How to purchase Dragon Gold

1. Click on the button on the top right

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2. Choose the amount of Dragon Gold you wanna purchase from the Pop-up

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3. Click Checkout to confirm your purchase

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4. Done

Note: the transaction is immediately but due to some connection problem you might not be able to receive the Dragon Gold in time. Please refresh the page in another 5 minutes, if it fails again please contact us at support[a]gamedp[dot]com.

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----- Arena -----

Arena Intro
There is an arena in each town of the game world. You may enter an arena to challenge any player whose ranking is 1-9 places higher than you. If you defeat him in the challenge, you will win some credits and Honor Points and replace his ranking place. But if you lose the challenge, you will lose some credits, and likewise, your ranking place will be replaced by that player.

The arena administrator will give out credits and Honor Points to the top 9 arena fighters at 21:00 pm every day.

The Honor Points can be used to purchase items from ammunition NPC vendor to enhance your battle power, while the credits will determine your arena title which shows whether you are an arena veteran.

Arena Rules
1. After finishing a challenge, you have to wait 10 minutes before beginning another challenge.
2. You can only fight the same player 5 times per day most.
3. You are only allowed to challenge someone else 20 times per day at most.

1st Place: 120 credits and 120 Honor Points
2nd Place: 80 credits and 80 Honor Points
3rd Place: 70 credits and 70 Honor Points
4th Place: 60 credits and 60 Honor Points
5th Place: 50 credits and 50 Honor Points
6th Place: 40 credits and 40 Honor Points
7th Place: 30 credits and 30 Honor Points
8th Place: 20 credits and 20 Honor Points
9th Place: 10 credits and 10 Honor Points

Honor Points Earning
By challenging others to a duel in arena, you will earn corresponding basic Honor Points according to your arena level, your opponent’s level as well as your level. If you win a duel in arena, you will earn extra Honor Points. If you are defeated in a duel initiated by you, you won’t lose Honor Points because of the defeat.

However, if you are defeated in a duel initiated by others, you will lose some Honor Points. So you’d better initiate as many duels as you can to earn as many Honor Points as you wish.

Honor Points Calculation
Basic Honor Points depend on the arena level and arena rankings.
At a higher arena level, more basic Honor Points can be earned.
At a higher arena ranking, more basic Honor Points can be earned.

Tips for Honor Points Calculation
At a higher arena level, more basic Honor Points and extra Honor Points can be earned.
At a higher arena ranking, more basic Honor Points and extra Honor Points can be earned.
The higher level the opponent is, more basic Honor Points and extra Honor Points can be earned.

Arena Titles
The credits you earn from the arena determine your arena title.

Arena Level
Credits Title
-5 -1500 and below Moving Honor
-4 -801~ -1500 Credit Giver
-3 -301~ -800 Loser
-2 -101~ -300 Struggler
-1 -100~-1 Gladiator
1 0~100 Private Soldier
2 101~200 Elite Scout
3 201~400 Second Lieutenant Knight
4 401~700 Centurion
5 701~1100 Guard Knight
6 1101~1600 Blood Knight
7 1601~2200 Royal Knight
8 2201~3000 Knight Tutor
9 3000 and above Knight Commander

When you defeat your opponent who is at a higher ranking than you in a duel initiated by you, you will earn corresponding credits and Honor Points according to your ranking difference. For example, you are in the 9th place and your opponent is in the 5th place, then you will earn 4 credits plus 4 Honor Points while your opponent will lose 4 credits.

If you win a duel initiated by others, you will win at most 1 credit and 1 Honor Point, and your opponent will lose 1 credit accordingly. For example, you are in the 3rd place and your opponent who initiates a duel against you but is defeated is in the 6th place, then you will earn 1 credit plus 1 Honor Point while your opponent will lose 1 credit.

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----- Stat Builds -----

Different classes or professions will have different stat builds. Read on to find more:

Strength: affects a character's attack power, hit rate, dodge rate and odds of special attack.
Agility: affects a character's physical defense, attack speed, hit rate and doge rate.
Stamina: affects a character's HP and magic defense.
Intellect: affects a character's MP.
Luck: affects a character's odds of special attack, odds of gem combination and item drop rate.

