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    Oct. 30, 2008
FreeRider2 --- LONG Downhill FUNHOUSE Obstacle Course with Scenery--- Me own creation! ==NOTE This is a work in progress I've only done up to the "face." === -18 1i 18 1i fc 1h 12d 1h 14t 2n,14s 2n 16h 2p,16f 2p 18e 23,18d 23 1ia 1t 1lo 3m,1lm 3m 1ol 3m,1on 3m 1rm 53 1u4 53,1tv 53 21i 5n 24t 7h,31b 115 31b 11p 31b 12h 31b 13d 31f 14c 31p 15c 320 16d 32d 17i 32o 18i 33b 19g 33u 1ac 34k 1b7 358 1bt 35v 1ch 36n 1d2 37h 1dj 38f 1e6 39g 1f0 3aa 1g0 3bj 1h5 3cr 1i3 3e7 1j2 3fi 1k0 3gu 1kv 3ib 1lp 3jq 1m7 3l4 1me 3md 1mb 3nr 1m3 3p1 1lr 3q6 1ld 3r5 1kv 3s3 1kh 3su 1k3,24q 7l 254 9h,259 9h 27f 9c 27a 89 29g 9f,29g bs 2c2 dc 2br bq 2f1 do,2f6 g3 2hf gq,2ko ir 2v9 q5,2vb q5 2vl 105 31c 111,3ss 1k5 3qa 1ri,3qa 1rn 3tt 1ur,3tt 1uu 41g 20v 484 24d,489 24d 4ea 25n,4n9 25l 4u0 25v,4u0 264 4u0 2c7 559 2c9,551 2cc 54q 26l,54s 26l 583 26o,585 26o 5br 26o 5bt 2jd 5le 2js,5le 2jp 5j6 285 5rm 27n,5rj 27l 5oi 2i6,5on 2i4 61h 2i4,61m 2hv 5v1 26k 66r 26f 6i2 4a8,2he gl 2he g1,2hg g3 2hg fi,2hc ff 2kl he 2kn ik,2hj go 2hg gg,2kn ip 2kn i9,4e9 25m 4nd 25m,6i2 4a3 6i7 4as 6ii 4bm 6it 4cl 6jc 4do 6jo 4ev 6kf 4ge 6l3 4hn 6lq 4j3 6ml 4kg 6np 4lv 6ov 4ng 6q9 4p0 6rr 4qc 6tf 4rk 6v5 4sq 70s 4tp 72g 4ud 743 4ul 75h 4up 76q 4us 784 4v0 79i 4v5 7b2 4va 7co 4v7 7ef 4uq 7g7 4u8 7hv 4tj 7jn 4ss 7la 4s0 7mp 4qv 7o0 4pq 7p0 4ol 7pu 4nd 7qs 4m3 7rs 4kp 7st 4jd 7to 4hq 7ui 4g6 7vc 4eg 805 4cp 80t 4b1 81j 499 825 47f 82i 467 82d 475 82b 489 829 49h 828 4al 825 4bp 821 4d0,821 4d0 81q 4em 81i 4ge 81d 4i8 81a 4k2 818 4lu 817 4nq 818 4pm 819 4rj 81b 4th 81e 4ve 81i 51c 819 52p 80k 53g 7vq 53b 803 543 80h 54u 812 56g 81c 57u 81m 59g 81v 5b3 829 5co 82i 5ef 82r 5g7 834 5i0,8l1 2qj 8lo 2pd 8ms 2od 8o4 2nj 8pe 2n1,8pk 2n1 8qh 2mv 8rl 2n1,9ou 36l 9qh 36s 9sn 371 9uc 36v a00 36n a1j 36b a36 35u a4p 35i a6r 352 a8t 34i aau 34f acp 354 aeg 364 ag7 376 ahu 387 ajq 392 alt 39a anq 38m apj 37k arc 36g,bpo 34i brc 35c bsp 36s btn 38a buh 3a0 bva 3bp c04 3dh c0v 3f9 c1q 3gv c2l 3il c3h 3k9 c4e 3lu c5o 3ne,crp 3ri ctd 3sr cv9 3tn d17 3uj d2e 3vk d1b 417,d03 42b cv8 43p cuf 457 ctn 46l csr 48j cs1 4ah cr9 4cf cqj 4ed cpv 