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Hi there. Welcome to ITBEAROOMYO! Anything I can help with? :)

My Steam Profile. Add me. :)

“What game should I play?”

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Has Anyone Really Been Far Even as Decided to Use Even Go Want to do Look More Like?
Likes: Idle games, mashed potatoes, and chatting with friends.
Dislikes: Dead chat rooms, cold pizza, and when nothing’s on TV.

Popular video games I did not enjoy:
(Only including games I’ve played a minimum of 50% through)

Grand Theft Auto 3: I’m not saying this was a bad game but after playing San Andreas first, the ability to not look behind you with a click of the thumbstick seemed dumb. Also climbing a wall was impossible because jumping would just make you slam your face into anything in front of you.

Any Zelda game: I’m not huge on Adventure games and the original Zelda for the Nintendo was boring and didn’t impress me. I think the series would have been much better if it was an RPG with leveling up, armor, and various swords and shields instead of a game where you slash through bushes looking for money.

Minecraft: I understand the appeal of this sandbox but I’m not a huge fan of creating a world. If I want to play a sandbox, I prefer the open world of GTA 5 where I can fly around in a helicopter, shoot people, and have standoffs with police who don’t suddenly disappear in the daytime. Also, GTA is more objective-based with clear outlines on what you need to do. Freedom is great but structure is nothing to avoid either.

Final Fantasy 7: I like Final Fantasy a lot. The mixture of turn-based and real-time combat is nice and the towns are a lot of fun to explore. My favorite is IX since it was the last game to utilize the real Final Fantasy battle system, not to mention it had item fusing, a good story, varied characters, and nice minigames like the Chocobo and the card game. VII did not impress me. The story seemed too contrived and inorganic while the combat didn’t emphasize what I like about Final Fantasy. I like to have a slow tank to absorb hits while having an almost constantly-attacking (but light hitting) rogue supported by a healer-debuffer and a glass cannon archer and VII just didn’t pull it off as well as I wanted it to. It probably didn’t help that all the characters were made up of about four polygons with zero texture.

Super Mario Bros: Yes, the 1985 original. Really, the entire Mario series disappoints me. It’ll be quicker to just tell you which ones I do like. Mario RPG and the Mario Party series. Galaxy, Sunshine, Mario 64, and the other platformers are fun for a couple seconds but they get repetitive of just the same running and jumping for over an hour on end. I simply don’t like platformers.

Any puzzle game: Well, besides Bejewelled and Puzzle Pirates both for the value of nostalgia. I’m smart enough to handle puzzle games but I am one of the most impatient people on the planet. My IQ of 146 is completely irrelevant when it comes to puzzle games. (I know this is about console games but I’m throwing Picma into this category)

Fallout 3: The problem here is that I played Skyrim first so this seemed like a heavily downgraded version with guns. Also, when I heard it was an FPS and RPG, I expected something like Borderlands with more of a focus on FPS but Fallout was the other way around.

Oblivion: I am not a fan of the story of Elder Scrolls. I love Skyrim and I think that’s okay because I don’t claim to love Elder Scrolls. I played Oblivion after Skyrim. (and Fallout 3) I wasn’t trying to go in order because I was playing for the fun of it and not the story. Anyway, this game had that awful face mini-game and the combat felt contrived. The menu was confusing and I was forced to make a class thus restricting my freedom. If you’re going to restrict players’ freedom, then why make your game an open world free-roamer in the first place?

Side Note: I play games for the gameplay, not the story or graphics. If the game is fun, I’ll probably like it. Good music, graphics, and stories are just bonuses. The most important part about playing a game is the gameplay. :)

World of Warcraft: (Not a console game but I make the rules here) Is it possible to not like this game? I played this game for free thankfully but $15 per month is certainly a negative point. The problem with this game is that it has a HUGE focus on combat but the combat is boring. I thought I would have to dodge multiple fireballs while blasting things out of the sky or at least some good-looking combat like in Kingdom Hearts 2 but instead, all I got was right-clicking and a community of obsessed, scammed cultists.

Runescape: Too boring for me. Nothing but grinding with little reward. Literally none of the gameplay is different. You’re always doing the exact same thing.

Pac-Man: Fun for a few levels but gets repetitive after the first three.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic: I’m actually not sure why I didn’t like this. I mean, I beat the game completely but I just didn’t enjoy it. The combat was a little dry but still varied. This is a really good game and I’m a moderate Star Wars fan (that likes both trilogies equally) but this game just didn’t appeal to me as much as it did to others.

Batman: Arkham Asylum: The fighting in this game was nice. You had nice animations, varied combos, and different approaches you could take. The puzzles in this game completely turned me off of it. They were extremely easy puzzles but they were much too frequent. I honestly played this game for the combat only.

Portal 1 & 2: At this point, I think you know I don’t like puzzle games. That’s why I didn’t enjoy this series.

Any Point-and-Click game: This includes Walking Dead (which I don’t like anyway) and Wolf Among Us. Gameplay is important to me and this gameplay in this genre is repetitive if you can even consider it existent.

GTA IV: I like GTA for its light attitude, satire, and happy comedy. This game didn’t have enough of those. Also, the vehicle controls were awful and the camera wasn’t even centered. Hand-to-hand combat was pretty fun though.

