- Added mod (M), forum mod (F), curator (C), and admin (K) icons to forum posts.
- Changed the rules so that thread creators can no longer edit titles of locked threads. Additionally, a thread creator cannot delete their thread after there have been at least 10 posts.
- There is now a link to all of a users' forum posts on their profile page (right above their location details).
- Fixed a bug that was making a user's icon invisible in IE8 on the kreds purchase page.
- Changed the name "Support Center" to "FAQ" to try to be more consistent with other websites. The content's still the same though. :)
- Switched h1 and h2 styles to be in the correct order (previous h2 was bigger than h1).
- Added text to the Current Challenges page to make it clear when we don't currently have a challenge, instead of just being blank.
- After doing some testing and research, we've decided to reformat our game browser to be more efficient and offer bigger images of the games. Check it out!
- OCD Fix: On the Current Challenges page, all challenges had the text "Earn your card >>", even if it was a points challenge. They now will read "Start the challenge >>".

CR 2009.11.20

- Added a new avatar crop/replace API, which you can read about here. It is integrated into our AS3 API and allows you to create custom avatars for players to use on Kongregate. We look forward to seeing what you all can come up with using this tool!
- Fixed a formatting bug that was causing numbers to be out of place in IE and Opera for the kred revenue reports.
- The Contests page now lists the top nine games for a month (instead of just five) since we give out nine prizes each month.
- The user's .json feed now has a count of how many Awards (raffle tickets, medals, etc.) a user has.
- Added a link to the Longest Lasting Game Contest on the main Upload page. If you uploaded a game during the contest period and didn't put it in the contest and wanted to, please use the Developer Support option on our Contact Us page and we can add it to the contest for you. Good luck everyone - there's a huge $10,000 prize for the winner!

- Added the new Dragon Age Forge event. Check it out here to get your collection started and earn a ton of Kongregate points in the process!
- As mentioned above, we have a new avatar-replacement API that developers can use in games. You'll see the first example of it in Dragon Age: Journeys, where you can use the feature to add one more forged weapon per day. Please note: this is not like the L4D2 promotion where we revert to your old avatar later. Please keep a copy of your old avatar on your computer if you want to switch back later.
- There's an undocumented Forge feature for users in chat: if you use /inv (or /inventory) in chat it will tell you what you currently have collected and how many weapons you can still give away.
- Increased our room full limits to 150, in addition to creating some new rooms, in order to accommodate the awesome growth we've been having recently.
- Multiplayer game chat rooms were renumbered to always use two digits, so Room #1 is now Room #01. This will make finding rooms easier for games with lots of rooms.
- Popular demand for lots of kreds has led us to create a larger package option, so you now can purchase kreds in $5, $20, or $50 sets.
- Fixed a problem with the kreds purchase page that was logging users out in IE7.
- Fixed a bug that was causing some pre-game ads to keep playing the sounds in IE even after the ad closed. Yodeling is great, but there's a limit I suppose. :)
- OCD Fix of the Year: So, I hesitate to even point this out for fear of it overshadowing the fantastic work done on the Forge event and the other fixes in this release, but we finally got the big one. The one everyone's been talking about. Which one? I'll give you a clue: I posted this thread "a few seconds ago".

CR 2009.11.2

- Lowered the limit so that only 40 ratings are required to get out of judgment for a game.
- Fixed a bug that was giving the share percentage in a dev's kred sales report as NaN% if they hadn't sold any kred items. This will now (correctly) read as 0% (yes, the theoretical share is normally 70%, but since nothing has been earned the most accurate statement is 0%, which is a weighted average of your actual earnings, not theoretical earnings).
- We have completely rewritten the API documentation so that you no longer have to search through long forum posts to try to get the details that you need. Check out our new documentation page to see the results!