4gc,cvp 4k9 d1g 4jf d3g 4i5 d52 4gu d6j 4fp,dgv 4eg dik 4fq dkc 4h0 dm4 4i5,e1d 4mi e3e 4md e5e 4lk e6u 4kt e8e 4k7 e9u 4jh ebd 4is ed3 4i5 ee3 4in eec 4jv eeb 4l8 ee7 4ma edh 4nf,ede 4n7 ed7 4o1 ed4 4p6 ecv 4qc eci 4re ebq 4se ebe 4tq ebk 4v3 eap 50p ea3 52d ea8 546 ea1 55v e9d 57k e9i 59d e9u 5ao e9m 5c1 e8q 5df e88 5ej e7r 5fg e6o 5f4 e5g 5ev,gb2 4kc gae 4l5 ga7 4md gab 4nh gae 4op ga6 4q6 g9o 4rl g9n 4tc gad 4v9 gar 50k gab 528 g99 53o g8b 55g g7l 57a g73 596 g6l 5b2 g7l 5c8 g8s 5cq gaa 5cs gbs 5dc,gb1 4k9 gc4 4k1 gdg 4k8 geu 4kr gg3 4lg ghb 4m8 git 4ml gk8 4ms glm 4ne gn1 4og go9 4pp gpb 4r2 gqa 4s8 gre 4ta gso 4uc gu7 4vf gvh 50k h0p 51p h1p 531 h27 54a h2j 55l h38 56t h3v 580 h36 594 h1d 59m gvc 5a1 gtc 5aa grh 5ai gpr 5at go1 5ba gm7 5br gkr 5c5 gjg 5cb gi5 5cf ggu 5cj gfr 5cn gel 5ct gd8 5d4,gc6 5d5 gb6 5d6,h7u 52e h7g 50r h73 4v4 h6o 4ta h6c 4re h60 4pa h5p 4nm h5h 4li h5a 4jf h55 4hc h51 4f9 h4u 4d7 h4s 4b5 h4r 494 h4q 472 h4q 451 h4q 430 h4r 40v h4s 3uv h4t 3su h4v 3qt h50 3ot h52 3mt h54 3ks h57 3is h59 3gs h5b 3es h5d 3cs h5g 3ar h5e 397 h54 37o h4k 36e h48 34v h3u 33j h3h 323 h35 30e h2p 2un h2d 2su h21 2r5 h1m 2pa h1b 2nf h0v 2lj h16 2n4,gke 5sd g59 5um,g59 5uj fo8 5v2,fo3 5v0 eum 5v5,eue 5v2 e2d 5ns,eur 5v5 eu4 5v0,e2d 5nq dc7 5fr,dbt 5fo dq1 6u0,dc9 5ft dbl 5fl,cri 5f6 cqn 5eb cps 5df coq 5cg cnn 5bj cm3 5ai ck9 59n cic 58v cgd 58b cee 57s ccd 57n ca7 57r c8e 582 c6n 589 c51 58h c3b 58o c1m 590 c02 598 bue 59g bsr 59p,b9c 371 bak 378 bbp 37d bd5 37h beh 37j bfr 37i bgu 37f bi2 37d bjc 375 bkp 36l bm8 360 bnc 35g,bne 35g bpp 34i,bss 59n bsp 5be,bss 5be bh0 5c7 bgr 5h2 ba4 5h2,b9s 5h9 b6t 5mm,ba9 5h4 b9n 5hh,b72 5mo b77 5rt ajh 5s2,ajh 5s7 ajc 64t,aja 64t 9i7 653,9i5 653 9i5 68a 977 68c,8tt 6en 83i 6ef,83s 6bd 6tl 65a,83h 6ef 6sc 68b,6s9 68d 6r9 6a4 6tr 6or 76r 74u,770 74r 7an 7m8,6to 654 6sg 62r 6vk 5cq,6ss 62m 6u7 654 83l 6b1,6sc 68h 842 6em,crk 5f9 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7bk 4vg,7cj 4v8 7da 4v7,75h 4uq 765 4us 76n 4v6,82j 469 82k 47e 82k 48l 82k 49o 82k 4at 82j 4c6 82h 4df 82f 4eo 82d 4g1 82b 4h5 829 4ib 826 4jf 823 4kn 820 4m2 81v 4n7 820 4oa 823 4pi 829 4qt 82f 4sd 82j 4u1 82l 4vd 82d 50m 