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Hello! 3 words to describe me.
Slim. Smart. Tomboy.

Currently in MnB2 I am Colonel, gonna rank up soon. I am currently studying in Harvard so, I play Kongregate rarely.
Here is a riddle:
What is a word made up of 4 letters, yet is also spelled with 3. Although can sometimes be spelled with 8, rarely 6, and never with 5. Post answers on my wall, thank you.
First time on a MnB2 strategy. I’m gonna give a strat which can get you to wave 100+…. Unless you don’t use camnets, which is pretty stupid.

Ok, first, when you deploy, press the spacebar and calmly advance once. it may be kinda risky since you may be killed in melee, but you need that exp.

Get an engineer, and order him to build a trench. Give your highest rifle skill soldier a M1 Garand, and move him behind. Get an officer and order him to collect all the crates and then a siggy. When you have enough, give all soldiers M1 Garands and the one already with M1 Garand, pass him a BAR. You got anti-infantry covered.

Now with your officer skilled, there should be no flankers. Now, get 2-3 Bazookas, and Order your engie to build a camnet. Bunch up all your zooks in the same area (I MEANT CAMNET), and in a wave without tanks and there is a crate, order any of your zooks to get it.

Your position will get overruned, but at least you can take 150 tanks and a considerable amout of !@#$%^& Germans with you.

To get your Siggy skilled, use sitreps
now and then.

Heroism is a good insta-heal, but kinda expensive.

Have fun in MnB2!

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