- The big news of course is the awesome new badges browser. We've been wanting to redesign this for a while and finally had the opportunity thanks to a sponsorship from Dragon Age: Origins. You can now easily view all of the badges on the site and look at various subsets using the dropdown options. You can select a game genre on the left, then choose a filter such as all "Unearned Badges" or only "Medium Badges", and then sort by things like date or even which ones have been earned by the fewest number of people!
- Additionally, we're excited to announce a new type of challenge at Kongregate: the Badge Quest! In these challenges you set out on a journey across numerous games to collect a specific set of badges in order to earn a medal and potentially additional points. We have two badge quests to start off with: a Beginner's Quest of easy badges and a special Dragon Age: Origins Quest that will provide a little more challenge with some great RPGs on the list, and a limited-edition medal as your bounty. Good luck!
- Fixed a bug that was causing abuse reports to only confirm that it was handled to one of the filers instead of all. That is, if three people reported someone, and we ended up banning them, only one of the three was getting a whisper saying that we acted on it.
- Removed a bug that caused extra whitespace to appear to the right of game pages in Safari (which was often apparent if you use two-finger scrolling and accidentally scrolled a little to the right).

CR 2009.10.11

- Removed the "ad impressions" column from the revenue report. We weren't actually using this statistic to calculate anything related to revenue and it was confusing to have it on that report. This will in no way change how we calculate your revenue, we're just removing extraneous information.
- Fixed a bug that caused a few games to end up in a "half-published" state where they were marked as published but not showing up in public listings.
- Changed "Tip Revenue" to "Kred Revenue" and includes a more detailed listing for developers who are using microtransactions.

- Completely redid the design of the games browser to be slicker, quicker, and include more information (specifically game descriptions are now visible as well). It also now features the top two results in a sort, giving our best games some well-deserved extra attention.
- Removed a token from the user RSS feed that created a security risk as well as added a number of security fixes and improvements. Thank you Ventero!
- Modified the text of the shared content check box to make it clear that unchecking it will remove it from all public listings, not just keep it off of your profile.
- Fixed a bug that caused some ads to appear on top of our lightboxes.
- Changed an apparently long-standing subtle bug (that we just noticed) that caused a certain type of stat to double-count the first time it registered. For example, the first level you beat in Fancy Pants, if you got 8 squiggles, you'd get credit for 16. Each level after that would have been normal. In any case, it's fixed now.
- Fixed a bug that sometimes would have game listings sorted by rating show games that were still under judgment.
- Fixed the behavior that was causing the screen to bounce to the top when you added a user as a friend using the roll-over menu in chat.
- Patched up a bug that was causing our interface to not always show awards that were earned right away and preventing some achievements from being awarded at all. Thanks for everyone who had patience with us on the "T" ticket from the ODST content. :)
- Fixed a long-standing bug that caused Opera to freak out when using mouse-over menus in chat when the user list was scrolled down.
- Fixed the bug that was created by Opera with their new release that caused the above-mentioned mouse-over menu bug fix that we made to break. This fix actually involved deleting the previous fix. Thanks Opera…
- OCD Bugfix: The achievements tab now shows the correct number of active users in chat instead of saying "Join 0 people in chat" all the time. Yay!
- OCD Bugfix #2: Yup, you get two OCD fixes this month! Your tickets are now displayed on your profile in the order that they are obtained instead of their order of creation. For most people this will mean that the 9 ticket will no longer be in the middle of the ODST tickets. The planets are back in alignment now, you can all sleep peacefully.

CR 2009.09.24

- Fixed the upload help text to now correctly show the game size limit as 800 pixels wide, not 700.

- Moved all the game-specific threads that we could find from the main forums to their respective game forum. The winner was Kongai with about 650 threads, with Platform Racing 2 in second at 450 threads, and Sonny 2 pulling up third with about 200 threads.
- Ran a script to properly count all of the threads and posts in the game forums, so the counts should be accurate at this point.
- Fixed a bug that was causing issues with the rewards page either giving an error or having mixed up badges.
- Changed our credit card form to accept cards that expire more than 4 years from now.
- Fixed a bug that was preventing some stats in some games (including Frantic 2 and Storm The House 3) from submitting.
- Moderators can now post in non-featured game forums. Sorry 'bout that! :)
- Fixed a few more security issues.
- Patched up a bug that was causing game referrals and social share links to have the wrong name in them.
- Fixed the styling on the page links in collabs comments.
- Added protection to keep long strings of characters from overrunning the forum posts on game pages.
- Prevented an occasional issue that would show a negative number for a "best so far" in some scores.
- Fixed a small bug that was creating extra stat submissions in some cases. This will hopefully help our servers and speed up response time on stat submissions on the user end.
- Corrected the "How Do I Earn Points" link on the home page so it now goes where it should.
- OCD Fix: Updated the text on the Contact Us page so that it refers to a green plug instead of a green light.