824 51r 820 530 81q 54e 81l 55p 81n 56p 81o 57q 81p 58m 81q 59e 81r 5a4,82h 46a 80v 4ba,80s 4b5 82e 46q,815 4ao 80d 4cn 7v3 4ff,7vf 4f5 80j 4bs,802 4dl 80t 4b5,80s 4bl 81q 48s,81p 49u 82d 46s,81i 4b4 81u 484,81m 49l 824 47n,7rs 4la 7tc 4ik,7t5 4ja 7u1 4hc,7u6 4hr 7v3 4f6,3uc 1vq 445 230,4e0 25q 4ei 26m 4e3 275,4e5 275 4ef 27r 4ea 29d 4dp 2aq,4ea 29d 4f3 2a4,4e0 2ae 4e5 2bc 4dh 2cf,4dr 2c2 4eu 2d5,2vh 100 2uv 11b 2uq 13e,2uv 129 2si 13r,2t8 13e 2td 14k,2t8 14c 2rr 155,2s3 155 2sd 16g 2rm 16l,2rm 16v 2s5 18m,29h 9i 29h bm,2f5 dq 2f7 fv,2a6 a9 2a5 bt,2fn ev 2fm g4,25l 7v 25s 9e,2c2 d9 2c4 dr,2c4 dt 2bo ef,2bo em 2bo fk 2ce g6,2bq e5 2bo ec,2bo ek 2b1 e7 2ag ek,2aq ek 2as f5,2al em 2al ec,2bt fn 2ag gl,2ai gl 2bg gv 2an hb 2bb i4,16n 2o 17b 34,17b 37 16s 42,16u 42 17s 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5t 1d6,G 7s 5m 1el,T 9p 48,S 8ee 23t,S 8c8 1v5,S 8je 21n,S 8te 1uc,S 94f 22t,S 8nn 26g,S 49q 203,S 8ho 1vc,S 8o0 1t4,S 9bm 1tg,S 999 224,S 954 1uh,S 8r7 29c,S 8pq 2g6,B 748 4u1 1fv,B 81d 6dj 1lt,B 82v 6dt 1lp,B 77u 69o 1m0,B 76c 69m 1lq,B 714 68l 1le,B 71r 68o 1lp,B 72r 68t 1ls,B 73n 692 1m0,B 7sk 6d1 1lr,B 7ul 6d9 1ln,B 7oq 6cb 1ls,B 7m5 6bn 1lt,B 7in 6b8 1lu,B 7fv 6ap 1lm,B 7dd 6ah 1m9,B 7aq 6a5 1m2,B 79v 6a5 1lr,B 759 697 1ln,B 74v 699 1ln,B 70j 686 1ls,B 706 686 1lu,B 6vg 67l 1m3,B 6v3 67v 1m4,B 6v1 684 1mr,B 6vv 67v 1ll,B 6vs 686 1m4,B 6up 67i 1ls,B 6ud 67s 1ml,B 6ud 684 1m3,B 6uf 67s 1mg,B 6vl 67s 1m2,B 6vq 67s 1m0,B 6v6 67v 1m0,B 6vd 67v 1le,B 6v3 67v 1le,B 6uu 681 1le,B 6vv 68g 1lv,B 6vb 68b 1lm,B 6ui 689 1lp,G 82u 6f2 1lt,G 7p3 6dl 1lu,G 7k9 6d1 1ll,G 7f6 6cn 1lp,G 7ah 6bj 1lo,G 6sk 69d 1ll,G 6ve 69s 1lp,G 72s 6ad 1ln,G 767 6av 1lo,G 7uo 6ef 1ln,B 5ri 27a 1d6,B 4t8 254 1ph,O 4ug 2b7,O 4vb 2b7,O 50c 2b7,O 517 2av,O 52a 2av,O 53d 2av,O 53i 2b7,O 525 2bo,O 50e 2bo,O 520 2b9,O 53b 2bm,O 53v 2bc,O 544 2aj,O 549 2bh,O 50m 2bh,O 4vj 2bm,O 4ve 2br,O 4us 2be,O 5dd 2h5,O 5d6 2hu,O 5cf 2if,O 5cu 2is,O 5eb 2hk,O 5e1 2go,O 5d1 2el,O 5cu 2eg,O 5dv 2hp,O 5f4 2hr,O 5g7 2ii,O 5ga 2ik,O 5i1 2i0,O 5gp 2g7,O 5gh 2go,O 5gm 2ii,O 5eo 2ip,O 5e6 2is,O 5h0 2j1,O 5jt 2h2,O 5k2 2i5,O 5jg 2ik,O 5il 2in,O 5ko 2ip,O 5ko 2j1,O 5iv 2j1,O 5in 2j1,O 