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Kongbot Gameplay Service

The goal of Kongregate has always been simple: to be the best place to play the web’s best free games.

With our goal of creating the very best player experience that we possibly can, we’re always striving to address common criticisms, whether they’re regarding difficult badges, poor-quality games, or the lack of paid site features. For the past several months, we’ve been brainstorming what the next big feature should be, and today we’re extremely excited to unveil the KongBot Gameplay Service.

When we boiled everything down, we realized that the main bottleneck with enjoying Kongregate as a website is having to actually play the games themselves. Some are difficult, some are glitchy, and some simply take too much time.

But with the KongBot Gameplay Service, let KongBot struggle with those frustrations for you. Is GemCraft taking too long? Is the restaurant in Dolphin Olympics 2 too high? Did the extension cord just disappear from your inventory in Gateway I? Don’t take it out on your keyboard — just fire up the KongBot Gameplay Service and get back to chatting!

We think you’ll agree that once you experience everything that non-gaming has to offer, you’ll wonder how you ever enjoyed clicking buttons and pressing keys just to progress in a video game.

As part of the kick-off promotion,
we’re featuring a one-day points challenge in Idleplex,
which already has the KongBot Gameplay Service integrated.

Start The Challenge

The KongBot Gameplay Service will play games on your behalf for only: $4.99/mo

But for this month only, we’re also allowing everyone to beta test the service within a few select games!

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