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I am ArchFlame.My real name is Sethen.But you could call me Seth.Im a normal thirteen year old kid who plays on Kongregate.And some other sites.But mostly Kongregate.Im a major fan of Jason and guns.My avatar is made from Bobuchan.If you want a avatar like this go ask her.And if you are new to Kongregate please go to this http://www.kongregate.com/pages/conduct.Please follow all the rules.And respect other users/moderators,admins,and staff.The makers of Kongregate are Emily Greer and Jim Greer.The one who implements badges on Kongregate is Greg.Moderators can not make you a moderator.Greg does not implement badges on a game that is below 4 stars.Please do not insult Greg or any user.You can not get credit for a game that you did not make.Please do not harass people on the forums,chatroom,and profile.I hope you have a great time playing on Kongregate.About me: I have 43 friends.In real life.My favorite food is anything that has chicken.I hate wasabi.My other favorite food is pizza.My favorite dessert is Mudd Pie.My hobbies are surfing the internet,playing with fire,soccer,going out to the movies, playing basketball,and playing baseball.But mostly playing basketball.I have two dogs and three cats.I used to have one dog and no cats.But then a cat came to my house so we kept it.And then it had kittens.four kittens.Two ran away.One died.Leaving the two girl cats.Then another cat came to our house so we kept that cat.Our neighbor had a dog that kept going to our house and she was going to give that dog away.So we asked if we could keep it.Leaving us with two dogs and three cats.I have four brothers and three sisters.And a Mom and Dad.Plus me.So my family has eight members or thirteen,adding the pets.My sister dropped me four times when I was little.So I lost some teeth.My favorite fruit is a apple.I sometimes go skiing with the family.My favorite cartoons are The Simpsons,King Of The Hill,American Dad,and Family Guy.I like playing with fire and lighting stuff on fire.But I don’t start fires.I always put them out.I usually take some oil and put one drop on a fire.Fire usually doesn’t burn hurt me a lot when I put my hand on fire.Im like a Pyromancer.Maybe I should be a Fire Fighter when I grow up.I searched Pyromancer on Wikipedia and found out that Hephaestus was the Greek God of fire.I dont know anything about greek gods.So pyro means fire.And fire means pyro.Remember kids dont play with fire.Only at your friend’s house.I play with blowtorches at my friend’s house.He doesn’t mind.Once I even blowtorched my dog.Some other thing I like to do is throwing stuff inside a schreddar.Like trees.Or trash bags.But the trash bags stink.Sometimes I light trash bags on fire.Sometimes I want to light my cats on fire.Or maybe not.I just dump water on them.When they mess up my stuff.I dont care about my dogs though.They dont do anything to my stuff.Once my cat ripped my homework in peices.Or maybe thats not a bad thing.My dogs usually dont attack the cats.Only when I tell them to.Sometimes the dogs run away then they come back a week later.Sometimes I play videogames.Sometimes I want to light my cats on fire.But ill get them some day.SOME DAY!So did you know some peanut butter products are poison.It’s true.I saw it on the news.I tell my mom not to buy them.Peanut Butter always reminds me of ice cream and jelly.I love ice cream.Its the thing that makes me not light any fire.Jelly is the thing that I eat with peanut butter.But I dont eat any peanut butter anymore.Now I feel like lighting my cats on fire.Sometimes I throw some chicken in fire.Fire reminds me of bomberman.I still have a bomberman game for my gameboy.And some pokemon games.And Donkey Kong.Those were old classics.Just like bomberman.Donkey Kong used to annoy me when I kept on dieing.But thats when I was seven.Sometimes I want to light the Donkey Kong on fire.Wait what was I talking about?I used to have spiderman game but I lost it.I only saw Spiderman one and two.I never got to see three.Maybe they will put it on t.v.Maybe channel sixty will show Spiderman three.Maybe.Maybe not.So lets talk about Bomberman.Hes a guy with bombs.The last boss and the secret bosses used to annoy me just like Donkey Kong.Donkey…… wait I must stay on topic!Bomberman.I dont remember all the bosses but I think there were eleven plus the secret bosses.There is a secret boss after you fight a boss after the boss and return to the boss place.Sometimes Bomberman reminds me of pizza for some reason.I