5j9 2j8,O 5k7 2j8,O 5i6 2jb,O 5hd 2j1,O 5hf 2hr,O 5i3 2gr,O 5i3 2gr,O 5fj 2go,O 5f9 2fq,O 5po 2h2,O 5pe 2hc,O 5qc 2hh,O 5si 2hh,O 5uj 2hk,O 5ut 2gr,O 5tj 2g9,O 5sd 2gh,O 5ru 2fe,O 5vf 2f9,O 5vf 2hh,O 5ut 2hp,O 5tq 2hk,O 5t9 2h5,O 5t9 2gr,O 5ut 2fv,O 60d 2gm,O 60a 2hk,O 5to 2hm,O 5ri 2hh,O 5rf 2h0,O 5r5 2ge,O 5r5 2fv,B 67o 28i 1tl,B 67q 296 1te,B 67t 29g 1ts,B 67b 27r 1tl,B 67e 28f 1ts,B 67g 293 1tj,B 67g 29g 1tk,B 67j 29b 1tk,O 25s 93,O 26d 90,O 29r bl,O 2a7 bo,O 2ak bv,O 2b1 cc,O 2fn fq,O 2g0 fq,O 2gb g1,O 2gp g4,O 2bg cj,O 26l 90,B 70h 4t1 1rk,B 71k 4tj 1r2,B 731 4to 1rc,B 767 4u7 1r2,B 786 4u9 1qs,B 7a9 4uc 1r4,B 7ck 4u7 1r2,B 7ej 4tv 1q6,B 7gc 4t9 1qk,B 7hp 4sv 1ph,B 7j4 4s8 1pl,B 7k9 4rf 1q0,B 7la 4r3 1pl,B 7m5 4qf 1pf,B 7ms 4po 1p8,B 7nq 4oo 1pl,B 7oo 4nn 1ot,B 7p9 4mn 1pr,B 7q5 4lp 1p6,B 7r3 4kr 1p0,B 7rk 4k7 1p2,B 7s8 4j4 1pb,B 7ss 4i1 1p0,B 7tq 4gp 1p1,B eol 4n5 1ps,B esa 4n0 1pp,B ev9 4mm 1pq,B f2l 4mf 1p9,B f5f 4m2 1pi,B fa5 4kt 1pa,B fcl 4l9 1ph,B fgd 4kv 1pg,B etj 5u9 21e,B est 5tt 218,B esl 5u7 21e,B f74 605 20m,B fmb 603 20m,B g59 5vf 20m,B gip 5tg 20h,O g6t 5u2,O g61 5tv,O g4n 5tv,O g4u 5tv,O g5g 5u2,B dct 5fo 21e,B dc2 5fb 21o,S d08 58i,B 5bu 26f 12j,G bg3 149 17c,G bg3 12p 17c,G bgg 152 17c,G bf3 16m 17c,G bi9 16f 17c,G bi7 131 17i,G 9d0 -5n 17c,G 9e7 -5f 173,G 9fl -50 17c,G 9gk -4h 16n,G 9ih -3m 17c,G 9jr -32 16h,G 9l6 -2r 17c,G 9m1 -2r 16v,G 9nb -1o 178,G 9od -1d 178,G 9qj -i 17c,G 9rh -2 173,G 9t3 l 17c,G a03 1j 17c,G a12 23 17c,G a37 2q 17c,G a4t 3s 17c,G a6f 4g 17c,B eq0 4nd 12g,B etf 4n5 12f,B f74 4lr 12n,B f0p 4mu 12p,B f8i 4lp 11t,B fin 4l3 12m,B fe0 4lh 12d,B fst 4m6 12f,B g3m 4lr 1d0,B g8q 4l6 12d,B g7d 4li 121,O 84p 659,O 851 659,O 853 652,O 84p 652,O 84k 652,O 853 659,O 856 659,O 85d 659,O 85n 654,O 85q 652,O 85g 652,O 858 652,O 853 652,O 835 5rt,O 82o 5s5,O 82r 5rt,O 82o 5s5,O 82t 5sa,O 82h 5sh,O 81v 5s7,O 81t 5sk,O 82r 5s5,O 82h 5s5,O 81v 5rr,O 81t 5ro,O 82r 5s5,O 830 5s7,O 829 5sh,O 822 5ro,O 82j 5rh,O 82r 5rh,O 837 5sk,O 83c 5sc,O 82e 5sf,O 824 5sm,O 81t 5sm,O 82c 5sp,O 82t 5sp,O 82r 5sh,O 82t 5sf,O 83h 5sa,O 837 5su,O 835 5su,O 82o 5sr,O 82e 5sr

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