Strength: has as a mysterious effect.
Agility: affects a character's physical defense, attack speed, hit rate and dodge rate.
Stamina: affects a character's HP and magical defense.
Intellect: affects a character's attack power, MP, magical defense, odds of special attack, hit rate and dodge rate.
Luck: affects a character's odds of special attack, gem combination rate and item drop rate.

Strength: affects a character's attack power.
Agility: affects a character's attack power, physical defense, attack speed, hit rate, dodge rate and odds of special attack.
Stamina: affects a character's health and magical defense.
Intellect: affects a character's MP.
Luck: affects a character's odds of special attack, odds of gem combination and item drop rate.

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----- Instance -----

1. Mercenary Market
Before you enter an instance, you must form a team in Mercenary Market (Click “Mercenary” button on the screen to enter Mercenary Market). You can either enter an instance alone or together with mercenaries hired in the Mercenary Market. You can also act as a mercenary to be hired by other players for exploring instances. Whatever it is, each team can consist of 3 members at most.

Mercenary Market Rules:
You can form a team and fight in instances together with mercenaries.
You can only check and employ the players whose level difference with you is within 15 in Mercenary Market.
You can act as a mercenary to be employed in Mercenary Market. If you want to do so, you can set the hire, Action Points and a password.
If a mercenary has set a password, you should enter the correct password to employ him. The option to set a password is usually helpful to the employment between familiar players.
2 hours after a mercenary is hired, the hire will be sent to the mercenary’s mailbox. However, if the mercenary leaves the team before the employment ends, the hire will be paid back to the employer.
If the employer disbands the team or removes a mercenary from the team within 2 hours after the employment, the full amount of specified hire still should be paid to the mercenary/mercenaries.
You can pay some Gold to employ system mercenaries whose level difference with you is within 15 to fight in instances.

2. The Method to Fight in an Instance
Click the “Instance” button on the screen to unfold instances panel on which team leader can check instances info and select an instance to explore. Different amount of Action Points should be spent to enter different instances. In instances, no Action Points will be consumed while fighting against monsters. While in an instance, the team cannot recruit more members but can remove members from the team.
The BOSSes in instances are divided into three difficulty levels: Easy, Common and Difficult. More difficult BOSS has a higher chance to drop True* items. Each player can enter instances 3 times per day. The times are refreshed at every 0:00AM. Nevertheless, players can pay Dragon Stones or Dragon Gold for additional opportunities to fight in instances.

In an instance, the team moves grid by grid. Each layer of an instance consists of 5*5 grids. When you enter an instance, you are in the top left grid which is the entrance of the instance. You can only click a grid adjacent to you to fight. The grid at the uttermost bottom right corner leads to the next layer. The grid at the uttermost bottom right corner of the last layer is the location of the final BOSS of the instance.

In an instance, you may encounter random events, monsters or side-quest BOSSes, which are refreshed at random. You can adjust the route to go forward according to the changing situation.
When finishing exploring an instance, the team will be disbanded automatically.

3. Combat Stances
The team leader can change team components and set a team or member’s combat stance in Mercenary Market and instances. Different combat stance can play different role in instances.
Main Tank: Has good defense and is good at attracting monsters’ hatred at the first moment and defending the team, but attack power is reduced much.
Sub Tank: Has a lit lower defense and a bit poorer ability to attract monsters’ hatred than Main Tank but has slight higher attack power than Main Tank.
Balance: Balanced stance. Neither attack power nor defense is modified.
Sub Attacker: Attack power is increased a bit but defense is reduced a bit.
Main Attacker: The main damage dealer. Has higher attack power and lower defense than Sub Attacker.

4. Combat Mode
Any combat in instance is fought between a group of monsters and a group of players. In an instance, monsters appear in the form of a group. Each monster group has 1-3 monsters. While fighting against monsters, players will by default attack the first monster and then another one until the first monster is killed. Monsters will attack random target but they will first attack the player who has attracted the most hatred. Neither HP nor MP will be restored in combat. When one side has killed all members of the other side, the combat ends and the side wins the combat.
Players cannot be healed in combat. But after combat, the team leader can heal the team no matter the team won or lost the combat just now.
Each instance consists of multiple layers. Each layer has different amount of monsters. When the team goes forward to the grid in at the uttermost bottom right corner of a layer, the team will go to the next layer automatically. The instances consist of different amount of layers. When killing the final BOSS at the uttermost bottom right corner of the last layer, the team finishes running the instance, then the team can click “End Instance” to leave the instance. Anyone who leaves the team while fighting in an instance will leave the instance.