CR 2009.09.15

- We've increased our maximum game width to 800 pixels! w00t!

- The major change to this release is the new inclusion of game-specific forums. We can now give some of the best and most popular games their own, dedicated forums. You can see a few of these featured on our main forums page, and they are all visible on our new game forums page. You'll see we've started out with twelve awesome games, including some popular multiplayer ones, some deep, strategic single player ones, and some of our favorite Kongregate-sponsored games too. We'll add some more in the future, but for now we're going to start with these and see how they go.
- These forums are also visible on the individual game pages. You'll be able to see the ten most recently updated threads in a tab with the comments at the bottom of the page, and there will be links to jump (in a new tab or window so you don't lose your game's progress!) directly to the forums or even a particular thread.
- Since we're anticipating an increase in forum activity, we've added a few tools to help us keep the forums the clean, beautiful bastions of freedom and good will that they have always been. On your end, if you see a post that is offensive in some way, please flag it using the new Flag Post button, and give us a specific reason why you think it should be removed. (Note though that fake or even joking flags will not be appreciated as they make more work for us, and may result in a silence or ban on your account instead)
- You'll now also see some posts that have be deleted by moderators. The forum mods now have the ability to just hide a post rather than trying to go in and edit out any offensiveness. This will help them be much more efficient and save the trouble of trying to bleep out someone's profanity-filled text. Also, please feel free to thank our forum mods - just like our chat mods they are volunteers who have devoted countless hours to help maintain the Kongregate community at the high level that it has become. :)
- Since we were redoing some forum features anyway, we took the time to reorganize our forums on the main forums page. Now they're in nice, logical categories, rather than fairly randomly scattered about.
- Embed tags are no longer available on the forums (and haven't been for about a week). Thanks to some schmuck embedding pop-up scripts in threads we can now no longer have embedded Youtube videos either. Sorry everyone, but security had to come first.
- You'll now see forum titles and thread titles in the URLs of forum posts. Note that these are optional, so http://www.kongregate.com/forums/1/topics/1 and http://www.kongregate.com/forums/1-kongregate/topics/1-first both go to the same place. All old links will work fine, but new ones will be more informative like this.
- Added a cool new feature that will keep links from breaking in threads that are moved. You may notice this as well if you type in the wrong URL by hand - we check the thread number, which is unique, and automatically correct the forum number if it was wrong.
- Fixed a bug that was causing some issues with comments and other statistics on Zening.
- Game comment pagination is now not done by page number but rather by using forward-backward buttons. This significantly reduces database load and is much snappier too!
- Patched up some miscellaneous security issues.
- Forum watching (i.e. "Watch This Topic") should now be working again.
- You'll see a new "Follow Us On Twitter" link at the bottom of the page. Now you can keep up with our insane musings as well as new badge releases and features, which will be announced there. Check it out!

CR 2009.09.02

- The below-mentioned game search tool should alleviate the problems some developers were having with their games not showing up in searches on our site. w00t!

- We've added a game name suggester search tool that will make finding games much easier than search previously allowed. Simply type in part of the name of a game or the name of a developer and you'll see a list (sorted by user rating) of games that match. If you want more options, including forum posts and user profiles, you can just click the Search button to go into one of our normal searches we've always had.
- Speaking of which, you may now see a slight increase in speed of some of the normal searches. We've added some new caching techniques that will store the results of popular searches so we don't always have to hit Google each time someone does a search for "I hate Madagascar!".
- We've also replaced the strange-looking search spinner that appeared last week with the correctly-colored one, so it shouldn't look all stippled like it did previously.
- Fixed a bug that prevented muting people from chat.
- Made some changes to prevent Firefox caching from causing strange behavior when using the browser's back and forward buttons on game pages.
- Fixed a bug that was creating a giant cookie and causing some users to be unable to load game pages.
- Fixed a bug that was causing Chrome to sometimes be unable to connect to chat.
- Finally tracked down and squashed, with extreme prejudice, a hard-to-find bug that was falsely telling people that they were being silenced when they had done nothing wrong (and in many cases had never spoken in chat).
- OCD Bugfix: So, we tried to thank you guys a lot for leaving a comment. And by a lot, I mean on every comment on the page. But nooooooo! You don't want lots of thanks. So fine. Now it only thanks you for your own comment. I hope you're happy.

