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Katawa Shoujo Quotes

Hisao: Try as I might to picture this mystery sister, all I can think of is Lilly in a suit. And I can’t imagine that not being attractive. Not at all.

Shizune: [We are going to play for it.]
Hisao: Play what?
Shizune: [The oldest game known to man, upon which the fate of nations has been known to rest: Rock, Paper, Scissors.]

Shizune: …
Misha: [translating] Misha, stop doing that! [pause, realization hits] Wait… I’m Misha…

Hisaio: I can help you.
Rin: I’m having my period and I need some help regarding that. However, I don’t feel that our relationship is yet on the level where I could allow you to pull my underwear down in the girls’ toilet even if you offer to.

Hanako: I…think I should maybe go to bed. T-thank you, Hisao, thanks Lilly and Aaaaakiraaaaa.

Emi: If you’re going to kiss me, you should probably do it soon. I think the lunch bell is about to ring.

Lilly: Shut up and let me cry.

Kenji: What the hell? What do you mean there’s a girl who does the same thing? You mean she touches her glasses? I do that, that’s my thing. Who is this bitch? Why are bitches all up in my business, stealing what I do?!"

Funny quotes with my friends! c:

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My Stories

Current Projects

A story about how life would occur in the EE universe.

Finished Products

A depressing love story about romance and loss.

A short story satirizing socialization and societal norms. The plot depicts a young crablet learning to think for himself, despite any of society’s possible sanctions.

Future Plans

  • EE RPG:
    A sort of choose your own adventure, with an rpg theme. Basically, everybody would control a single character, voting on which actions he should take. Pictures would be depicted in EE.
  • EE Adventure:
    A basic adventure story with pictures from EE.
  • EE Life 2:
    The second installment of the series.

I am a prophet of the holy god, κάκτοςμς.

Wanna learn how to speak Michanese?

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