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    A wishing well full of shinies that people throw down. Tributes <3
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Hiya~ It's Wishy~! I love to talk (perhaps a bit too much), so it would be nice if you would PM me. If you want to insult me, I would be glad to argue with you as well. ^-^ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Quotes :3 -——————————————————— brangle: Wishy I'm marrying you off to the Korean boy. AzuWish: Sure. :3 brangle: XD -——————————————————— cooldudethecool: press 1 if you wanna turn me into a girl AzuWish: 2 brangle: ^ brangle: 222222222222222 Shadowwolf22a: 1 Shadowwolf22a: 1 Shadowwolf22a: 1 cooldudethecool: do you know how to turn me into a girl then Wish AzuWish: *Bibbity boppity boo* AzuWish: There. -——————————————————— brangle: If your life had a face I'd punch it in the balls, Morning. AzuWish: ...Ah? AzuWish: Faces have balls? Morningstar76: i am a girl i dont have balls :D brangle: *kicks Morning in the ovaries* Happy? Morningstar76: this is chat, i felt nothing xD brangle: Kinda walked into that one. AzuWish: I thought you were going to kick her life's face in the ovaries. >.> brangle: No. brangle: That would be mean. -——————————————————— AzuWish: My lag is ridiculous... vraal: your leg is ridiculous AzuWish: Thanks. How'd you know? THat I only have one leg. XD AzuWish: I'm jesting, in case that was taking seriously. vraal: cuz i bought the other one. It's in a little jar on my desk, along with a few nail clippings and a scab from 1998 AzuWish: Ew. Who's scab? vraal: it was alleged to be yours, i mean, why else would i keep it near the leg? -——————————————————— vraal: tell azuwish i did suspect yesterday when you noted you were deep in the throes of puberty, though. :) vraal: oops AzuWish: Wat. vraal: now that was a private joke vraal: and i screwed it up heh vraal: and now it's more hilarious. to me anyway. chuckle _______________________________________________ AggieRose: i gota talk to the counsler (his new name is GAH!) too. and hes frustrating. like talking to a tree. AzuWish: Mine is like a brick wall. AzuWish: Like, I HAVE a brick wall at home I can talk to. I don't need another one at school. REPLY TO ME.

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