CR 2009.08.25

- Fixed a bug that crept in from our upgrade to Rails 2.3 last time that was breaking screenshots in bug reports for games. They should be working fine now.
- Fixed a minor textual error. Even though we upped the game upload limit to 20MB a while ago, we forgot to change the text on the upload form to reflect that. Oops!
- Implemented a new solution for cache invalidation that should fix the bug where making changes to supplemental files would not be reflected for users who had previously played the game. (This change actually isn't going into effect until later this week)

- The biggest change with this release is that we are now caching a lot of the game page. All of the same functionality and features are present, but you should notice a much snappier load time for game pages, though it will still take a second to connect to chat.
- We've added a new tool that will allow us to react more quickly to offensive games that are uploaded. Please don't create threads about them - this only attracts more attention. Just flag them and move on to better games and we'll remove them and ban the uploader.
- Fixed some bugs that caused a couple of linking methods in textile on the forums to misbehave.
- We're no longer supporting the Facebook App as a way of logging into Kongregate, so if you had a Facebook App account and cannot log in, please contact us at support@kongregate.com and we'll hook you up with a full-fledged Kongregate account. And don't worry, you won't lose any of your progress or badges. :)
- Fixed a small bug that caused long comments to mess up the formatting on Collabs pages.
- No more muting of admins. Not many of you had done it (only about 300, including one mod who may or may not have the word "fuzz" in his name), but muting admins prevents us from communicating important info, and also caused a bug in the add-as-collaborator feature, so we've disabled it. I promise we won't spam you with our new un-mutable accounts. Except AlisonClaire. She just might be crazy enough to do it.
- Fixed a bug that messed up the pagination if you deleted one of your game comments.
- Fixed a bug that was causing one of our Axe ads to break chat connections (this was our fault by the way, not Axe's, so please don't blame them).
- Last week marked the end of the Collabs competitions - don't worry, Collabs is here to stay, but the weekly cash prizes have completed. Thank you everyone who entered the contest, and congrats to backburner for winning the gold in the Art contest with Whale Sub and to robotaki for taking the grand prize in the Sound category with Falling from Heaven! Also, a huge thank you to Scion for sponsoring the entire Collabs section and the contest!
- OCD Bugfix: So, for the past month or so, the most recent unearned badge has been invisible on the badges page. I'm not sure how this was so important, considering it showed up everywhere else, but the OCDness prevailed and lead to numerous forum posts and emails. Rest-assured - all badges are now shown. Now go check the stove and make sure it isn't on.

CR 2009.08.04

- Changed our upload page so that Opera won't freak out on it any more.
- Upload form now specifies that we don't allow 3rd-party payment or level-save systems in games on our site. If you want to learn more about our own payment or level-save systems, check out our forums or use the Development Support option on the Contact Us page.

- For those who this means something to, we upgraded to Rails 2.3. This led to some strange bugs (including a textile-formatting issue this morning with embedded links, but we think we've gotten that one fixed up), but overall should allow us to keep up with the newest Rails implementation and benefit from the various new features and performance improvements.
- Fixed a bug that was causing problems when attempting to embed some of the games on our Games For Your Site page.
- Added some security features to help prevent some exploits with our system.
- Modified the shout you get if an art Collabs is deleted to emphasize that photos are not accepted (since that's what most deletion confusion has been over).
- Removed the contest information from the Collabs section and replaced with a "Top Rated" section. We should be announcing winners before too long. Good luck to our weekly first-place entries!
- Tweaked a formatting issue with the shared content ratings sometimes overlapping.
- Made a few changes to sharing custom levels through Facebook and other sites.
- Tweaked our shared content interface to try to encourage more people to rate content. Also, those that are under judgment won't show up in the top-rated lists.
- Added a box so we can feature the top shared content in a game down near the game comments.
- Fixed a bug that would occasionally show registered users a tab asking them to sign up for an account. Also fixed an IE7 formatting error when the Sign Up tab appeared for guests.
- Fixed a small formatting issue in our Sign Up lightbox in IE7 and Opera.
- Patched a bug that showed a (non-working) chat box to guests when they switched tabs.
- On top of all those, a lot of work has gone into some major performance enhancements. Some of these won't be noticeable yet, but they laid the groundwork for what hopefully will be a major performance boost in our next release. Some of this performance will only be visible to us (in that our servers will stop crying so much, making it easier to keep growing) while other enhancements will hopefully lead to a better, faster experience for you guys too!
- The only major change for performance that you'll see with this release is the new navigation tool for your rewards history. We've done away with the concept of numbered pages (because it was killing our database to calculate those) and instead offer the ability to page through one at a time or jump to a specific date with the handy little calendar feature. It means much more efficiency on our end and a quicker, easier way to go back and check our your first impossible badge on your end. :) We will eventually be adding this type of navigation to game comments as well, and potentially a few other places if the need arises.

