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Jeremy Voorhis

Software Engineer since July 2008

Jeremy is a versatile hacker, programming language enthusiast and lover of all things light and sound. Accordingly, he has his hands in virtually every aspect of Kongregate's operations, and his contributions range from integration with major content delivery networks, writing a custom domain specific language for ad placement and JavaScript optimization voodoo to dreaming big and developing the concepts behind Collabs, Kongregate's section for artists and musicians.

Prior to Kongregate, he gained experience building multilingual websites served up in 18 languages. He has also contributed to projects as diverse as Ruby on Rails, Sfront and wrote the first ACH implementation for ActiveMerchant. He has also spoken at the first international and domestic Ruby on Rails conferences and at various user groups.

Jeremy is also an avid musician. He has played piano nearly his entire life, and has spent the last two years developing his own systems for computer music, from representing musical scores to realtime synthesis of sound. He will be sharing this work at Portland's Open Source Bridge conference in 2010, during his session JIT-Compiling Domain Specific Languages.

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