5. Instance Events
In combat, players may encounter various random events which may bring them benefit or harm.

6. Drops
The items dropped in instances are mainly divided into common items and exchangeable items. Common items will be directly added to player’s backpack. The exchangeable items will be added to the team backpack for the team leader to distribute. The exchangeable items can also be divided into common items and True* items. True* items are better than common items.

When finishing running an instance, you will get Virtue Points and special items to exchange for certain equipment. When you have got all the required items to exchange for some equipment, you can enter the related interface to exchange them (The required items and Virtue Points for exchanging equipment can be checked at the entrance to exchange equipment).

7. Experience Gained from an Instance
Experience Gain: The team will gain experience only when defeating a group of monsters.
Share of Experience: In contrast with the monster in other zones, the same level monster in an instance will give less experience. What’s more, if your level is far higher than the monster in the instance, you will gain no experience.

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----- Friend System -----

Add Friends
During game play, you will encounter a great many like-minded friends for sure. You can just add them into your Friend List, and then you'll be able to check their status at any time, as well as talk with or send emails to them conveniently.

Add Enemies
Of course, if you are bullied by someone during game play, you can choose to add him/her into your Enemy List. As the old saying goes, "Bills will always be paid!" From the Enemy List, you can easily check your enemies' status and locations, but you have to pay certain amounts of Dragon Coins for the tracking.

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----- Backstory -----

Creation Mythology
In the beginning, Quillas, Father of Heaven, awoke from chaos to find that the universe was quite, vast and tedious. He then created thousands of unique worlds and separated them with boundaries. He plucked hair from his body and enchanted them with part of his power to make them gods with different capabilities. These gods were then sent to the different worlds as guardians and builders in his stead. None of these worlds was ever close to perfect and stable. The rise and fall of good and evil forces was breeding conflicts and crises. But Father of Heaven decided this should be the way, and after the order was initially established, he fell into long sleep again.

Our story unfolds in one of these worlds, StillLand, a magic world accommodating various creatures, including humans, elves, dwarves, giants, orcs, dragons, animals and evil forces with tremendous power. There was a short period of quiet time after the worlds came into being, when all forms of life lived in peace and harmony. However, as powers and desires swelled, struggles and conflicts, declared or not, came one after another, numerous wars bestowed different destinies upon the races. Some races vanished, while others rose; some allied with each other, while others continued endless fights; some dwelled atop high mountains, while others lurked into abyss seas…

Life breeds desire, and desire breeds strife.

War has never ceased, neither could it be.

During the past wars, an alliance between humans, wood elves and ravine dwarves, known as Phio Alliance, was gradually formed. Humans living in the world of StillLand established four kingdoms, Glance, Disarn, Weirgburg and Stalla. There are also human factions belonging to none of these kingdoms, like the bandits living on Pandar Prairie, who called themselves Pandar Hawk, and a zealot group known as Purple Twilight.

In the year 148 before StillLand Calendar, the chaotic orcs successfully persuaded the darkcliff dwarves and the gray elves into a sudden strike against the human kingdoms, Glance and Stalla. In consideration of self defense, Disarn and Weirgburg did not dispatch instant reinforcements, which almost led to the fall of their own kingdoms. The horrifying war lasted more than 100 years. In the end, with the help of wood elves and ravine dwarves, the humans drove the evil forces completely out of their territory. Witnessed by wood elves and ravine dwarves, the kings of the four survived kingdoms signed a treaty of alliance on Mount Phio, a holy mountain in the south of StillLand. The treaty stipulates that the kingdoms must form an alliance at war time and offer resource assistance mutually whether at war or in peace time. It also stipulates that upon the age of 14, princes must make a study tour to other kingdoms to promote mutual understanding and friendship.

The peak where the treaty was signed came to be known as Four King Peak afterwards. On that day, the four human kings, together with Iona, Queen of Wood Elves, and Kruel Hammer, King of Ravine Dwarves, blessed the land to celebrate the signing of the treaty. Therefore, the peak was recognized as a holy place by the Phio Alliance, and stationed by senior priests and elite soldiers all year round. In memory of this great moment, the human kingdoms which adopted different calendars in the past, decided to make this year the first year of the StillLand Calendar. The other races, although insisting on their own calendars, gradually came to recognize the universal status of the StillLand Calendar. Eventually, they began to use both the StillLand Calendar and their own to communicate with each other and record history.