CR 2009.07.21

- Users can now delete their levels using the Delete Level button when viewing the level. You can see it on the menu to the right:
- If you rate a level and it is later deleted, you'll now see "deleted Level" in your points history instead of just a large empty space. Prior to this fix the points history occasionally crashed from this too.
- Fixed a bug that allowed users to whisper to other people after they got silenced.
- Fixed another silence bug that caused users not to see the silenced message when they got silenced.

CR 2009.07.14

- We're cutting support to the "High Scores" API and have removed links to those tutorials. We still use the Statistics API that most people have been using, and we still support the API for both AS2 and AS3. I believe old games will continue working with the High Scores, but we will no longer provide support for those APIs. NOTE: This only affects developers using APIs - gamers will not see any difference. Also, we're not removing APIs, we're just no longer offering help or instructions for one of them so we can encourage developers to use the other one. Sorry for any confusion.
- We fixed a bug that lead to your revenue share being calculated two different ways and not agreeing on revenue reports. It should now be consistent. For those who are curious, both were correct at some level, but yielded different answers. One was a calculation of average revenue share on a day-by-day basis (so 3 days at 25% and 3 days at 35% would be 30%), while the other was an actual share based on money earned, so if you earned more gameplays on the 35% days, you might see 32% overall. We now only use the second, revenue-based method.

- Fixed a bug in IE8 that caused badge page links not to work properly.
- A number of users reported being false-silenced when doing nothing wrong. First off, we'd like to apologize to anyone who had this happen. We think we've made a change that will prevent this in the future, but if it happens to you after this fix (basically, you log in and find yourself silenced for no reason at all) please report it to support@kongregate.com. Note: this is not when you disagree with a mod's reason for silence, this is a rare case where you weren't silenced by anyone, but still couldn't talk in chat.
- Fixed a small bug that occasionally put the game over top of various light boxes (like login, leave a tip, etc.) that were supposed to be on top of the game.
- We made a slight change to how your browser loads chat icons - it's now one big sprite, which should help with performance and reliability.
- Fixed a bug that caused the "Next Recommended Badge" alert to occasionally show you badges you had already earned. Note that recommendations for badges in other games may still include badges you've earned, but it shouldn't happen any more for badges in the same game.
- The profanity filter is now enforced for match chat in multiplayer games.
- You can now opt-out of emails from us using a new opt-out link in automated emails. This doesn't include emails you can select with the Notifications options on your Account page, but would include other ones like when a friend sends you an invite or recommends a game.
- Made a slight change to one of our ads that was causing Kaspersky users to be unable to play games on our site (changed bumper_ad_shown -> bumper_shown if anyone's wondering - thank you Ventero!).
- Fixed a formatting issue with card albums and achievement lists in IE6. By the way, Youtube has announced that they are dropping support of IE6 soon. For anyone with IE6 who can upgrade, we'd strongly recommend doing so, because we can only continue supporting it for so long. And heck, if you can't use it to watch stupid people doing stupid things on Youtube, what's the point of having the browser?
- We are beginning testing a new HTTP-binding protocol (BOSH if people are curious, though don't ask me more than that, I don't know all the tech-y details) that will allow some people who are having connection problems with blocked ports get in easier. If you see a Yellow plug (as opposed to Red or Green), that means you're in BOSH. Things will be a little slower, but at least you can get in, chat, and get badges. :) We don't want to know how many of you are going to use this to connect at work now. La-la-la, we're not listening!