like pizza.Sometimes I light it on fire.Someday im going to get a FlameThrower and burn everything.Pyromancers remind me of Necromancers.So I like pizza.Pizza is awesome.The thought of pizza reminds me of ice cream.I almost eat pizza every day.At school.Sometimes I get pizza at the library.And I order pizza at home.Sometimes I give my dogs the peperoni and my cats the fish.Now lets talk about snow.Snow is a thing I burn.Just like I burn ice.Once I made a big snow ball and rolled it down a HUGE mountain.Then it smashed against a tree.But it was still a big snowball.It took me ten minutes to melt it.I could of used the water for a pool.Around December I raked a big pile of leaves and burned it.Another thing I like to do instead of burning stuff is slicing stuff to bits.I have two swords I use to chop stuff with.One time I chopped down our phone cable.Then we had to call a repair man.I was grounded for two weeks.Sometimes I chop wood for fun then throw it in a schreddar.So,at January 30 2009 in the afternoon.There was a gang war.But I didn’t call the cops because it was so cool.They were using guns of course.Almost everything happens around my house.A car crashes.Pit bulls fight.A fire starts.Some guy tries to blow up my neighbor’s house.Mostly a lot of things happen around my house.And some hobos come around at night.weird….So I might be getting a flamethrower for my birthday nothing else.Do you ever think the world is going to end?Maybe at 2012 maybe not.Maybe the world will end by te sun exploding.Or a paradox that destroys everything it touches.Or maybe the planets will crush together.Or maybe aliens will blow up the world with lasers.Or maybe I will rule the world and then destroy it and live on the moon.We never know what might happen to the world.Maybe robots will take over it.Or an apocalypse.Or maybe a lot of bad flash will be submitted to Kongregate and all the other sites that the internet will explode.Causing people to go crazy.The world could end in many ways.Maybe from a war.And the skeletons will rise from the dead!Or maybe evil clowns will rise from the dead and throw pies everywhere!Or a virus will be released on us and there will be zombies everywhere and we have to kill every zombie!Or TROGDOR!!!!!!Trogdor is a imaginary dragon made from StrongBad.StrongBad is also an imaginary character along with Homestar StrongSad StrongMad Marzipan Coach Z Bubs The Cheat The Poopsmith and the King Of Town.You could find them at homestarrunner.com I always watch the toons.It’s a funny site.You should check it out.And it also has a wiki.hrwiki.org I grew up watching those toons and I still watch them.I watched as the characters grew in detail.And as the old characters dissapear forever.That site also has games.The games are mostly Videlectrix though.So,yeah go to homestarrunner.com I don’t care if you don’t.Just don’t press the red button.Im so crazy im talking about red buttons now.So dont press it.STOP pressing the button.You know what im so crazy im talking about red buttons.So stop pressing it.I said STOP.Can you even hear a word im saying?Stop it.Stop it or your computer will explode.Boom your computer exploded.What are you going to do now.What?Now that your computer exploded you just continue to press the red button?What if your t.v. exploded.Boom your t.v. exploded.You know what.Just stop pressing the red button.I SAID STOP IT.Dont make me come out there.Stop it.Stop it or the world will explode.Boom!You just destroyed the earth are you happy now.What you want to destroy Heaven and Hell.Okay you have a chance to not press it 1000 times.No cheating.I said no cheating.You know what you destroyed the button are you happy now?Maybe not the red button though.Okay stop pressing the red button.Dont make me call Trodgor and burninate you.Im calling him.But first I have to call StrongBad.Im calling him.Still calling.So,maybe im not calling him.Because I dont have a cell phone.Just stop pressing the red button.Okay now you presssed the red button so much it exploded.Are you happy now?Oh no!A blue button!Stop pressing the blue button!It’ll be so funny if you press the blue button so much times that it explodes and you have nothing.I said nothing.Except the ashes.Okay,just stop pressing the button.TROGDOR!!!You know what?Trogdor is going to burninate you and the button once a for all!!!Now I will sing the trogdor song while he burninates you and the blue button.TROGDOR!
Trogdor was a man
I mean, he was a dragon man
Or maybe he was just a dragon
But he was still TROGDOR!