After that, all races ushered in an era of peace and rest. There has been no major war since then, despite some minor conflicts.

As ages came and went, history sank into legend.

Storm Approaching
In the StillLand year of 656, Scott the Redneck, the ambitious young ruler of the chaotic orcs, backed up by the substantial properties inherited from his predecessors, plotted evil against the Phio Alliance for its vast territories, enormous wealth and powerful magic. He has even deployed forces in many places and started spy missions and tentative attacks against the alliance.

Meanwhile, the dark dragons took frequent actions against the humans. Evil and cruel, fark dragons are a mutated brood of dragons born after the ancient war between the dragons, known as Dragon's Cry. They have not only increased the number of their offspring, but also captured some slaves from the other races.

Apart from that, another force, more ancient and evil, is looming in the unseen corners.

While in the human realm, although people seemingly lead a peaceful life, abnormal and strange things often take place here and there. The relentless undercurrents seem to foretell the storms drawing near.

Not long ago, the Kingdom of Disarn has just lost their wise king, who died of old age. The kingdom now is ruled by the prince regent, since the prince is yet too young.

The queen of the Kingdom of Stalla died of a strange disease on her travelling tour, and the beautiful queen newly married to the king, is seemingly in harmony but actually at variance with the princes and princesses.

The eldest prince of Glance, while on his study tour to the other kingdoms following the old tradition, oddly disappeared when travelling across Pandar Prairie from Disarn to Weirgburg. The king of Glance, shocked and furious, offered a generous reward for finding the prince. Disarn and Weirgburg, deeply embarrassed, are doing their utmost to offer their best assistance in the search.

Now, chance has come to you, a young adventurer growing up in Willshire situated in the countryside of Glance, who dreams of becoming a hero every day and night.

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----- User Interface -----

1. Character Stats Panel
Equipment: Equip/unequip items. Check stats. Distribute stat points.
Skill Tree: Distribute skill points
Quest: Check quest progress and available quests.
Warehouse: For storing items.
Combination: For refining and combining equipment.
Embed: Embedding or removing rune.

2. System Panel
Mall: Enter mall to purchase items.
Payment: Buy Dragon Gold.
System: Combat settings, players forum, help tutorial, official site, Bookmark, exit.

3. Game Scenes
In different scene, different interface will be displayed. On game screen, you can switch map of town and wilderness.

4. Player Interaction
Open guild, rankings, mail, friends, wheel of fortune panel and claim gift packages.

5. Chat Window
Players can chat here.

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----- Classes -----

Warrior: King of Power

According to legend, warriors have extremely strong vitality. Equipped with a giant sword and heavy armor, they are capable of using various types of melee skills and have high defense abilities. Although they cannot deal the highest damage to their opponents, they will definitely inflict mighty damage. They more often than not, step forward to the front and absorb most damage dealt by their opponents.

Most used weapons: sword, shield

Talents: boost themselves, weaken enemies

Mage: Controller of Magic

Mages are adapted at using magic and focused on casting magic damage on their enemies. They are excellent at launching long range attacks. Mages are able to severely damage enemies before the enemies launch their attack. Covered by warriors, they can give a deadly blow to their opponents.

Most used weapons: staff, magic book

Talents: thunder spell, fire spell

Assassin: Nimble Knight Errant

Assassins attack enemies in a swift and accurate way. They are nimble and great-hearted. Even when enemies make a quick attack, assassins can easily dodge from attack. In the battlefield, they have the ability to hamper their opponents, which makes them a valuable part of the adventure team.

Most used weapon: Dagger

Talents: Boost attack, use poison

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----- Locations -----


There are four stores in each town dealing in weapons, armor, accessories and alchemy materials. Every store owner is an excellent merchant and can provide you with all the items you want.

Each store owner has a powerful distribution system. New items will be put on shelves on a regular basis. Please make sure to check back often. Maybe you'll find some rare items here!


The arena is just a small square surrounded by a wall, in which you can find a few stools. Stepping into the arena, you will notice that there is no organizer and only those idle audiences will act as your judges. Find a rival and fight. Time now!