CR 2009.06.30

Some of these are changes that have been patched to the main site in the last few weeks while others are changes that were updated last night with the new release, but all of it is new since our last release on June 3.

- "All contest winners" in the Collabs sort by date instead of by rating
- Collabs media pages now show the date submitted
- Fixed a few minor formatting issues in IE6
- Aviary is now tightly integrated into Collabs, allowing artists to create raster and vector graphics using this cool online tool and immediately upload them to the Collabs page.
- Added a tutorial on using some of the basic features in Aviary
- Fixed a bug causing our Contact Us page to get borked in IE8
- Redesigned many of our prefab emails to look prettier and include updated information
- Fixed a bug that occasionally would show our Signup Tab to registered users
- OCD Fix: We got a report that we had an alert telling you that you had "Succesfully removed a friend". Teh speling haz nao ben fixd.

CR 2009.05.20

- Fixed a bug where you couldn't post messages with a " in it (this was actually patched last week as a quick fix rather than with a full deploy).
- You will now get an error explaining a session conflict or expiration in chat, which happens when you log in to another chat window or tab with the same username.
- We've added some new tracking statistics to help us debug any remaining connection issues that users are having. If you're still having problems connecting, please check out my sticky either in the Kongregate forum or the Tech Support forum.
- You will now no longer be told you have a high score of "0" on newer games without high scores recorded yet.
- If you are using a version of Flash that will not work on the site (we support only Flash 9 or later) you will now be prompted to update your Flash player on games pages.
- For any Reddit users, when you use a Reddit link from a game it will now automatically submit to the gaming sub-Reddit section.
- Removed a problem that was causing issues with our lightbox registration in Opera.
- The Achievements tab will now automatically highlight your easiest unachieved badge on a game.
- Fixed a bug causing some people's scores to be totaled with one badge's points missing. Also ran a script to run through and fix any scores that were wrong, so everyone's totals should be right now.
- New AFK feature! If you've been idle in chat for 15 minutes, your name will be grayed out in the userlist to show that you are currently away from your keyboard. It will automatically come back when you chat again or send a PM.
- Added a new feature that allows you to see how many people have earned each badge. Now you can know how truly awesome you are for having sat through the entire Balloon Invasion impossible badge.
- Last, but not least, back by popular demand: /msg! We have re-enabled /msg as a method of sending PMs to users. Sadly, we now have to remove our "No MSG" sticker from our label. :-(

CR 2009.05.06

- Fixed a minor bug that would mess up the formatting if you put an especially long word (or URL) in your game description. You still may see some strange wrapping, so please check before publishing, but it's better than it was before.

- Public release of Zening! W00t!
- Private message "reply" link now works on first click and puts cursor at end of line in Safari 4.
- Fixed a few minor bugs with IE8.
- Removed the bug where you could click on whitespace in the user list and get to the user Undefined. Funny story - the real user with that username apparently made a bunch of new friends this week!
- Added a new bug report command to the chatroom. /bug can now be used to easily create a bug report for a game without ever leaving the chat window. Just type /bug followed by your report text, and the report will be sent and a special alert with some useful debugging information will be created. Please note - these bug reports go to the game developers, not to us, so don't use them for badge requests and such. If you just type /bug without anything after it, it will give a brief description of how to use it.
- Improved load time of chat room, including removing the scroll bar on the side when joining a room.
- Squashed a bug that was making some users invisible in the user list. (Shout out to The Village for helping me to do testing and turning it into a group effort! Thanks!)
- Private messages are now formatted correctly again (with the 'To: ' prefix and blue colorization).
- Fixed a problem where including a newline character in a private message would broadcast the message to the room (whoops!).
- Made various optimizations to improve performance of the game and chat room.
- Fixed a bug that caused \ to turn into \\ in chat (which also prevented various unicode characters from working). We \u2665 our programmers!

CR 2009.04.22 ("New Chat")

New Chat is here! And with it, so is an entirely new Game Page design. So, what can you expect from the new Game Page experience?

