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Jim Greer

Jim is the co-founder and former CEO of Kongregate, and is responsible for the company's vision of community around games, its focus on game developers, and most importantly its ability to identify and retain great talent. Jim is a regular committer to Kongregate's codebase, and developed many of the customer support and fraud screening tools.

Before founding Kongregate was Technical Director for Pogo at Electronic Arts and led the web and game engineering teams. He has worked in the game industry since 1991, when he went from summer intern to leading the game world design team on Ultima VII: The Black Gate. Despite his boss Richard Garriott's advice, he finished his computer science degree at Princeton University before returning to the game industry.

Before founding Kongregate, Jim was forced to get his poker and World of Warcraft habits under control. He spends more time than he would like to admit on Hacker News and Reddit.

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