In the arena, you can choose to challenge and loot the players of similar level. If you win, you will gain handsome rewards.

Training Field

The training field is a mysterious place full of challenges. It provides you with the most professional guide and most suitable environment to help you get training. And of course, you will acquire excellent battle skills here. We will train you into a true hero!

In the training field, you can set bot to fight monsters, but you'll gain less exp than fighting in the wild.

Auction House

The auctioneer is offering each item as well as its price with a small hammer. Why not look for something useful for your journey.

We will some put some special items for bid on a regular basis. If you're lucky enough, you'll get some valuables here


In the bubbling market, there are quite a few adventurers selling their treasures and valuable items just like you. Why not try your luck? Perhaps you can get a nice weapon or sell your useless items there.

The market is a place where players make fortune. Any player can buy or sell items here through have to pay a certain amount of transaction fee.


The tavern was rebuilt from an old warehouse, and it has a cellar surviving from ancient times. The desks and chairs in the tavern are staked together with brown resin boards, whose surface looks smooth and polished due to frequent use.

You can take daily quests in the tavern and replenish your health through using gold.

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----- Character Equipment -----

Each character can equip 10 pieces of gear, including a main weapon, an off-hand weapon, a suit, leg guards, arm guards, a helmet, a pair of boots, a necklace and two rings.

Characters taking different professions will take up different off hand weapons. For example, Warrior can have a weapon or a shield held in his off hand, a mage's book is a good option for Mage and Assassin may pick up a dagger as the off hand weapon.

With a click on the Hide button, you can make your equipment invisible. By doing so, other players won't be able to see what type of equipment you are currently wearing, let alone its attributes.

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Elementary Operation

----- Getting Start -----

Step 1: Register an account
1) Open account registration page 2) Click "Register" button to register an account

Step 2: Fill in the required information
1) Fill in user details 2) Click "Register" to submit filled information

Step 3: Enter game world
1) Choose a server 2) Enter user name and password 3) Enter activation code 4) Login

Step 4: Start game

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----- Newbie Tutorial -----

What can I do when I right start my adventure?
After getting in the game, you'll find yourself in the first main town. When you enjoy the beautiful street scene, you'll come across Whilar the Elder. Have a talk with him to start your epic adventure.

Obtaining the first equipment?
Talk to Whilar the Elder, then he will give you an assignment and reward you equipment to make you stronger once you complete it.

What if I forget where I can turn in a quest?
Click "Quest" button in your character stats panel and then you'll see all quests that you have accepted. Complete your quests as soon as possible, then you may get awesome rewards.

How do I move on a map?
Do you wish to go outside when finishing a tour in the first main town? Simply click "World Map", the general survey of StillLand will appear in front of you. Drag the map using mouse or slightly move the map using the arrow keys, then left click on the spot you want to go to, a small flag will appear and then you can click "Move" to move your character towards there. Different monsters and NPCs are located at different spot. You will also see other valiant adventrues around the world.

Remember to take a break after moving some steps because your Action Points will be consumed while you are moving.

How do I fight?
Once you have completed the newbie quests in town and obtained a set of pretty good equipment, you must have become very self-confident, then you can take up your weapons to challenge monsters. First of all, you should make sure whether there are monsters at a certain spot. Secondly, you must learn the monster's level since it is equal to suicide if you fight a monster whose level is too higher than yours. When you are ready, you can click the fight button behind the monster to begin fighting it. A fight against a monster does not require you to control your character too busily. In fact, you can even just sit at ease while your character is fighting against a monster. The system will automatically send you the combat report.

What can I do after leveling up?
After completing several quests and fights, you level up. Then you may be able to equip better equipment and spend stat points to augment your stats. Every time you level up, you can gain 5 distributable stat points and 1 talent point to augment your character stats. You can click "Equipment" or "Skill" button to add stat points. Different distribution of stat points will build a totally different character. Each class also has a different skill tree. Those powerful skills will make you stronger in the future.

How do I use a potion?
Press the left mouse button down on a potion in the backpack and drag it to character portrait, then it is used.

What if my health is very low?
StillLand is filled with perils. You may be injured anytime and anywhere if you are careless. When your health is low, you'd better use a potion before you fight another monster. By the way, before you reach level 20, you can be healed for free in any tavern in town.