Burninating the countryside
Burninating the peasants
Burninating all the peoples
In the thatched-roof COTTAGES!

{guitar solo starts up}

Whoa! Listen to those wicked dueling guitar solos! It’s like squeedly vs. meedly over here. Go squeedly! Go squeedly! SQUEEDLY WINS!

When all the land is in ruin
And burnination has forsaken the countryside
Only one guy will remain
My money’s on


And the Trogdor comes in the NIIIIIGHT! You could hear the song here http://www.homestarrunner.com/sbemail58.html or here http://www.homestarrunner.com/trogday.html You could find all the information you need to know about Trogdor here http://www.hrwiki.org/index.php/Trogdor and heres another trogday about the s is for sucks dragon http://www.homestarrunner.com/trogday08.html So let’s talk about the cheat.The cheat is a small fuzzy animal and is StrongBad’s sidekick.He lives in the King Of Town’s grill.The Cheat’s birthday (or Cheatday) actually is, so it is celebrated on April 18, the date on his Scandinavian fake ID, since it’s the most likely day that his birthday isn’t.The cheat hatched from a giant egg along with a lifetime supply of fish sticks.You could see the cheats character video here http://www.homestarrunner.com/vcr_cheat.htmlthe cheat is my most favorite character in the homestarrunner universe.You could see a whole list of toons there.The cheat is my second favorie character in the homestarrunner universe.My favorite character is Trodgor.Since you have the link to The Cheats character video you could view all the other character’s character videos.Uh Oh!A yellow button.Do not press the yellow button.I said dont press it.How much times do I have to say it.Stop it!Before I flame you.FLAMED!What your still alive?How could you survuve my awesome powers?Then ill flame the buttton.FLAMED!Now theres no more buttons for you to press.What are you going to do now?What the?How are you pressing a button even though there isnt a button?Are you cheating?Cheater.Okay I admit it.The buttons still there but its invisible.Oh wait it’s gone.Hmmmmmm what should I say now.I know!THIS IS SPARTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!And the meaning of life is 42.Sooooo Kongregate beats every site in the world.Except Newgrounds.I think Newgrounds is more better.But I stopped playing on Newgrounds.I like to celebrate Friday The Thirteenth.I talk about Jason on the forums.Im a Jason and Freddie fan.I overload on Jason stuff on Friday The Thirteenth.I might want to tell a story about Jason.As you might know Jason died at Friday The Thirteenth.He drowned at camp crystal lake.Jason was a little boy.Jason kills everyone on Friday The Thirteenth.He even kills puppies.Even would kill a puppy.I would put it to sleep.Throw it into a schreddar.Let Jason kill it.Let Chuck Norris kill it.Throw it into the north pole.Let Greg kill it.I would shoot the puppy.I would throw it into an abyss.Snipe it.Let Trogdor kill it.Give it to the reaper and make it undead.Throw it into Saturn’s rings.Press the button.Turn it into Mario then kill Mario.Let it be eaten by an aligator.Let it be eaten by a crocagile.Freeze it then burn it.Put it on drugs and let the cops get it.Make it become a dentist.A dentis’s job is the most stressful job you can haveMake it press that button that says kill puppy.And better yet I would kill Courage as a puppy.I haven’t edited my profile in a long time.So I’ll tell you that i’m planning to overthrow Kongregate.And kill Greg.Or at least get him fired.Or maybe I should tell Chuck Norris to kill him.Or maybe…………Oh wait nevermind.Let’s not involve my Mom.I wish there was a Kill Greg Button.I like pushing buttons.For some reason……Thats why I like to talk about buttons.Maybe I will rule Kongregate.Someday.I usually play my Xbox 360 nowadays.I like to play Castle Crashers.It’s about four knights.It’s made from Newgrounds.And the creators of Alien Hominid.I sometimes play that to.

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