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Hi. I am friendly, but DO NOT TICK ME OFF! DO NOT post messages on games saying need badges. DO NOT shout stupid things on my profile because one time that got me banned. Other than that we good, bro.
I chat in The Cantina even though some older people there (Nemoso, ultimatesoldier, Vorpal Steak) aren’t too happy about that. I love ticking people off. Here’s our old comics discussion.

Joes_Morgue: Calvin is the “Anti-Peanuts”
edgewooddirk: peanuts is fail sauce
Bubbleman087: dont dis peanuts.. Snoopy is awesome
edgewooddirk: snoopy= epic
ninjacloneXD: yep
Joes_Morgue: Peanuts had NO competition….NONE!
edgewooddirk: hobbes=epic chuck noris with a side of awesome
Joes_Morgue: NOTHING came close to him in ANY polls!
Joes_Morgue: Then here comes this little boy and his stuffed tiger, and then Peanuts is #2 in the same manner the old #2 was
edgewooddirk: so which do you think is better joe? C&H or peanuts?
Joes_Morgue: C&H by FAR! And I thinks Peanuts was GREAT
elove: c&h 4 sure but dont diss peanuts
edgewooddirk: meh ok
Karindle: C&H
alexridermi6: Calvin and Hobbes
edgewooddirk: calvin and hobbes is the best
Joes_Morgue: I want to name my first-born son Calvin
alexridermi6: Peanuts got old.
Joes_Morgue: Charlie Brown was a sweet kid
alexridermi6: I also think Peppermint Patty is gay. Literaly
edgewooddirk: ill name mine bill waterson
Joes_Morgue: Calvin was humanl
edgewooddirk: or WAS HE?
alexridermi6: "La-di-dah-di-dah, I just want a bucket to hold some stuff tum-ti, no cause for alarm ,I just want a bucket. Hmm, how many buckets do we have? di-dah
Joes_Morgue: Like you expect me to beleive you wern’t like that as a 6 year old
edgewooddirk: lol
edgewooddirk: no i was worse
Joes_Morgue: How many kids were like CB?
alexridermi6: If there was a kid who really was like CB I would feel so bad for him.
edgewooddirk: cb?
Joes_Morgue: Bhavior wise
Joes_Morgue: Charlie Brown
Joes_Morgue: Boy, that was typo’d pretty good!
ninjacloneXD: lol
alexridermi6: They’re all just so mean to him. If I was Charlie Brown, Lucy would be in intensive care at the hospital
edgewooddirk: lol
LightKira: Have any of you beaten Back to the Cubeture?
ninjacloneXD: is it good?
Live_The_Lie: >.<
ninjacloneXD: it looks crap
edgewooddirk: if i were cb i would chuck rocks at lucy
Joes_Morgue: What we’re Calvin’s parent’s names?
edgewooddirk: actualy bill waterson said he didnt want to name them
Joes_Morgue: “Mom” and “Dad”
edgewooddirk: he said that the parents were only as importent as “calvin parents”
ninjacloneXD: was his last name klein?
alexridermi6: …
ninjacloneXD: lol

Best Quotes:

Joes_Morgue: Chat died…
Live_The_Lie: yesm
Joes_Morgue: *Starts digging grave for chat
Live_The_Lie: *helps

Kahn123: have you ever been so mad that you beat the shit out of little children
micmic98: Um no. Why?
Kahn123: idk just asking

lorddaemonicus1: Penis
monmon435: ok
monmon435: penis fuker?
TehUberAhsem: …
monmon435: hi ahs
monmon435: waves
lorddaemonicus1: just penis
monmon435: too late

Vorpal_Steak: Of course they’d have a restaurant…erm..Hooters. Yeah, can’t go any further than that.
sc1zzen: well
sc1zzen: poontangs
sc1zzen: its a buffett
sc1zzen: :D
sc1zzen: (h5)
Vorpal_Steak: Hmm…I stand corrected.
Vorpal_Steak: (h5)
Nemoso: oooh
Nemoso: vorp is on the crack rock.

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