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The name’s Beny baby, don’t forget it.

Became a holy defender of Kongregate, or as locals like to say a Moderator, on November 18, 2010.

I’ve been enjoying the wonderful world of Kongregate for just about 10 years!

Awesome quotes:

FrozenCereal- I won’t like Hunka Points unless I can gamble, cash in, or inflate them.

Hunkadunkus: In Soviet Russia, Katamari rolls you!

Beny071: This is the horse I was thinking about.
Beny071: http://tinyurl.com/37puxt7
Beny071: Is it in our budget?
Potshotlynxlynx: I’m not sure if all that excess hair is.
Beny071: We could always give it a good shave
Potshotlynxlynx: Somewhere, there’s a balding pony because this guy got greedy.
Fan fiction time! Write me one and Ill put it up!
Beny, the freelance cat designer was busy designing cats, when all of a sudden the peaceful town known as “The Hive” was under invasion from a great threat…
The treat was a hideously ugly creature known as “The Troll”, who preyed on all happiness, and began flooding the Hive with his words of evil
Beny, who had seen the evil committing, decided to stand up against the evil, and put down the cat designs he had created this morning, and picked up his mighty BANamari
Swaying the mighty weapon in one hand, he rose to face the hideous creature, and yelled from the top of his lungs “You shall not pass!”… before engaging in an epic battle, that took several hours, and had almost drained the energy from him
Alas, the troll was defeated in an epic struggle against the valiant Beny, where he went home, to eat sandwiches and drink beer

Standing atop the tower, the deluge of rain darkening his already blood-soaked armor, Beny raised his steel kite shield to level with the figure on the opposite side. His foe turned around, and a bolt of lightning revealed the pink creature’s identity: Kirby. Steeling himself, Beny charged; gathering momentum with his flail in the rush. Kirby grimaced and let into the air, unleashing the infamous Final Cutter that he had slain so many with—but Beny had anticipated this and launched himself forward, right under the now flipping star warrior. Kirby landed and hit stone, and instantly realized his error as he heard the battle cry behind him. Beny spun around, flail already high over his head, and brought it down in a hammer-strike. There was no time to dodge the blow, and Kirby was pulverized into the lower floor of the tower. He turned around, and atop an altar before him was one of the sacred Ms; he triumphantly nabbed it, and thus a new moderator was among us.

That night in November, I remember as if it was 5 seconds ago. Clear as day, black as night, it was right in front of me… in black and white. The incessant cogs that turn and weave our very lives shuttered and clanked together forcefully, they worked the machines, and the machines worked the workers themselves. “Hard work is not done without a cost, cost is not done without hard work.” That was the industry motto. Those words whispered through me and chilled me from the insides every time I was in that place. It frightened me, but I had to work somewhere. I clumsily dropped my worker tag on the line, scrambling to get it out, I almost took off my own hand. And that’s the risk we took in The Hive.
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Beny, his dusty, jet black hat tipped over his eyes, emblazed with a ruby M in the middle, sat back against a rock, resting. His beautiful, golden Ban Hammer strapped to his back, and his dual Silence Scimitars strapped on either side of his waist. He yawned and stretched out his long, muscled arms, which he obtained through countless training sessions against various trolls. He unrolled a map he had been keeping in his back pocket. “It’s just over the mountain… I’ve almost found it…the greatest, purest land of all time…‘The Hive’.”
He put the map back in its proper resting place and rose from his small, unqualified stone bed. Cracking his back, he walked on….he didn’t get too far. A huge, muscley troll had struck him back. He wiped ruby red blood from the corner of his mouth as he unsheathed his Silence Scimitars. The troll smiled and threw a disgusting, mushy meat at Beny. Beny brushed it off, then he felt a tingling sensation. This stuff was like acid! He immediatly removed it and charged at the troll, it reacted instantly, attempting to throw down his Silence Scimitars, but not fat enough. Beny cut off its arm, green, putrid blood spewed from its wound. Crying out in agony, in fell, defeated to the ground.
Beny walked off, barely wounded, in victory. Short lived was the victory, for two more trolls, larger than the first troll, attacked him. They had technologically advanced weapons that one called “Pr0nz.” One managed to swipe away both of Beny’s Silence Scimitars and they fell to the ground, then they glowed and morfed into a man and a woman, making love in the corner. He grimaced.
“Banning time!” He called out. A bit cliche, he decided, but it was fine. He took out his ban hammer and brazed it against the two, they laughed. He hit them both, destroying them instantly. They fell, then rose again, bigger and more muscled.
“Alt. Trolls.” He said, noting their paler color. They fought for hours upon hours, until, finally, Beny fell. When he thought it was all over, a pale, blue light appeared from the heavens. A young boy walked out of thin air and called to him. He appeared young, but Beny knew better. He was stronger than Beny. It called to him again.
“Beny,” his voice was deep and strong, “take my power.” And he laid a finger on Beny’s M on his cap. Instantly, his ban hammer glowed with the same light pale, blue light. He swung it, sending out a shockwave of power, and finished them both. He had won!
He united with the Boy that was blue and pumped his fist in the air, chanting, “To the Hive!”
Conduct for the site
How to become a mod!


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