Tabbed Browsing. We now use tabs to organize our information and separate out the various components of gaming on Kongregate into more logical and useful units. You will have three tabs (Chat, Game, Achievements) present, and a fourth empty tab that will pop-up with notifications when appropriate. The Achievements tab will only appear for games that have the Kongregate API enabled.

Chat Tab. Well, let's start with the one everyone's really buzzing about. The chat tab looks a lot like the old chat program at a glance, though if you look closely you'll see a number of new features. Perhaps the biggest change is the new Chat Actions drop down, which we'll discuss below. Additionally, you'll some new aesthetics, like a higher-contrast mouse-over menu for the user list, and the stars that indicated friends have been replaced by a cute little person icon to the right of the name. Beyond that, chat is now html-based, meaning we can support UTF-8 encoding for Eastern character sets, all characters will work (i.e. no more alt codes needed!), and scrolling and copying multiple lines of chat now works! But perhaps most exciting for many users is the new "send whisper" link in the mouse-over menu in the user list. Even better, when you get a private message you now have a "reply" link that you can click on to immediately fill in the reply information instead of typing out usernames by hand each time. Plus, if you try to send a whisper to someone who's offline (or misspell their name), you'll get an error message letting you know it wasn't delivered. W00t!

Chat Actions. We've integrated many common chat actions into one menu to make navigating our chat features easier. Included in this menu are "Change chat rooms", "See friends online", "View room details", and "Add to favorites". Chat room changing is now no longer done in a big light-box, but instead is integrated directly into the chat program. Additionally, rooms are much more cleanly sorted now, and you even have the ability to keep a list of Favorite Rooms! The "See friends online" tool allows you to easily scan through your friends and join them in other rooms, directly from chat. Finally, you can view the room details and description from this menu, allowing you to find out more about the room you're hanging out in.

Game Tab. The Game Tab will look familiar, though in a new location; it features the information that used to be displayed below the game. You know, giving you instructions to a game that you can't see because it's way up above? Well, now they're right here, next to the game, any time you need them. You can rate the game, add as a favorite, report bugs, even leave a tip, directly from this tab. Additionally, all of the sections are collapsible, so you can easily customize this view to only show you what you want to see. Developers: you can now name up to three additional collaborators on a game, and they will all show up here!

Achievements Tab. This tab, which will only appear on games with high scores or badges, will give you the low-down on all of the points and goodies you can earn from the game you're planing. This info is neatly pulled up from being uselessly below the game to directly next to the game and easily visible. Now, you can flip through the various badges, find out the requirements, see how many points you can still earn with the game, and even see cool information like how many users have achieved each badge so you can see just how awesome you are for actually getting that Streamline impossible badge. You can also view the high scores on a game from within this tab. As a special bonus, if you've submitted a high score earlier that would have qualified you for a newly-created badge, we will now automatically give you the badge without you having to get that score again!

Alert Tab. You will occasionally see a fourth tab pop up to give you quick important updates. This can include alerts that let you know that you got a badge, that you've disconnected, etc. This tab can be closed by clicking on the "x" when you're done with it.

Integrated Quick Links. You'll notice that the various quick links (rating games, add to favorites, tip jar, social network sharing, etc.) have been pulled down and integrated into our chat box design.

Connection Icon. We now have a new connection icon that looks like a (usually green) plug. This replaces the little green/yellow/red circle that you used to see above chat. Additionally, your username is now easily visible here so you can always know which username you're logged in as.

Mini Profile. When you click on someone's name in the chat room, you'll be taken to their "mini-profile". Our graphic designer has done a great job of re-designing this page to be much cleaner, prettier, and more efficient. Additionally, you can now view the five most recent badges awarded to a user.

Game Comments. We've made some minor aesthetic changes here, moving the game comments over the the left side and significantly widening them to make them easier to read.

In addition to the new game page, we have a couple of other updates that we've included...

- As mentioned above, you can now add up to 3 collaborators to your game in the game setup page. Each collaborator will have to confirm before they show up, which can be done from the Game Tab when logged in as the collaborator.

- Added a couple of weeks ago, you can now add comments to username, avatar, and profile reports.
- We've added a nag box to encourage users still on Internet Explorer 6 to upgrade. IE6 came out in 2001, and IE7 has been out since 2006. Let it go - it's time to move on. Or to get Firefox. Your choice.
- Our latest_games.rss feed now includes the game title and genre.
- We were nominated for a Webby! Vote for us from the link on the homepage! :-D
- OCD Fix: If there's only one statistic for a high scores list for a game, that stat is shown as a bold header rather than being the only choice in a dropdown list.