What if I use out Action Points?
Action Points are required either for fighting or moving. It seems as if you are tired when you use out your Action Points. No one can never be tired. If you are tired, why not stop working to travel around or have a chat? Anyway, Action Points can be restored at 8:00, 12:00 and 18:00 automatically.

What if I am at sea and know nothing I can do?
Dragon's Call is not a game that is filled with boring grinding. In fact, there are many funny quests and puzzles waiting for your exploration. Why not unfold your quest log and check the quests available to you now? Do you wish to challenge tough monsters or run an instance? Do you wish to adventure alone or together with fellows? Whatever you want, just keep going!

How do I earn money?
Without money, you may be unable to do anything. But, how can you earn money?
If you hunt some items from monsters and find they are too cheap if they are sold to a store NPC, why not try to sell them to other players at a higher price?
Return to town and go to the market, then auction your goods. Don't forget to mark a starting bid price and buyout price for your goods. I would like to tell you some auction tips. Buyout price should be higher than the starting bid price. If you mark the buyout price, the item can be bought at once at the buyout price. If you don't, players can only bid for it and wait until the auction expires. If your stuff is pretty good, the others may bid a higher and higher price for it, and someone may even buy it out. If you want more players to see your goods, you can set a very long auction period. Anyway, mark a proper price and auction period for your goods, and you will get richer and richer.

How do I claim the stuffs in mail?
Click "Mail" and unfold the mail list, then click "Claim" to claim the item contained.
?How do I fight against other players?
Once you think monsters are too weak for you, you can try to challenge other players. Hold your weapon tight, as players are usually tougher than monsters. You can challenge other players in arena or plunder other players in the wilderness. To challenge others in arena, you should find a player whose arena ranking is 1-9 places atop you. Once you win a fight in arena, you will gain some Credits and Honor Points, which can be paid for PvP equipment. If you want to plunder others in the wilderness, you should first find a player whose level difference with you is within 15 and is also in the same map with you. When you get ready, you can then begin fighting against other players.

How to combine items?
When defeating monsters, you may get xx Star, Heart of xx or xx Synthetic Gems. If you have them, you can click "Combination" and drag them as well as your target equipment to the slots, then click "Begin combining" to combine them. You will then see what amazing change happened to the equipment.

How to embed runes?
When defeating monsters, you may get some runes. If you have runes, you can click "Embed" and drag them as well as your target equipment to the slots, then click "Begin embedding" to embed them into the equipment. You will then see what amazing change happened to the equipment. However, the equipment that has no socket cannot be embedded into runes.

How do I spend skill points?
Each class's skill tree consists of three branches. Some mainly improve attack, some mainly improve defense, while some mainly improve beneficial effects. You can spend your skill points as you wish. Just develop a proper hero for you!

What if I am very busy?
If you are really very busy and have to AFK for a while, why not utilize auto-fighting. Though auto-fighting is less efficient in gaining experience and money than fighting manually, it will also win you much experience and money, and even awesome stuffs.

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----- Quest Guide -----

Through doing quests, players will get familiar with the backstory and storyline of the game as well as the world they are interacting with, and in addition get different quest rewards. Beginners will pick up the game easily and quickly through doing tutorial quests.

How to find a quest:
Click on the Quest button to bring up the quest panel which will display the quests currently available to you as well as the quest giver NPCs .

How to start a quest:
Here I'll take a newbie quest as an example to explain the quest process.

When you enter a scene, if there is a quest available, a yellow "!" will appear beside the quest giver NPC.

Click on the quest name beside "!" to bring up the quest panel.

Through talking to NP, you'll get to know the detailed information about the quest, as well as the quest rewards.

Click on "Accept Quest" to pick up the quest. And you can check out the detailed quest information about all the accepted quests in the "Current Quests" window.

It will show you the name, progress, rewards and status of each quest, and you can choose to give up a quest.

After completing a quest, you must report back to the corresponding quest giver NPC. You'll notice that the yellow "!" will be replaced by a yellow "?".

Talk to the NPC and click on "Complete Quest", and then you'll receive the quest rewards.