Half-Life 2: A shooting game in which you shoot zombies non-stop. Repetitive and too similar to Halo 2. (Which was for some reason, more about killing the Flood than the Covenant.) Not only that but it wasn’t immersive enough for me. The graphics weren’t exactly amazing either. I do like FPS games but not when they look like someone trying to rip off Quake. (Too many people have done that so I had seen this element before. It was like I had already played this game before)

Left for Dead series: Repetitive and simply not fun enough for me.
I enjoyed learning what all the special classes did though. Maybe I’m just not a fan of zombie games.

EVERY. SINGLE. POKEMON. GAME!: Just kidding, I love them. The only exceptions are the next listings.

Pokemon Black and White: This game tried to take Pokemon on a more serious and dark route which unfortunately continued onward with X and Y and forward. The last good games for me were Soul Silver and Heart Gold and I see them as the best. There were tons of features in those games. You had two whole regions to explore, a plethora of characters to call and chat with, a light-hearted attitude before Pokemon turned emo, the awesome Battle Frontier, over 20 different daily events each day, 16 Gym Leaders to face, the ability to rematch any and all of them, any of your Pokemon followed you and you could interact with it, and the massive, massive Pokeathlon. Black and White stripped almost every single one of those things.

Super Smash Bros: I like fighting games and I usually like crossover games but the combat in this game is just a touch too floaty. It probably doesn’t help that I’m not a huge fan of any Nintendo series besides Pokemon. And it definitely doesn’t help that every character can only do 6 different attacks. Variety amongst movesets is very scarce (almost nonexistent) and the fights are never interesting.

All Saint’s Row games: Too unrealistic and lacking in challenge. Just mashing the same button over and over again until you win. No advancement.

Devil May Cry/God of War/Bayonetta: Not a big fan of hack-and-slash games unless there’s some type of strategy involved. That’s why I like Dynasty Warriors. You have to fight a huge army with your allies and if you’re strategic about the way you do it, the fight is much more fun.

Metal Gear Solid: Not a big fan of stealth games but I can enjoy them maybe two levels per sitting. This series was just a touch too boring for me. The boss fights were fun though.

Every “horror” game They’re supposed to scare me. They don’t scare me. (This includes Five Nights at Freddy’s which I just learned made sequels. I was not surprised at all to see that they are identical to the first)

Shadow of the Colossus: I like the boss runner aspect of this game but the only appeal this game has is that it’s supposed to make you emotionally react. I’m not playing a game so I can cry; I’m playing a game so I can have fun. This gimmick is not fun.

Mega Man (the whole series): It’s a platformer, moves too slowly, the enemies are repetitive, the upgraded weapons change almost nothing, and it just isn’t enough fun for me. I enjoyed X3 since you could play as Zero which added the ability to use the sword. This varied combat just enough for me to like it.

Pong: Can’t figure out the controls or what those numbers mean!

Back to the serious ones now…

Every Sonic game: It’s repetitive and it’s a platformer. I wish there was a game where they played with Sonic’s speed and made him an absolute juggernaut capable of barreling through enemies instead of getting killed by touching the side of spikes. If you’re gonna let me play as a creature that can run the speed of sound, don’t make me stop constantly to jump over enemies and onto platforms. I had a good bit of fun with Sonic Riders (not the one for the awful abomination that is the Kinect) for PS2 and Sonic Adventures for the GameCube. (The garden added longevity and an interesting hobby to partake in)

All Call of Duty games: I’m not against a good FPS game, online or otherwise, but that’s not what this is. I love Halo because those games actually require skill. Anyone with any level of coordination can win in Call of Duty. I tried Black Ops 2 and scored headshot after headshot after headshot. There was absolutely no challenge. The only time I died was when someone attacked me from behind. At least in Halo, you have to be good enough to hit an enemy more than once.

Assassin’s Creed series: Stealth-based games not only move slowly, but that is exactly what they’re supposed to do. I see no point including combat in a game if it’s only going to last half a second and then force you to go right back into moving like a snail for an hour. Black Flag and Rogue were good because you could tackle most missions any way you wanted to and the ones that required stealth were pretty rare. I don’t care much for the story of the whole series so I simply play these two to enjoy the gameplay, expansive world, and multitude of features and minigames. The ship combat, upgrading, property ownership, and naval fleet are also a huge amount of fun and is often the only reason I am playing either Black Flag or Rogue.

The Witcher series: I don’t know what this game is trying to achieve but all it pulls off is mixing the feel of Fable, turning it emo, mixing in some Dragon Age, and then turning it all into vomit. Considering all of that has been consistent with each title, it seems like that’s what they were going for the whole time. I’m not entirely sure why the combat system has a whole two moves that are useful and then 13 that if you use at any time ever, will result in you getting killed. Maybe players want to use 3 moves. Or maybe even more?

All Tomb Raider games: Remove the puzzle elements and turn this into a bow and arrow FPS and maybe I would play it for more than thirty seconds at a time.

Destiny: This game is Borderlands with Call of Duty’s community. No way am I touching this game again. But at least the voice acting is good. >.> Also, I get that this is an MMO but that doesn’t mean the game can do something as stupid as making sure it has no story whatsoever. We have no idea what our character is or why he is where he is.

Dark Souls: Played it and beat it. If a game is gonna be challenging, it should be due to its difficulty, not to broken mechanics that make the game nearly unplayable. We have fighting games for that.

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