CR 2009.02.23

- The user "Kongregate" that is used to deliver various system and admin messages can no longer be whispered or shouted to. No one was checking those shouts and we don't want your messages to be lost.
- We have a host of new features on the admin side for dealing with abuse reports, avatar reports, username reports, suspicious scores, etc. that were all tweaked and refined in this release.
- There were a number of minor bug-fixes for admin tools that were implemented, including occasionally sending out double-whisper warnings in some situations.
- Extensive work has been done on the new chat. I'm not promising that it will be out next release, but I can say that it's shaping up nicely and has some cool new features.
- We've modified our email validation to now accept "+" as a valid character.
- There is now an XML feed available for our newly-sponsored games, which can be found in the "Games for your site" link at the bottom of our page.
- Fixed a bug where users were getting a 400 error when they visited too many forum posts in one session. Special thanks for Jabor for his detailed diagnosis that made it easy to identify and fix the problem.
- OCD Bugfix: A user noted that we were using cols=40 for the text-entry field when leaving shouts/whispers on the profile pages, and this was producing inconsistent results (with varying column widths) in different browsers, so we've changed it to width=95% to provide more consistent performance and a larger typing field. How's that for OCD?

CR 2009.02.01

- This past development cycle saw more loot challenges. Both the Pineapple Express and Warhammer contests were released during this development cycle, and we hope to keep bringing you contests like this in the future.
- The largest user-facing update is the addition of user reporting. Now, instead of selecting "Abusive User" from the Contact Us page, you can go directly to the user's profile and file a report from there. Simply click on "Report Abuse" near the "Add As Friend" and "Mute" links, select the appropriate category, and fill in details if needed. This type of reporting will help us deal with reports much faster and more efficiently than the previous email method, especially as the site continues to grow.
- To report mods, the system is a little different. You don't pick a category; instead, mod reports are filed as "Mod Abuse" reports, and we will carefully go through all of those (as we always have). You also have the option to "Thank a Mod" if you think they're doing a great job and want to let them know that you appreciate them. :)
- We implemented some optimizations to how we handle game titles in searches.
- Our developers fixed a bug where invalid screenshots were being accepted by our missing achievement page.
- We added some back-end performance improvements to how we track favorited games.
- There is now a "Quote post" button that will allow you to easily quote posts in our forums.
- Finally, the obligatory OCD bugfix: we changed our copyright to 2009 instead of 2008. :)

CR 2009.01.06

- Some adjustments to revenue reports to make things more clear, including a "last updated" date and fixed a bug on tip revenue earning reports.
- Fixed bug that was sometimes preventing DCR games from being uploaded.
- Game instructions text box now supports textile.

- A new set of tools to help admins with community management.
- All permanently banned accounts, both past and present, are automatically now made Private.
- Badge request form now informs users if they are not missing any badges.
- Eased email address validation to allow more unusual email addresses (most specifically, -'s are now permitted).
- Games still under judgement should no longer show up occasionally as Recommended Games.
- User's avatar on the profile page should now link to Edit Profile.
- A small UI adjustment that adds an arrow to the navigation menu to make it clearer to understand when you're in a sub-menu.
- Admin (K) and Moderator (M) emblems now appear in profile page and in shouts and whispers to avoid confusion from mod/admin impersonators.
- Long shouts should no longer sometimes cover the "delete" button on the profile page.
- You can no longer generate an error by trying to create a thread without a body.
- Fixed bug where a user could sometimes get sent to the wrong page if they are viewing their points history and then click on their "Level" in the mini profile box at the top of the screen.
- Locked topics no longer have a "Reply to Topic" link.
- Deleted comments now show as "This comment has been removed by an admin." rather than just deleting.
- Excessively-flagged game comments will automatically be replaced with "This comment has been flagged for review."
- For the truly OCD user: when you only have one point left to get to the next level, it now reads "1 point left to level" instead of "1 points left to level".
- Various back-end performance fixes.
- Various textual adjustments and corrections.