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----- How do I Use a Skill -----

Skill cannot be activated in a combat unless it has been loaded. Attack skills and secondary skills cannot be loaded until they hit level 1. Simply click "Load Skill" button and select your target skills, then you can load them.
Before Loading: Click "Load Attack Skill 1"

Select Skill: Select the skills you want to load

After Loading: Show the skills that have been loaded

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----- How to Restore HP -----

Your HP may be reduced while fighting. Before you reach Level 20, you can be healed for free in a tavern in town (Each main town has a tavern)

Click "Restore" button
If you dislike returning to town frequently to heal yourself, we suggest you use a HP Pack. Each player can get a HP Pack which stores 10000 HP when they just start.
There are 2 ways to use HP Pack. One is to restore HP automatically after combat. The other one is use HP Pack manually.

When you've used out the stored HP in a HP Pack, you can pay Gold or Dragon Gold to recharge HP to the HP Pack.
1. Spend Gold to recharge HP Pack (This option is only available in the taverns in town)

2. Spend Dragon Gold or Dragon Stones to recharge HP Pack (This option is available anywhere)

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----- Loot in the Wild -----

Brief Intro

While in the wild, you can loot the player whose level difference with you is within 10. But be careful that he might list you as his enemy.

When looting a player successfully, you will get a certain percent of the player’s money. Specifically, when you defeat a player who is at the same level with you, you will get 10% of their money; when you defeat a player who is N levels below you, you will get (10-N)% of their money (1% at least); while defeating a player who is N levels above you, you will get (N+10)% of their money (20% at most).

Loot can only be carried out once every 15 minutes, and you are not allowed to loot the same player more than 5 times a day.

How to loot?

In the big map, all the players at your coordinates will be displayed on the player list below the map,as shown blow:

from which you can see the profession, name, and level of each player. You can also click on the button to view their equipment. If you want to loot a player, just click on.

By clicking “More” at the bottom of the list, you can view and search all players in the same zone with you. Then, you can click “Loot” button behind a player’s name to loot the player.

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----- How do I Spend Skill Points -----

Every time you level up, you can gain 1 skill point which can be applied to a skill in the skill panel to improve the skill.
Some skill cannot be improved by skill point unless some certain skill has been improved by certain skill points. Some skill cannot be improved unless the player reaches a certain level.
Unactivated Skill: Such skill cannot be activated unless some certain skill has been improved to a certain degree. See the image below:

Active Skill: Such skill can be improved directly by skill points. See the image below:

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----- How to Use Equipment and more -----

1. How to use equipment?

2. How to purchase equipment?

3. How to sell and display equipment?

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What you should know

----- What are Action Points -----

Action Points should be consumed to fight monsters or plunder. Each player has 150 Action Points per day by default. Players can buy additional Action Points through the Munition Vendition of arena or using Dragon Gold (Each player can buy at most 90 additional Action Points per day).
1. To buy Action Points using Honor Points:
Enter arena and click Munition Vendition to buy Action Points.

  2. Use Gold, Dragon Gold or Dragon Stones to buy Action Points

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----- Value-added -----

Dragon Stones:

1. Buy items in Mall
2. Extend friends list
3. Display equipment
4. Recharge HP Pack
5. Buy Action Points
6. Buy Stat Reset Points
7. Buy Skill Reset Points
8. Detect equipment
9. Enlarge inventory
10. Enlarge backpack
11. Socket equipment the second time
12. Buy Magicstone Shards
13. End combat instantly
14. End auto-fighting instantly
15. Reset arena time
16. Extend enemies list
17. Reserve original attributes when combining equipment
18. Fight 5+ monsters while auto-fighting
19. Buy opportunities to enter instance.

Dragon Gold:

Dragon Gold possesses all functions of Dragon Stone, but Dragon Gold can also be paid for Lucky Gems and Dragonshards.

VIP Membership:

1. Player name will be showed in golden (in the wild, player name search result and player rankings)
2. The resting time in arena is reduced to 1 minute from 5 minutes
3. Work earning increases by 50% (Gold, Exp)
4. Enjoy a 10% discount when buying goods from any store.
5. Enjoy 120% experience gain in monsters hunting
6. Enjoy 120% Gold gain
7. Success rates of refining and combination increase by 5%
8. Enjoy auto-fighting for free
9. Display equipment for free in world channel.

Protective Blessing:

Effect: Won't be looted by other players.

Exp Blessing:

Effect: Experience gain in combats increases by 30%.

Gold Blessing:

Effect: Gold gain in combats increases by 30%.

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